I am getting to the point where i’m just getting annoyed every time I watch this show. They could have EASILY made a new magical girl series without having to bring in an old license from 10 years ago and it not only wouldn’t have made a difference, they would have been better for it. If they didn’t use the name Komugi and keep the art similar you would have NO idea that this show was the same franchise. Because it’s stupid. I know I harp about this every week, but it’s just so weird how they kept hardly ANYTHING from the original series. They don’t even keep the basic premise the same. They don’t even keep the VILLAINS the same. (Sigh) I can’t rant about this again. Let’s just start the episode.

So Koyori (yes I’m still calling her Koyori because that’s her fucking name) is worried about her popularity because it seems that all the really popular idols have some kind of persona to work with and she’s just herself.

Those are some fat idols yo.
Those are some fat idols yo.

So because of this, she tries out a lot of different personas including belly button, and sausage.

pffff Sausage Koyori
pffff Sausage Koyori

However when she tries these out, the fans don’t really seem to like it. However then she gets pep talks from the crossdressing one and Komugi and she realizes that her doing her best is the best way for her to be an idol and her schtick should be working hard. Because of this she decides to run in a marathon. So she then has a rocky training montage.

Now we're gonna have a montage.... MONTAGE!
Now we’re gonna have a montage…. MONTAGE!

Finally the day of the marathon comes and she starts to run. She makes it very far and eventually gets about halfway there. However that’s when a card monster shows up which Komugi quickly beats and Koyori finishes the race. Everyone is happy and she learned a valuable lesson. Whoop dee fucking doo. The end.

Okay. I’m going to point out the elephant in the room and say the first and biggest thing that’s wrong with this episode. Koyori is searching for another persona. A different way to act. And in this entire episode, they didn’t bring up the fact ONCE that she has an alternate personality when she hits her head.

THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ENTIRE POINT HERE. They are talking about ALTERNATE PERSONALITIES of Koyori, and didn’t bring up the fact that she ACTUALLY HAS ONE. That to me was completely shocking.

One of the best things about the old show was that when Koyori hit her head she became a crazy dominatrix woman. They actually tried to bring this back for a few seconds in previous episodes, but it’s not even MENTIONED in this episode which is absolutely batshit insane. It’s like the writers FORGOT that was a thing.

So they could make up Mustache Koyori but not do something that's an actual part of her character? nice.
So they could make up Mustache Koyori but not do something that’s an actual part of her character? nice.

I’m really beginning to think that this show was made on a bet. Like someone said to these writers “I’ll give you 10,000 yen if you can pick up a comedy show from 10-15 years ago and make it a boring, serious mess” and the other guy was like “Challenge accepted” I don’t see the reason why this was even resurrected. The only people who will remember this show are the people who watched it 10 years ago and will watch it for nostalgic purposes, and you are taking that fanbase and telling them to go fuck themselves. This crap is so boring, so safe it’s to the point when I can’t even say anything else. It’s like i’m repeating myself. It’s not taking ANY chances. It’s not just par for the course, this shows fucking IS the course.

Yes, they even have the father's "I Love You For Who You Are" speech
Yes, they even have the father’s “I love you for who you are” speech

You know what this show reminds me of? A how to draw manga book. This series feels like it was written by someone who just learned how to make anime out of a book. Not because the art is bad, but it feels that paint by numbers boring. I have to say i’m EXTREMELY disappointed this episode didn’t bring in the alternate personality of Koyori. This would have been the PERFECT time to do it.

See here’s one of the best things about the old show. Koyori was in crazy bitch mode MOST OF THE EPISODE and only turned back to normal for a good 3-5 minutes. The fact that she was crazy MADE her character. The boring school girl Koyori was meant to be a joke showing that normally she was this boring, average girl. You’re not supposed to FOCUS on that boring girl. She’s supposed to be there to show you the difference between how she acts normally and how crazy she gets. It’s like this series completely missed the point. Because that’s what it did. We get it. These girls need life lessons or something stupid like that. If you wanted to do that, you should have made your own franchise. Not pick up one that people already had an affinity for. Fuck you once again show.

Episode 4.5/10