Surprise, surprise, Carta got out alive…
Since Biscuit has been killed, Tekkadan has entered the grieving stage and Orga was not coping with it well. Among the adults on board, Merribit was at loss of what to do to help him, so she spoke to the others, seeking advice and ultimately, they all said the same thing: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 22 Img 0015Let him be. But Mika thought differently. He became impatient, and decided to face Orga, who was in the undergoing an episode of self-blame, feeling as though he was the one who had killed Biscuit, trying to figure out what Biscuit wanted to say, and bogged down by regret. Mika demanded his next course of actions, his next order, and despite Orga’s distress Mika pushed him and pushed him until he finally made him snap out of that despair state, shifting to the course of anger. While it did help Orga get out of that helpless place,  it was not necessarily the best source to renew the much needed drive. With Orga tapping into anger, the adults know that revenge is something that is a dangerous game, but at this point there is nothing they can do about it. Tekkadan knows how high the stakes are, it’s either be kill or be killed. They will no longer try to avoid the fight, but now will be facing it head on and eliminate whoever get in their way. And while they know it is their mission to safely escort Makanani to his destination, they are also looking into eliminating Gjallarhorn for once and for all.

The timing for this particular turning point is pretty scary. We learned a lot about the dirty politics, and the power struggle within the Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn. The organization of what used to be the saviors is now corrupt and unrecognizable. We learned of the struggle for power over Abrau. Fareed’s father married him into Baudiun family, and became the guardian for Issue’s daughter. He has carefully strengthened his position within the Seven Stars and intends to grab powers through Henri Fleurs.Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 22 Img 0002 He has his plans all laid out for him, now it’s just a matter of preventing anyone from spoiling it. In the meantime, we see Fareed manipulating Gaielio like a puppet-master, and frankly speaking, I was absolutely disgusted. Fareed is rapidly becoming a terrifying threat, and the worse part of all, is we still don’t know what his true goals are. What in the world is his trying to achieves besides eradicating the corruption within Gjallarhorn? What is he trying to do by manipulating his ‘friend’ Gaileo into not only agreeing to have Ein undergo the operation to install Alaya-Vijnana, but to even to do it for himself as well. Fareed does this by speaking of the origins of the Alaya-Vijnana system and seventy-two Gundam Frames were made for those who can wield them to their full potential. The whole point of this discussion was to point out how it was Gjallarhorn organization who were the first to use the Alaya-Vijnana system. (And with that in mind, it begs the question of how did the Alaya-Vijnana system lose it’s value to Gjallarhorn? Is it because it has been three-hundred years since the war?) Fareed then has the nerve to tell Gaileo there’s a mole within the organization- WHEN HE IS THE MOLE! Man I am really starting to feel sorry for Gaileo… He doesn’t have a clue… And geez, I haven’t even started with the relationship between Tekkadan and Fareed/Montag yet!

So for what purpose does Fareed need Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn to both viciously clash with everything they got? If he wants to eliminate Gjallarhorn and the Regulatory Board, why encourage those within Gjallarhorn to pick up the Alaya-Vijnana system again? I certainly doubt it has anything to do with ensuring/helping his friends survive, especially given how dangerous to operation is to begin with. And for why would he empower both Tekkadan and his so-called comrades in Gjallarhorn, who he knows will always be looking to kill each other? Is it for his own entertainment, or is he trying to determine who would be his strongest pawns?

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 22 Img 0012While Fareed goes about is plans, perhaps the most interesting development lies within Kudelia. She is no longer the naive, innocent girl fighting for the Martians, she has matured, adapted and is absorbing all the knowledge she can to become stronger. She is wielding all the tools before her without any hesitation. Makanani made a very good point after Kudelia had set up a new course of action and back-up plan in preparation for their arrival to Edmonton, she is fit to be a leader- but that is not what she desires. She simply wants to become hope. But it’s not just that. With Biscuit no longer with them, Orga doesn’t have someone whom he trusts their second-opinion and reliable feedback. Now I am starting to wonder now if Kudelia will step into that role. As long as she continues to prove herself and her course of actions pays off, she can potentially be his new adviser.

Next week, ‘The Final Lie’. Damn, that is one ominous title.
See you then!

Fun Fact: Naze’s wives consider Turbine as Women Shelter.


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