Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 12: The Principal is a Sore Loser

And evil.

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Sorry for the lack of screenshots, I’ve been having troubles with the player I use to capture screenshots. It’s been irritating and I hope to figure something out.

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These kids are too fucking smart, I read the entire problem of the last math problem and I didn’t even understand the first sentence. I’m a junior in university and…what the hell is this? Of course, I’m an English major so I’m done with math. But this problem dealt with alkaline metals and atoms and…other stuff I didn’t understand. Well, the other children didn’t understand either. Except for Karma because he’s ridiculous. Apparently the math problem was a lot easier than it was and you really had to read the question carefully to figure it out. You had to think outside of the box, and Karma saw that he was only able to figure it out because of his time spent in the E-class with everyone else. Asano thought he figured it out but he was using a long math equation or something and didn’t do it right and never even finished it, so the only person that was able to get full points on that exam was Karma.

The time comes when the rankings of the top 50 arrive and the students are nervous. When seeing the rankings, they see Terasaka at 46th. Since he was in the bottom of the E-class, that surely meant that the rest of them made it into the 50, with Karma beating out Asano as #1. Of course the principal’s methods weren’t going to work. The way he taught wasn’t studying, it was just raging bloodlust. The A-class is shocked at these results, along with the principal. They realize that the E-class, and even Asano, were able to learn and do better because of loss. They don’t agree with the principal’s teaching methods, and even said they would rather be demoted to the E-class because they seem to learn better there.





Asano talked back and his father struck him, obviously rattled at everything. Some of Asano’s friends carry him out, and the rest of the students leave leaving the principal in an empty classroom.

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I’d love that gun to shoot the principal’s face.
The E-Class students have the opportunity to leave the class but they won’t because they still need to assassinate Koro-sensei, but trouble quickly arrives when the building suddenly shakes. The kids look out the window to see a demolition crew tearing down one half of their school building. The principal is there, saying that it was decided that the old building is to be destroyed, and the E-Class will be moved as a testing group to the new building of the school on a different campus. Of course the kids are against this and want to stay. The principal also is there to, you guessed it…kill Koro-sensei. By scaring him with a notice of dismissal he challenges Koro-sensei a stupidly unfair challenge.

The basis of the challenge is solve problems in workbooks before anti-Koro-sensei gas cans explode on him. He pulled the pin and inserted the cans into the workbooks and held the handle down with the workbook. When Koro-sensei would open the workbook, the handle would slowly rise and the can would explode. He needs to open the workbook, solve the problem in a matter of seconds, and close the workbook just in time before the can explodes. Koro-sensei has to solve four, with the four cans being anti-Koro-sensei, while the principal handles the fifth one, which is a human one. So obviously it’s way unfair, and Koro-sensei is terrible under extreme pressure so he was already hit with one can.

This man is evil. And a big sore loser. And he’s too obsessed with education. If he loves education so much, he should just marry it. D:< Yeah that’s right I said it.


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3 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 12: The Principal is a Sore Loser

  1. I just watched this episode and I’ll just leave this as a technical opinion :D. I’ve got a Physics PhD and work with crystals so I got the problem and it gave me pause for a moment. I managed to solve it through Karma’s solution in a minute or so, but Asano’s was viable too – it merely was much more troublesome and less elegant. The way the two solutions were both explained and used as metaphors for their respective philosophies was brilliant! So yeah :D, I realize sadly it’s one of those moments that not everyone will get but I can confirm that if you do it was epic.

    1. Well wow! I’m glad you were one of the few people that were able to understand the metaphor because it completely flew over my head, in one way. But the fact that you have a PhD in physics and can solve it means that the principal really was crazy enough to put in college-level (and beyond) problems in the test. Yikes.

      1. Usually it would be college-level, yeah, but in itself it isn’t especially difficult – it just happens to be related to chemistry and physics problems that don’t come up until then. It made me think a lot because I used to do maths competitions in high school and this was exactly the kind of “trick question” I’d expect them to have (of course since we’re talking competitions the level of the questions was far above that of regular tests – high enough that even the best students would only get SOME right). The funny thing is… when I was their age I’m sure I would have tried to brute force my way through it Asano’s way. Looking for the simplest, most elegant approach is a learned wisdom :D, and in this sense it really showed how and WHY Karma was the better one here. I think this will automatically become one of my favourite anime moments EVER, as it was genuinely one of the most well-placed use of maths for narrative purposes I can think of!

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