“They’ve died and become ash. It was the same or Manato, it will be the same for all of us”


Wow, it’s already episode 11, time sure flies a lot 

vlcsnap-2016-03-21-09h21m20s345This episode opens with Mary having a sort of dream where she sees her old party being all happy and stuff just before going to the Mine again and probably dying. She’s awaken by Haruhibro because they are still in the mine with the big monster Kobold Death spots who’s super angry and looking for them.

Facing death spots is not even an option so they go down to the fifth level, used by the kobolds to forge metal. Apparently it’s the level where Mary’s friends died. Haruhibro assassinates a kobold and they arrive to the resting area: an old temple which isn’t used anymore. Mary finds her old staff on the ground but it’s only the first element from her past to resurface again. Indeed, soon, her old party members arrive. They are transformed into some sort of zombies, according to Haruhibro it’s due to the curse of the “no life king”. I remember that Gandalf the elf, Manato’s guild master did mention that when Manato died. If the dead are not buried correctly they’ll become sort of zombies.  Though they aren’t really zombies since they have a fighting strategy and since they can remember spells and abilities from when they were alive.


Mary wants to go at the front to defeat them. She learned new skills just for that. So all the gang tries to defeat the zombie party but they know lots of techniques, spells and abilities and even use them differently in some innovative ways so they’re giving an hard time to the sucker party. However, Mary defeats her old friend by using her light magic, who quickly transforms back into a human then disappears with a sad but yet nice look, as if she was saying, thank you for saving me…


Mary finishes  her old party leader too, who, before vanishing, places his hand on her head. This way of vanishing in sparkles reminds me too much of Hotaru no Mori e, and I’m still not over that movie, the feels are still there. If you haven’t watch it go and do it, it’s a great movie that left me depressed for 2 days. I even cried into my bed, like a loser, yeah… god dammit.vlcsnap-2016-03-21-09h31m28s087

Haruhibro helped Ranta to fight the zombie thief and was actually impressed by Ranta being really perceptive and intuitive. Ranta tells him that no, it’s easy, it’s just that my bruh is overthinking everything and making this stuff more complex that it should be. “You’re not Manato” he tells him. I think that’s exactly what Haruhibro needed to hear. Of course he knew that he wasn’t Manato but I think, maybe not consciously, he was trying to be Manato. Every time he was reacting to difficult situations thinking: “What Manato would have done?”. Quit trying to think like Manato,and then you’ll be a better leader. 

Speaking of Haruhibro, looking at the ashes that the zombies corpses left after vanishing he says this sentence:

They’ve died and become ash. It was the same or Manato, it will be the same for all of us”

Youhou, I hope you’re having a good day, the sun is shinning bright, cuz here we’re not joking! That is true though, but yet slightly depressing.

Their encounter with the zombie party made them want to learn more magic and skills, even Ranta wants to learn a new finishing move. And Haruhibro wants to be a better leader. So they are all chatting nicely but Death spots the big  thing arrives and attacks my bruh. At this point I remember thinking: ” oh shit, leave them alone plz, I don’t want any of them to die… Not even Ranta… Ranta’s cool plz”. vlcsnap-2016-03-21-09h32m42s524

Haruhibro tells everyone to run, but the big thing calls other wolves and soon our party is surrounded by ennemies.  They try to escape using a scaffolding but Death spots also tries to break it. Because of that dickbag,  Haruhibro almost  falls but he’s caught by Ranta, who tells him that he doesn’t want him to die. So cute.

vlcsnap-2016-03-21-09h37m43s090However, Death spots throws a big thing at the scaffolding and breaks it. Haruhibro doesn’t manage to save Ranta who falls on the ground. He’s still alive and tells Haruhibro to leave him, what he does. At the surface of the fourth level, everyone is looking at Haru, waiting for him to decide on what to do next. Haruhibro knows that even if he is incompetent he’s still the leader. “If everyone dies trying to save Ranta then everything will be lost”. That’s a way of seeing things I guess.
But Haruhibro is not ready to give up on his second homo crush Ranta so he asks Mary if she knows another way to go down the mine at the fifth level. She does, so they’re going to save that motherfucker’s ass. At the same time, Ranta is showing off on his pile of garbage, ready to fight the huge amount of Kobolds facing him. THERE YOU GO MA BOY! DON’T YOU DARE DIE U DICK!


“The real enemies are our overly weak selves”

That’s it guys, that’s the sentence that resumes everything perfectly.
Thank you show,
Thank you Haruhibro for saying that ur my boy


So overall this episode was really nice again. I’m surprised that Grimgar considerably improved the episodes’s quality recently. We got some nice action scenes and still that tragic thematic about death and how to cope with it. I’m also concerned about Ranta now, I grew up to like him those past few episodes and I don’t want him to die. Plus, now I ship him with Yume. So there you go, Ranta don’t die. Also, I hope we’ll get a good end. I wish the series was longer and I’m not convinced we’re going to get a satisfactory ending next week. Oh well, we’ll see.