Alright, I was expecting this. I had prepared myself in advance for episodes where virtually nothing happens, but all is well. While it was flat out boring, it did provide a couple of things to discuss about.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 4 Img 0002The headmaster educated the girls about the Linkle Stones. They are are crystals of incredible power said to predate before this world was created. (I am assuming he is exclusively referring to the Magic World.) The first is Emerald, also known to be the most powerful, followed by four lights which guards it. Outside of that there are a couple of more, making it twelve lights, or so the legend says. Right now the girls possess the two of the four Guardian Lights, Diamond and Ruby, and based off the preview, they might find Sapphire or one of the outer lights in the next episode. And that was it, that’s all we learned.

Mirai then gets to experience her first magic lessons, and we learn she will only be taking part during the March Break Supplementary lessons. Though depending on her growth, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to be officially enrolled into the Academy. Fortunately for us though, the supplementary lessons won’t be for too long. There are six classes and each class has a test they must pass. They also have three other students participating, (Emily, Jun and Kei) which is making me wonder how involved they will be in the future episodes. Are they potential future precure candidates? Or simply magical friends? (Considering they all have the special stand out hair colors, this ought to be indicating something!) All three of them have interesting personalities, so it would be encouraging to see them join the duo’s friendship.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 4 Img 0011While we aren’t learning a whole lot about Mirai, I enjoy learning about Riko’s character bit by bit. Today we saw how she doesn’t appear to be used to friendship, she seems to be the type who was often alone. It took her a minute to realize Mirai did worry and care about her, helping her push forward with her own feelings of concerns towards Mirai’s well-being. Another thing she learned about herself by watching Mirai, she realizes she overthinks too much. Mirai doesn’t stop to think how something will work, or where something might be, she just follows her instincts and goes wherever she runs off to. Being partners and friends with Mirai is very important for Riko’s development but as a Magic user and as a character. I look forward to her growth, and potentially what Mirai can learn from her.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 4 Img 0015The paper butterfly they were assigned to catch as part of their assignment (I don’t get the purpose of whatsoever…) wounded up flying into the Forest of Knowledge, and naturally Mirai just followed it inside, despite the warning to NOT go inside. Within the Forest of Knowledge she was ambushed by Magic Soldier Gamet. But thanks to Mofurun being able to smell the Linkle Stones, he and Riko were able to locate Mirai very quickly, along with the help of the very obvious ruckus caused by Gamet himself. The two of them end up being drawn to a shining book, which then later teleports them out of the the Forset of Knowledge and… all the sudden a baby (fairy, I’m sure) is born. But the question now is, what is this baby fairy purpose? The Opening indicates she must be related to the Linkle Stones (or more specifically: Emerald Linkle Stone) in some way, and it will be growing up… We will have to wait and see until next week for hopefully some answers about its entity.


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  1. elior1

    eva by the next episode preview you agree that their second test looks much harder then this one since they in snow icy island? i think they will have some trouble survive

    1. Eva

      I don’t know about ‘struggling to survive’ part, but I am taking the challenge with a grain a salt because of the nature of the series. It probably won’t be as simple/free pass as the stupid and frankly pointless paper butterfly assignment they had this week.

      1. elior1

        also considering they will get mad at each other and “fight” for the first time will get them more develoment then prevous episodes

  2. Wanderer

    ” Right now the girls possess the two of the four Guardian Lights, Diamond and Ruby, and based off the preview, they might find Sapphire or one of the outer lights in the next episode. And that was it, that’s all we learned.”
    Just looking at the OP, it seems fairly clear that they’ll get transformations for all four guardian stones. It looks like Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz. If I were to guess, I’d say the four guardian stones are the transformation stones, and the outer stones are powerups the can be mixed and matched with the guardians.

    1. Eva

      That makes sense. *nods* I am looking forward to seeing them have multiple CORE transformations/powers. As I mentioned last week, I wonder if they will stick with using Diamond as the main power source or switch it around as part of a routine.

  3. Ginny

    will you continue with this series or are you planning to drop it?

    1. Eva

      For long series that go up to or have more than 50 episodes, I follow 10 episodes strategy instead of a 3 episodes to get a better grasp of whether or not it will be worth investing my time into the series. Since we are only 4 episodes in, I still have another six episodes to go before I have an idea what I want to do.
      And for future reference, usually I choose to drop a series by inserting: “Status: Dropped / Reason”. And if not, I usually mention it a week beforehand with the exclamation along the lines of, “If you don’t see an episode by (insert date here), it means I dropped it”. Another place to keep track is to simply check the Who’s Covering What page. Dropped shows are immediately removed from the list and are removed from “Currently Covering”.

  4. Marcos Pinheiro

    I’ll keep watching the episodes of the whole season, and I’ll keep writing about it in this great blog as long as you continue, Eva. 🙂
    As for the episode 4, I found it good that is indeed showing more about Riko and we are learning more about her like you mentioned.
    I liked to meet the magical students, the teacher, the experiences of the magical lessons and, one more villain of the season.
    And I found the battle pretty and I agree that it does teach about not being so precise or exact, ‘just do it’ or ‘give it a shot’. 🙂
    I had a feeling that the precure would fight in that library, but not like that (with clouds, air and giant or towering bookcasesl)! Not bad!
    And a magical cute baby appeared, that is a surprise!
    Let’s see what its fate is for the Mahou Tsukai Precure. 😀
    I’m wondering of the next episode, looks like a snowy place or region and yet Batty will return! Let’s see how he acts this time.
    I also hope that it presents some surprises.

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