Ugh…man..Here I thought that now since the filler arc was over, we were back on track to the next round of the tournament. Silly me, we have to have a few episodes of nothing before that. Fantastic. This is why I wasn’t too excited to review these episodes. Sure 65 has SOME things, happen, but 64 on its own is pretty entirely useless. (sigh) I Suppose I should start up with the recaps.

So when 64 starts, the gang is back from their adventures with Losers 1 and 2 and Wet Blanket thinks the best option is to review the previous rounds of the tournament and explain them in elaborate detail to Konami and the other guy.

Let me explain stuff you'd already know about!
Let me explain stuff you’d already know about!

This goes on for a good six minutes until they decide to let us move on. Hey, remember that guy who Border had prisoner? You know, that trigger user from the huge invasion? Yeah, well they decide that now is a good time to actually interrogate him. They need to bring Duckface along for his truth telling side effect, and Wet Blanket tags along.

When they get there they start asking him questions about Aftokrator to which he tells them exactly nothing.

My presence here TOTALLY had a purpose
My presence here TOTALLY had a purpose

They threaten torture but he still says no, so they give up on that and just let him go and call it day with him.

Wow…so glad..we invested time with this character guys…..really came full circle here.

After that, one of the Border agents whose name I can’t remember tells Wet Blanket he sucks at fighting to which he responds, “I know”. And the fat Border manager leads them to another prisoner that could help them.

And that’s where the episode ends.

So in case you weren’t paying attention, let me recap. Flashbacks, an interrogation response of “I’m not telling you anything” and a guy telling Wet Blanket he sucks. There you go. There’s your 20 minutes. Fan-fucking-tastic. I’m actually hard pressed to think of another episode of this show that did LESS than this episode. I was sitting here waiting for something…ANYTHING to happen, but nope, this episode had less happening in it then the fucking episode with the kid and the Capybara.

Man this is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Man this is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, at least the next episode had SOMETHING happen. And by happen, I mean they talked about stuff. But at least that stuff was..plot advancing, as opposed to……nothing. So let’s mosey on over to the next episode.

It starts up with Border having taken the horns from that dead guy, (remember, pretty much the only character to ever die in this show because the other bad guys killed him?) and put it on a robot. Apparently the horns assimilated his memory and personality so he can now talk through the robot even though he’s dead.

Nope, we're not playing god at all
Nope, we’re not playing god at all

It turns out that having been betrayed by his comrades leaves this guy a lot more open to helping Border than the other guy. …so why they even bothered asking the other guy first when they could do this to begin with is beyond me. They ask him questions and use Duckface to confirm whether or not he’s telling the truth.

He tells them that they were kidnapping trion users because the homeworld needs a certain person to be the planet’s trion source because the country is made of trion and everyone will die if they don’t. It takes a very special person with a lot of trion to have this job, and that’s why they wanted Chika as she has a butt ton of trion.

(artist's rendition of a butt ton of trion)
(artist’s rendition of a butt ton of trion)

The robot thing even offers to show them the way to Afrokrator if they have a ship that can get them there.

After they leave him, they head back home to Takahoma. However, there’s a guy waiting for Chika and Wet Blanket when they get there. He starts asking questions about Chika’s brother and it’s revealed that he originally got a trigger from a member of Border who stole some triggers and gave them to civilians, Chika’s brother included.

... I have absolutely no idea who that is.
… I have absolutely no idea who that is.

He thanks the two for their information and leaves, but not before telling Wet Blanket that he sucks and won’t be on away teams at this rate. (man…no love for wet blanket recently).

Realizing he sucks, Wet Blanket calls up his senpai and asks if he can get some crash course training. He agrees and that’s where the episode ends.

If there’s one thing these two episodes had it is talking. Lots and lots and lots of talking. The first episode they talked a whole lot about stuff we already knew and nothing. The second episode at least tried to talk about stuff that will help move the plot along eventually. However, I’m not going to lie, these two episodes were HARD to get through. I had to pause a few times and take breaks. I was just not remotely interested in what was going on and didn’t really care all that much.

There is a lot of sitting and talking, and standing and talking in these episodes
There is a lot of sitting and talking, and standing and talking in these episodes

I understand in the second episode there was some more important information that had to be explained, but it was done so so slowly and boringly that I just zoned out. Out of the two episodes we learned that Wet blanket sucks, Afrokrator needs someone to power their planet, and Chika’s brother was part of a conspiracy that we know nothing about. Awesome. That’s a great 40 minutes right there.

This is hard, because even though I’m reviewing two episodes there’s NOTHING to talk about. Konami’s only in one of the episodes for a few minutes, and nothing else really happens. It’s interesting to see the dead guy come back as a robot, but we’ll see if that goes anywhere. Regardless……something needs to happen next time. seriously.

Episode 64: 4/10

Episode 65: 6/10


Duckface count 64: 8
Duckface Count 65: 7

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    great review, we’ll have 2 episodes of new characters and nothing, after that, more battles and awasome plot (and more konami)

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