Oikawa’s trash face should be one of the wonders of the world

Karasuno has won the first set  thanks to one of Seijoh’s mistake. Indeed, Mad Dog has spiked a powerful but yet “out” ball which concluded the first set for Karasuno’s advantage. So it’s actually part of Mad Dog’s fault if they’ve lost the set and it’s a quite interesting thing to observe when you know that Seijoh’s team had high hopes for him and was bragging (especially Oikawa) about their new “weapon”. But, even if the first set is lost, Mad Dog continues to score more and more points during the second set and to unveil his multiples abilities and assets. Apparently that guy is really flexible and that makes him a powerful spiker. Also, he’s able to spike horizontally, which allows him to to avoid the enemy’s block.

God Dammit those faces

However, there’s a lot of issues going on with Mad Dog-chan as Oikawa Trash King first of the name likes to call him. I think the perfect comparaison is “double edge sword”. True that this guy is a really powerful spiker but his strength can be a disadvantage too. He’s not really smart and therefore I presume that talking about tactics with him is pointless. It might be why, when Seijoh decided to change their offensive strategy during the match, Mad Dog wasn’t aware of it. Indeed, they changed their strategy and were not letting Mad Dog hitting the ball, using him as a decoy since Karasuno’s attention was  focused on him after seing the horizontal spike. So they used  him as a decoy without his agreement. Oikawa remarks that after this play, Mad dog gets angry but that it’s this particular anger that makes him a better decoy. Yeah, it  can  be argued that if the player doesn’t know himself that he’s used as a decoy, there’s least chances for the rival team to find it out.

Also, the guy only listens to Iwaizumi since the latter one beat him various friendly competitions leaving the captain Trashikawa, powerless. Speaking of Iwaizumi, during this match, he reminded me of Daichi. He seemed to be  everywhere on the court, to receive difficult balls saving, at the same time, everyone else’s butts.

During the second part of the set, Karasuno is in a bad posture and can’t manage to take the lead. At one point Hinata tries his first back attack but gets blocked by the Trash King which pisses Kageyama off. Therefore, Karasuno, or more precisely, Sugar-wara and Coach Ukai come up with a “Strategic player change”. Sugawara changes with Tsukishima and has to serve. He aims at Mad Dog so that the latter one is late for the attacks and  can’t really do his impressive spikes. Plus, they have a second trick up their selves, a synchronized attack with two setters. Sugawara tossed the ball and Kageyama who marked the point. However, it worked 2 or 3 times because Sugawara was serving and their positions were on point but when they lose the service, everything rotates and Sugar-wara has to exchange with Tuskishima again.

It was nice to see my freaking Sugar-boy playing a bit. He’s described by the other team as an “Annoying strategist” and well, I couldn’t be happier. Since he’s the only third year of the main cast who’s not playing during the matches, it’s nice that he was able to fill another function.

So there you go, my tribute to Sugar babe. Can’t get more kitsch



BUUUT… Aoba Johsai takes the advantage 21-18 so Karasuno has to win the set or things will get even harder for them. According to the coaches, one of Mad Dog’s other assets is his ability to adapt during matches and to imitate the other player’s style. So the longer the match will last for, the better he will get.


Yamaguchi ‘s going to serve !
Go and serve those hard balls close to the net. 

Go 4 it Yamaguchi

I’ll end this review with an inspirational and powerful quote for Yamaguchi: 

If you believe it, you can be somebody,
You can be somebody, if you believe it
-Naruto OP, German Version-