Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 2

After last week’s underwhelming and lackluster premiere, I decided to go forward with the lowest expectations for the series. As I more or less had expected, this week’s had little to no progress besides the fact Mirai has been bestowed a wand by the Wand Tree (something which is only given to those who are born within the Magic World), and the headmaster, recognized they are the Legendary Precure Magicians and decided to allow Mirai to enroll in the Magic Academy (I wonder how in the world they are going to break to news to her family…). We were given some insight of the Magic World, and learned how Riko was born in this world, and indeed broke the rules by going to the Human World without permission. It is a bummer they honestly didn’t address the importance of the stones in this episode either, but considering the preview says they will be getting the Ruby Linkle Stone next week, I expect to get at least some history and better understanding of what purpose they are supposed to serve. Speaking of the stones, when we learned about Riko’s purpose for searching for the Emerald Linkle Stone, the truth behind her acts surprised me. I hadn’t expected her to be searching for it for the sole purpose to receive some acknowledgement from her professors. Riko is bad at magic, so she struggles and has to take supplementary courses to catch up. It will be interesting to see however how she will dramatically improve with Mirai assigned to be a part of every one of her classes and likely to be her partner for every single one of them. That being said, I will be sitting back and waiting to see how these two will learn and improve wielding magic, and how the Diamond, Light Linkle Stone they possess will impact their raw progress.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 2 Img 0006Over the week while I thought about what kind of series this will be, I got a sense this series would be one of those classic cheesy ones. It was something I more or less had expected after the first episode since most series within this theme and type of characters tend to be like that. And this episode just proved it. While I despise cheese and corny dialogues and actions, I tend to tolerate them a lot better when I foresee them coming. (Such as the Wand Tree that sprouted a wand for over a hundred years- and the suddenly, Mirai who was not born in this world is bestowed one! Oh my gossshhhhhhh! Yeah we all saw that coming, miles away.) They become more cringe-worthy when I least expect it to happen.

Finally, it was mildly amusing to see the primary reason for Mirai to attempt to block the enemy’s attack from the school, was BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T WANT THE SCHOOL SHE WANTS TO ATTEND TO BE DESTROYED! I seriously wonder if she would have done the same thing had she not imagined she was going to be a student. I also found it adorable how Riko became so enthusiastic by the idea they had in fact turned into the Legendary Magicians.
Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 2 Img 0000And with that, it’s a wrap! See you all next week!
A/N: Since Doremi-Subs has dropped the series, I am now using ImaginationStation Subs.


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  1. While the deeper series are nice when we get them, I think it’s worth remembering that, in the end, Precure is a franchise that’s aimed at children. People like us being able to watch and enjoy it are a periphery demographic. It isn’t actually intended for us, even though some series are more mature than others and end up being better suited for us than one might expect.
    That’s something I try to keep in mind going in: Precure is, basically, a children’s series, so being able to appreciate it either for, or despite, the cheesiness that comes with a children’s series is vital. Sometimes I can actually find that stuff relaxing: nobody’s dying here, no horrible traumas are going to be shown here, our girls are going to unleash the power of friendship and kick the bad guy’s butts.
    That said, it is still early days, and I can’t guarantee there won’t be more mature story arcs in this series. Some ones that seemed like they’d be pure cheese and formula ended up having them, after all. We still don’t have a clear view of what the villains are up to, either.
    While I’m here, one thing I was DELIGHTED to see, was that they’ve walked back their use of CG. The girls’ finisher was done in standard animation rather than CG, which I am VERY grateful for.

    1. That’s why I dropped it to the lowest expectations, or at least to what I expect of kiddy shows I’ve have watched in the past (which I can enjoy, as long as it’s not stupid). I was expecting Go! Princess Precure to be more like that- and I was looking forward to it, but surprised me big time to see how deep the message was in the series. But when there are a deeper meaning to the shows, it’s always nice because regardless if the kids are young, it will have them more engaged with the show.
      I’ve noticed the lack of CG too, but I don’t want to say anything too much about it just yet because I feel like I’m going to jinx myself. xD LMAO!

      1. I was happy that they dropped the CGI from the series, because the CGI work in GPPC was really sloppy. Though the sequence attack was good. It was kinda lacking compared to others, but it was just nice to keep me interested in knowing what will happen next in the series. Mofulun was also extremely cute in this episode. But this season was not as mature compared to other season that I had watched.

  2. I’m getting increasingly fed up with the show, but I’ll still stick to it for another 2 episodes, and if it turned out even worse I’ll really drop it instantly. Riko’s reason for getting the Emerald is a little bit “Jikochu”-ish (Doki Doki weekly monster minions) because she wanted to prove herself capable to her peers, but then again WHO gave her the Linkle Stone at the first place? And here we go: Kochou-sama’s the main man of Mirai’s (future) crush & affection but that Magic Wand born out of a tree theory is bullshit! Again I rate it 3/10, the only positives for me to take is Riko (she’s actually an intriguing character for me) and Kochou’s debut (hyope he won’t turn into another Blue), but otherwise how boring *Yawns*

    1. Was there spoilers implying Mirai is going to have a crush on him? O___o I didn’t sense hint of that happening, nor do I have any expectations of that happening. (Dear god I hope he doesn’t become another Blue, NOTHX)
      I found the Magic Wand sprouting from the tree a creative concept, but I get why you would call out on the contradiction. One of the ways they could counter the contradiction, if perhaps in the future, we will find out that her grandmother has magic in her blood, and was born in the Magic World, and that’s why the tree responded to her- because she inherited most of her grandmother’s genes or something- but it is too early to say, but it’s a worth a while theory that could fix the problem.
      Other than that, they kids won’t care about the small contradiction, instead they will most likely glow about it.
      It is going to have a super slow start, so I can’t imagine anything major is going to happen until maybe around Episode 10 or later. :s When this happens to a show I am not blogging, I tend to wait it out for at least 10 – 15 episodes are out or until it ends to watch it.

      1. Well no spoilers about Baritone’s (Suite Precure character) ripoff a.k.a. Kochou-sama being the crush of Mirai (and maybe even Riko seeing how she flustered upon meeting him) but there were so many “crushes” of various characters in previous Precure seasons so the possibility exists. And about Riko, the reason that she gained my attention is how she resembled me when I was much younger like trying to prove yourself good but screwed up always with limited talent, but about how she got her Linkle Stone in the first place, well… we’ll eventually find out.

        1. i with you i remember been riko when i was young trying to prove myself to outhers. also you agree by those 2 episodes that this season seems to be focus more on comedy then sireous battles and such?
          also the principal said in this episode that all the pepoles in the magical world get their wand when they are born and since riko is from the magical world the same go to her

  3. The show so far is cute but it’s definitely a more mellow affair than what I expected. I’m gonna keep watching for now to see where it goes. I’m kinda enjoying it though, it’s a rather relaxing watch.

  4. Was it just me or the snail train got faster than I expected? Meanwhile, the headmaster is just… SO HOT MY GOSH!!! But I do hope and pray that Kochou-sensei would be as useful as Prince Kanata. At the same time, Kyoto-sensei is damn more terrified than Zama-sensei. I’ve been a little nervous when Riko is about to expel at the Magic School due to some violations she made.
    As for Yamoh, I’m suspecting that he might be like Goyan from Splash Star, but only time will tell. Batty gets nuts when he supposed to report about the Mahou Tsukai Cures to his master. And speaking of Dokuroxy, I think she’s as wicked as Dyspear but I suspiciously guess she can like that but in her own way.
    I like the Linkle Sticks much and hey! I’ve gotta love the Diamond Eternal finisher. It’s just like Marble Screw in sticks with a big bang. I almost forgot, special mention goes to Riko for the butt punch.
    Can’t wait for the Ruby Style forms in the next episode.

  5. Well, to me, this episode got better than the first.
    It shows many interesting ‘magical’ things and very based upon Harry Potter’s worlds and wizardry. 🙂
    It introduces not just the Magic World and some areas of the Magic Academy, but also about Riko’s past and Mirai’s kindness and caring behaviour. I also think that Riko is being selfish so far, but I hope she learns caring about others soon with Mirai and to be more friendly with her as well.
    Well, only time and certain episode will tell. ^^
    The new characters who appear in this episode are curious like another villain Yamou and, of course, the Magic Academy Headmaster! And we’ll see how they act or they will do in the next episodes. Can’t wait to meet other new characters. 🙂
    The battle is okay, but it’s good to see the new items, the Linkle Sticks, and Miracle and Magical double magical attack on the monster of the previous episode! Finally! XD
    It’s nice that Mirai will be studying with Riko, just like that though. I sure hope they get along and their class experiences together go well. Still, I wonder what Mirai’s parents would feel that she’s gone for a long while. Oh well, we shall see what happens afterwards, hehehehe.
    I’m still going to watch this series and the next episode looks very interesting and omoshiroi!

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