Well after all that has happened with this damn show, I can at least say, it’s over. I can finally put this stupid ridiculous nonsense behind me and move on with my life. Thank. God. I can’t say this series was ever enjoyable. I can’t say it was ever bearable. But at least I can say, it’s over. So there’s that. So with that, I’m actually happy to say, let’s recap an episode, one more time.

So the episode picks up immediately where the last one ended off. The creepy girl goes to find marshmallow guy with the two marshmallow girls using a scent that marshmallow people love. Unfortunately, they love them too, so they become effectively useless.

GG guys. GG.
GG guys. GG.

Smelling this, marshmallow guy runs back and into creepy girl. They then start to talk about stuff. She eventually tells him that she likes him and he brushes it off as that she’s drunk. Because, you know, he’s an idiot. She asks about the child and woman she saw before, but he states that that was just his sister and niece. Because yeah. that makes sense to call your uncle “papa”. (they try to explain this but it’s stupid)

no, your niece is just an idiot
no, your niece is just an idiot

During this conversation he finds out though that creepy girl doesn’t hate him because she teases him all the time and he’s happy about this. They head back to the group and we cut to them at the amusement park again, this time, him asking her for a marshmallow.

the fuck is up with this dude and marshmallows?
the fuck is up with this dude and marshmallows?

Argh this ending was so contrived and stupid. I’m sorry. you can’t be a creepy, violent, stalker chick for the entire length of the series, and then get everything you want in the end just because the main guy realizes you’re not a terrible person to HIM. I not only didn’t CARE about these two, I didn’t WANT her to get what she wanted as the only things she did to get him were underhanded and frightening.

This show has very fucked up morals. It’s basically saying that if you like someone, just keep being a creepy fuck and it will eventually work out. Oh, and if you are nice at the way end, that makes up for everything. Look, I know the guy isn’t the greatest looker in the world, but he can do better than this crazy bitch. If it were me, i’d stay as far away as possible.

This is not the face of a girl you want to date.
This is not the face of a girl you want to date.

I have said from the beginning that I hated these two’s dynamic and that didn’t change for the better as the series progressed. In fact, it got much worse. There’s nothing really redeemable about this show. It’s about terrible people wanting to get relationships with terrible people. I didn’t care or like a single character in this show. And as i’ve said in the past, if the episodes hadn’t been 3 minutes long, i would not have made it past episode 2.

That being said, let’s jump to the scores.

Head:  The plot is stupid. It’s about a yandere in love with Forrest gump. He likes marshmallows. That’s all this series has going for it. The episodes didn’t go anywhere, the plot didn’t go anywhere, and nothing happened. 3/10

Eye: I mean…it was pretty. I have to give it that. The series was shiny and nice and I didn’t want to close my eyes at the art. You know, when I have really bad shows, the eye is really the only score that I can’t really give terrible results too because nine out of ten times, the art is usually pretty good, even in a terrible show. So..you know…find. 7.5/10

Heart: nope. there was none. No feelings. This series failed on every level with this. Straight up super fail. 2/10

Total 12.5/30 = 4.1/10

Seriously, all in all. Even though the episodes are only 3 minutes long, it’s not worth it. Do something more constructive with that three minutes…like…watch an AMV or something.

Fuck you bitch you don't deserve a happy ending. I'm just going to assume you died or something.
Fuck you bitch you don’t deserve a happy ending. I’m just going to pretend you died or something.



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    Haha am I wrong for saying I enjoyed your suffering through this more than the show

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