Why do I expect these episodes to get any better? Or maybe I don’t. Maybe i’m just absolutely insane and I am punishing myself for picking this series up. The latter is probably the case. I really hate this show. I really really do. It’s not fun, it’s not entertaining, hell, it’s not even harmless in the grand scheme of things like Komugi. This is just a terrible, awful, mean spirited show and if the episodes were any longer than 3 minutes, I would have thrown it out the window after episode 1. But this series is so insidious…so evil that it makes itself JUST short enough to make me continue watching it. It’s JUST long enough to piss me off yet make me want to see what happens. Fuck you Ojisan To Marshmallow….seriously. Just…just fuck you.

So our crappy episode starts off with the company at a hot spring. And…what do you think happens. Well let’s think for a moment. What happens in every single anime ever when girls go to a hot spring?


If you guessed girls groping each other, then that means you have seen more than 1 anime before in your life congratulations.

Now, not being a girl here, I may be wrong here so girls, please clarify me if I am, I do not believe that when girls get naked together either in a locker room or hot spring, they start groping each other. Now. I could be wrong here (I sincerely HOPE you are all picking up my sarcasm) Is this a Japanese thing? I do not believe so. Does this happen EVER? (scratches head) well….i’m sure it HAS happened, but not as frequently as they let us believe. This is a trope that….while I see what they’re going for here, if they do it EVERY SINGLE TIME it gets a bit…you know, expected. It’s to the point when you see a beach or hot spring episode starting you’re like “Ahh..yes… boob comparing time” and 90% of the time you will indeed be correct.

Anywho, enough of that, back to the story. So during dinner a marshmallow gets stuck in the busty girl’s boobs. She uses this to lure the fat guy away to another room. (no. NO I am sadly not joking.)




This is getting RIDICULOUS. It’s like this guy has a mental disorder revolving around marshmallows. Look. I love coffee and pumpkin pie, but i’m not going to randomly follow someone if they try to lead me somewhere with it. A person isn’t a goddamn dog. This is….this show hurts my brain. I don’t even see what the appeal of this guy is. He…he like marshmallows and is fucking retarded? I…I don’t even know why they like this guy. I just… I don’t even.

So creepy stalker bitch goes after the two of them and the episode ends there.

Those eyes are fucking scary those are like...sociopath eyes.
Those eyes are fucking scary those are like…sociopath eyes.

Okay, correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t big boobs give up on fat guy because she told him she loved him but then he pointed out that she was already in a relationship and she ran away crying?


They kind of just….forget about them and go right back into this shit. The episodes are only 3 minutes long. It shouldn’t be THIS hard to keep continuity.

Also another question, if this is a company retreat, why the FUCK is stalker girl’s brother there?

Seriously, why the fuck are you here?
Seriously, why the fuck are you here?

I don’t see anybody ELSE’S family there. What is it like…company retreat plus immediate family? If that’s the case, why doesn’t the fat guy bring his kid? Does he not get any visitation rights? Is it because of his OBVIOUS mental deficiency?  EXPLAIN ANIME, EXPLAIN!

Since this episode is leading up to a climax of sorts as they leave this on a “cliffhanger” (I am using airquotes here because there’s no cliff to hang on) and next episode will be episode 12 I’m assuming next episode will be the last one. All I have to say is THANK GOD. Fuck this show, fuck everyone involved in it. Fuck the stalker, fuck the busty cheating chick, fuck the fat stupid guy, and fuck stalker girl’s brother for being WAYYY too into making sure his sister gets what she wants.

Everyone in this series is a terrible person and they ALL need therapy….and stalker girl needs to get a restraining order slapped on her.

Episode 2.5/10