[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 11 [1080p].mkv0028Just as I predicted last week, the principal had a chat with his son and with the rest of his buddies. Asano thought the A-class did well, and he thinks differently from his father, saying he doesn’t need to totally destroy his opponent to be strong. The principal thought differently of course, pointing out that the E-class was in the top three. He suggested that they could have spread nasty rumors about the restaurant they had, or…even poison the food. Even the other guys thought it was crazy. But this principal can’t be underestimated. He sends Asano out for a few minutes to talk to the other guys, and when Asano comes back in, we see the other boys in a bad state, like…brainwashed zombies. I feel like they really stepped up the visuals this season, it’s been a lot more creepier and I’ve felt very uncomforable. :’)

In this episode we learn more about Asano and his father’s crappy relationship. Asano talks about his home being like school, with his father as his teacher and him as the student. And the only time they would talk was when his father would teach him something. If he didn’t have anything to teach, they basically would ignore each other. He makes no mention of his mother, so either she’s dead or divorced. Poor kid grew up in an awful environment. Things get worse at the school, as now the principal has appointed himself to be the new teacher of the A-class, and his teaching is ridiculous at a fast pace, making the students freak out. He makes Asano go home, as his skills are better the way they are or something I don’t care I hate this guy. And whatever he tells the students with his horrible manipulation, taking their hatred and boosting it to the max, making the students say “Kill the E-Class”, it is now that things are getting out of hand and the E-Class is going to have a tougher time. The principal even forced one of the teachers to put more questions than usual on the exams, and made them even tougher, picking the harder questions that you would probably see on an exam for college. And remember…this is a middle school.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 11 [1080p].mkv0036Asano is at his wit’s end. And he does something surprising. When the E-Class discusses all that is happening, they’re a little freaked out about what they’ve heard. But they bump into Asano at the main school, and he asks for a favor. He wants the E-Class to utterly defeat the A-Class and take the spots in the top 50. His father and the other students won’t learn that their methods are wrong unless they actually lose at something. Asano wants the E-Class to basically teach his father a lesson, and save his friends. And the poor kid is sincere, he’s been through a lot by having a shit father like that. He bows, and the rest of the class is surprised. Of course he won’t give up his spot at #1, which Karma challenges him with. But the E-Class agree, but they said they were going to reach to the top 50 anyway, so that was their goal from the start. But I guess this request from Asano is another boost of confidence.

The students study like crazy and the exam arrives, and just as expected, the exams are crazy as hell. I love how they use monsters to represent the exams and the students attacking it together with weapons. Honestly that really does feel like how a test is. There are more questions that usual on the exam that some of them weren’t all able to answer in time. Also, the level of difficulty is crazy and there were things on it they never learned. So, it really is an all-out battle to do their best and try to make it to the top 50. I have no idea what’s going to happen, the A-Class is looking crazy and this is probably the biggest battle the E-Class has ever had to fight.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…someone…just pushed the principal out the window of his office? Stories high?

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 11 [1080p].mkv0006
But he’s a black belt apparently so no.


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