Oh poor Bunta. Give this poor guy a break. Sometimes I don’t think people really understand how hard writing can be, especially when you’re in such a slump.

So Kuroda, along with the rest of the gang raid Bunta’s place, cover all the doors and windows with duct tape, called anyone he knew to leave him alone, and seriously lock him in his room so he could finally finish the script for the game. And really that’s all this episode is. Honestly, why did Kuroda make a deadline before even starting production for the game? She should know that the team is all inexperienced so why is she rushing all of this? I understand they need to finished script because without that they don’t have a game, but when you’re not helping out your only writer with it there it shouldn’t be any surprise that he’s having trouble. Especially since this is his first time doing this and he never really cared much about bishoujo games before. So…yeah.

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 08 [1080p].mkv0044I was happy with Yuuka, actually bringing up the fact that this lockdown thing was a bunch of bull and just plain mean. I mean the poor guy couldn’t even go to the bathroom without Atomu accompanying him. Kuroda says that a lockdown would bring out the best in him under all that stress, but really I don’t think that works with everyone. If the writer is just being a lazy ass, then yeah a lockdown is a good way to force them to actually do their work. But if they’re genuinely in a slump then forcing them to write I would think is counterproductive. “I don’t know what to write and now I’m being forced to write”, doesn’t sit right with me. If I’m stuck, I’m stuck. I’d need ideas, and from these past episodes when Bunta tried asking the team for some help they gave him nothing. So when he’s in a slump and the rest of his team sucks…well, damn.

After Yuuka stood up for him to let him have a bath, the team realize they’re being a little messed up and decide to reward him after all his hard work. Yuuka sits outside of the bath to talk with him but then he passes out in the bathtub. The team is worried, but Bunta wakes up and promises that he’s going to write and finish the script.

And he did. No surprise there.

Kuroda wakes up early in the morning and goes to check on Bunta, who fell asleep on his desk, but he finished the script. And, oh no, Kuroda kissed his cheek. Which is funny because when the team was talking about what reward to give Bunta after, Andou jokingly said to kiss him and Kuroda told her not to be indecent. Well hmm hmm hmm~

They all meet up on the roof, they’re happy for him, everyone is happy, and he got a big tub of yogurt or something I don’t know what that was. And now Kuroda is really pushing it when she tells him to write the scripts for a drama CD and short novel. Is she really forgetting that they’re all high school students and beginners at all of this?

Well okay whatever, it’s over. I can’t say much as I disagree with her methods, I’m not a fan of lockdowns. If I can’t write, I can’t write, and if you try to lock me up somewhere I will punch you. Of course that’s just me. Next week, FINALLY more progress can be made and Yuuka will finally take center stage with the voice acting, because honestly this girl has done NOTHING. We have the character art, the backgrounds, the music, and finally the script. Now we just need the voices. So now I’m confused, is Yuuka going to voice act for all the girls? I don’t even know how many girls are in the game but with these types of games it’s usually around five, isn’t it? Unless Yuuka has a really good range, she can’t voice for all them. Right?


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  1. Shiki

    Forcing someone to do work+summer+shut in+stressing..
    That’s exactly how you get crappy plot by forcing them against their will to write a fcking script like it’s a piece of cake. If they don’t have anything to do and they feel bored as hell, why not start coming up with actual help. If he really was just a lazy bum that is skipping and doing non-relevant stuff than it’s kind of okay-ish.. One mistake after another to wreck everyone in the [Team] and if that’s not enough, put a time-limit for first-timers that that is expected to create a good game. Didn’t know they were magicians
    At first I was annoyed by the existence of Yuuka just to get some romance in, but I am glad that there is at least one person that says that it’s not helpful at all and they should take better care of their teammate.
    Wait, where did they manage to put the music together when they have no musician and problems solely with the script?
    For VA how about letting all of them speak a character? Less stress and to cover for a single person. At least that’s my suggestion
    Damn I ranting too much.. don’t call me Ranta pls lol

    1. Berry

      Oh no don’t worry I agree completely. They know Bunta isn’t the lazy type, he’s just seriously stuck on the writing. Wearing maid outfits “to lighten the mood” isn’t going to help him, he actually needs ideas which the team NEVER helped him with. And since Bunta is barely getting into the world of bishoujo games, this is even harder for him. And really it’s all Kuroda’s fault, she’s the one that made a deadline for a team of beginners. It’s dumb.

      From what I remember, Kuroda knew someone outside of the school to compose the music (an expert I assume), with that little tune she hummed to herself the main theme of the game.

      Well since the girls are the speakers, Andou, Kuroda, and Yuuki should pitch in as well. Andou is good at changing her voice for her meido persona, but none of this has been discussed so I have no idea what’s going to happen.

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