So yeah, this series STILL doesn’t have any sort of following in the US. The reason for that is simple. It has not been licensed nor fansubbed past episode 3. However, I will say this, this series getting another season. So, that means it’s gotta be doing well in Japan. Just to confirm this, I checked the wiki and sure enough it says that the toys the series is based on topped toy charts in Japan in December 2015. So, kind of like Pretty Cure, what isn’t very popular here can be explosive in Japan. And honestly, I’m still enjoying this show. I really am. Yes it’s silly, kiddish, and in an entirely different language in which I only understand about 1/5th of the dialogue, I still think this is a great show and i’m sad that no one in America seems to watch this show along with me. I know I bitch about some episodes, but overall, I have to say, I’ve been the least….mad with this show than I have with pretty much any other show I’ve reviewed this season. And that’s nice.

Well, enough of me stroking this show, Let’s jump into the recap.

So there’s 2 parts in this episode. The first one (which is shorter) is about the book Cocotama. All she wants to do is sit and read her book, however, she keeps getting interrupted by everyone. First by Merori who couldn’t find her soap which she helps her find.

Pfff. Who needs a Grail war or to defeat Frieza. Missing soap. THESE are the issues people
Pfff. Who needs a Grail War or to defeat Frieza? Missing soap. THESE are the issues people

Then the makeup one bothers her asking which crown looks better, the one with the star or heart. Then she gets interrupted again by Gerochan and Luckytama who want her to judge a contest between the two of them. Finally she gets so fed up she screams to the fat one how she wants to move out and ask Kokoro if she’ll make her her own house. As she’s getting fed up though she overhears everyone talking about how great she is and how they couldn’t survive without her. This calms her down and realizes that they all are just being needy because they love her and she decides to stay.

For the first time in a while, this 'awwww' is actually sincere. Awwwww!!!
For the first time in a while, this ‘awwww’ is actually sincere. Awwwww!!!

Part two is much longer and the actual meat of this episode.

So it starts up with Kokoro seeing that somebody’s throwing out a whole bunch of furniture from an old house. It turns out that it belonged to this family who struck it rich and moved out of there house….and decided to build a mansion NEXT DOOR.

...I guess this is when you hit it rich but still like your neighbors?
…I guess this is when you hit it rich but still like your neighbors?

Kokoro and the crew head over to the park only to find the straytama trio along with a new member. He turns out to be the Cocotama of the drawer that the kid threw out. He had a bunch of good times with it and now that he moved, he threw it out.

This is some toy story level implications here. So…if I love something a lot, does that mean that a Cocotama will pop out? and that means I can’t throw it away in case it gets broken or old? Man..don’t EVER show this anime to a hoarder.

The day when they’re going to throw out the stuff is coming soon, so Kokoro takes it upon herself to try to convince the boy to keep the drawer. However, he’s a stereotypical jerk and ignores her, but for some reason, lets her in his room.

FINALLY! A correct reaction to how a boy that age would act if a girl asked to come to his room!
bitch get outta here. I’m playing Nimtindo

I find this really funny, because it’s rare to see a girl (Despite their age) go to a boy’s room and the boy’s like “pfff. whatever. fine. i’m going to sit here and play games” Which is GOOD because that’s the way kids that age ACTUALLY act. A lot of shows seem to forget, when you’re 9-10, GIRLS HAVE COOTIES.

Anyway, back to the episode at hand, eventually the drawer cocotama uses his drawer magic to slap all the pictures he drew on the old desk onto his window.

Why does that monster have glasses?
Why does that monster have glasses?

He realizes he loves his old desk and stops the men from taking it away. So he goes to live with the kid.

And that’s basically the end of the episode.

The first half was very cute. It was short, sweet, and to the point. It was nice to see the book one have some screen time as she tends to either get overlooked, or is mainly there to explain stuff like What Christmas is or something like that to the other Cocotamas. It was also done at a speed that was nice. It’s annoying when the whole “I don’t feel appreciated” story concept drags on for too long. A few minutes is a good length to deal with this issue, especially in a kid’s show.

The second half, while I appreciate the whole “Having the kid remember who he was” concept, but the fact that it was a desk was really confusing. With a lot of these Cocotamas they’re formed from the love of an item so…if the item is destroyed, do they die? Or is it just that since they’re born afterwards it’s okay? I’m not sure as if they HAVE told us this, I didn’t understand it in raw Japanese.

Oh no! This could kill me!...or not! I have no idea!
Oh no! This could kill me!…or not! I have no idea!

It was amusing to see the rich kid being a jerk but then turning it around. I’m a sucker for redemption/turning good stories so I enjoyed this. It was cute, had a good moral, and had a nice ending. And it didn’t involve Kokoro being all lovey dovey with another 10 year old. So that’s nice.

Part 1: 7/10

Part 2: 6.5/10

All in all, a good time. Not the greatest stories they’ve done, but hey. I enjoyed it.

Now I know this show is in raw…but MORE PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH IT!


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    Greetings, Hideki Sohma.

    To be honest, I was watching it because I find it cute and brings some kinda of fun to me, even though the latest episodes aren’t so great, there were some that I liked, such as 17 and 25, AND 26!!
    But since episode 26, things will get more interesting and it’s about time that something great is about to happen and to bring some change as well, thanks to the newcomer who… Well, I better not spoil your surprise that I had and will have in the episode 27, I hope! ^^

    I was watching it because I felt that I would watch it if I was younger or a little boy and it somehow passed on a TV channel in my room.
    I like those Cocotamas and to hear their voice actresses and voice actors as well, especially Luckytama and the new coming one, hahaha.

    I don’t know if you will come back to blog this series again, but I’m one of the people still watching this series just to see how it goes and to have some fun with a few episodes or scenes I liked. In this moment, I’m also watching Mahou Tsukai Precure, Pokémon XY and Z, One Piece, and Digimon Adventure tri.

    PS: Gomen for writing it so late, I was hesitant and unsure if I should write it in this series, but I realized that I should be honest, bold and DARING. 🙂
    I was about to write it in episode 25, but since you dropped, I wrote it in here instead.

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