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It’s hard for me to feel sad or complain about anything at all in general because this week Dimension W gave me all the things I have wanted since the story began, and they were all neatly bundled into Kyoma’s backstory. My biggest complaint is they should have spent the entire episode on the backstory instead of mostly focusing it into one half, but I’ll live. That being said the best part was learning who Miyabi was, what the hell the Beasts of Grendel were, and why everyone seems to let Kyoma have such a free pass in life. Simply put: Kyoma used to fight with a group of people in exchange for some very important individuals to try some risky surgeries to save the life of the woman he loved.

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And God do I have feels. Sometimes the background characters people fall in love with seem rushed or stupid: Miyabi was perfection. I fell in love with her and seeing just how quickly she took to Kyoma I wanted more and more from the episode. Honestly I could have lived with an entire episode before we got to the tragic part of it and learned that Miyabi had a degenerative disorder. It almost felt rushed watching his entire life fall apart in a few minutes, but the love they felt was so real I wanted to cry and get a stoic boyfriend. Hey, by the way stoic Japanese future ninja boyfriends, I’m single. (audible wink)

but ill never be this cute
but ill never be this cute

We see that Kyoma blacked out and coils malfunctioned, causing everyone on the Beasts of Grendel except for Albert and Kyoma to perish. The same day, his fiance (or she could be his wife) died as the coil they were using to experimentally save her body malfunctioned and took her head. Now here is the thing that terrifies me: coils are crazy ass motherfuckers. We have seen what can happen I am terrified Miyabi’s missing head and consciousness are going to show up in the finale and we are going to have some serious crazy things going on. I just can’t shake that possibility and I feel like bad things are gonna happen. Bad, bad things.

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It’s so hard to focus on the rest of the episode but suffice it to say in future tense, Kyoma decides to go to Easter Island. His war against coils is an interesting one and I don’t blame him, I literally just want to sit here and talk about how freaking amazing Miyabi is. Look at this moe moe blob, I just want to hug her.

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Seriously, the worst part about this episode is the juxtaposition. The second part is equally as necessary but completely contradictory in tone. I’m sitting over here trying to get over Miyabi and the terrible things that happened to Kyoma while looking at blimps and Salva’s ridiculous hair. Seriously, it’s freaking ridiculous. How am I supposed to take this seriously when I just watched Kyoma’s life fall apart in front of him? Well, I guess I’ll have to live. In any case, shit is finally going down and we know why Kyoma is the way he is.

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But, come on. Miyabi. We could’ve had a whole episode of Miyabi and her stupid broken ass camera and I would’ve been content. Dammit, my favorite character is dead! Kyoma and I feel the exact same way about every episode now, where the fuck is my waifu?!



3 thoughts on “Dimension W Episode 7 [ my waifu ]

  1. Same, I really wanted more Miyabi, wasn’t she the cutest ever?! Ahhh, she and Kyoma…ahh I was so depressed. But yes I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Miyabi’s head sometime and honestly just leave poor Kyoma alone! D:


    Or, okay listen to me. I know my theories are crazy but hear me out. Won’t it be one hell of a twist if Mira turned out to be Miyabi? Maybe not her head (or else Kyoma would have recognized her) but at least her brain. Mira is supposed to be a really advanced robot thing and her brain isn’t normal and no one can really recognize just what she really is. Well, since her brain seems super advanced, maybe it’s because it’s an actual brain. Dr. Yurizaki was the one that did the experimental surgery on Miyabi, and he also created Mira for some reason. I don’t really know why this would be…just because I think too much.

    Also, after this episode I just saw that Miyabi and Mira’s personalities are pretty similar and I think Kyoma noticed that too in an earlier episode.

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