You know, considering the latter half of this episode, I almost thought I was rewatching the episode of Komugi I saw last week. It’s like Deja Vu over here. Honestly. Gotta say I didn’t expect to see Idol stuff in an episode of Kamisama, but, you know, that’s this show for you, All sorts of twists and turns…mainly involving egg gods. Well, enough intro, let’s just jump right into the episode.

So the episode starts up with Kokoro looking at some photos she took and commenting on how her friend Kate is a really good singer. (yeah, don’t be confused. They just gave her a friend named Kate that we never heard about. Just roll with it.) She gets very embarrassed when she says this and leaves with another friend.

While walking home, she hears someone singing and goes to check it out and sees Kate singing very well.

Rock singing! my favorite singing of all
Rock singing! my favorite singing of all

She however gets caught and Kate then explains that her dream is to become an idol. Both Kokoro and her other friend tell her that she needs to audition at the upcoming idol contest and they convince her to do so. (Yeah, if you haven’t noticed by now, the Cocotamas are kind of superfluous in this episode)

The girls eventually go to Kate’s house and help her design an outfit for the contest.

ooohhh.. a white t shirt and hat....WITH BUTTONS!
ooohhh.. a white t shirt and a hat….WITH BUTTONS!

On the day of the competition Kate gets nervous so the Cocotamas secretly perform some magic on her. (Yeah…this is pretty much the only Cocotama stuff you’re going to get this episode.)

Kate performs her best but doesn’t end up winning the competition.

what the fuck? Bitch didn't even get a name
what the fuck? Bitch didn’t even get a name

She’s depressed at this and goes home. Both Kokoro and the other friend see this and think of ways to cheer her up. Eventually they decide to (and here’s where the Komugi deja vu comes in) set up their own idol concert for her so she can perform and be their idol so she doesn’t have to feel bad.  (sound familiar?)

It works and she feels much better. However, after the concert, A producer (albeit not a very rich one) sees her and decides immediately that he wants to be her producer and have her be an idol.

remember kids, if at first you don't succeed... well you will. just give it a few hours.
remember kids, if at first you don’t succeed… well you will. just give it a few hours.

And that’s basically where the episode ends.

You know, it’s funny. While writing this review, I actually forgot that the Cocotamas were in this episode as i scrolled through it in my head. I remember they did a few jokes here and there……and did some magic that proved equating to a lot of nothing…but by far and large, I haven’t seen an episode of this series to date that has had LESS to do with the Cocotamas. They didn’t really…DO  a whole lot. They felt more tacked on than the show actually being about them.

Hey! We're in this show too! don't forget about us!
Hey! We’re in this show too! don’t forget about us!

I would have enjoyed this episode more though if, like I said before, I hadn’t had a VERY similar experience last week with Komugi. It was very odd timing to have these episodes back to back. It was interesting to see this with two different kinds of magic, but like I said, the Cocotama aspect almost felt shoehorned into a story that didn’t really require them to be there.

However, i’m not saying the episode was BAD, because it wasn’t. Trust me, I’ve sat through a LOT worst things and I actually became invested in whether Kate would win the contest or not and actually felt bad when she didn’t. The point is more that I was hoping the Cocotamas would take more of a front seat to the action instead of sitting on the sidelines.

The other thing that was weird was the introduction of Kate. You know, i’m SURE that she appeared in an earlier episode…..somewhere but I do NOT remember her. I remember the sports girl and the birthday girl from last week. I feel like they kinda just..threw this girl in because they needed a friend that wanted to be an idol and it couldn’t have been one of the other two.

Hey, at least I KNOW Kate's name...I have NO idea who the fuck the girl on the left is.
Hey, at least I KNOW Kate’s name…I have NO idea who the fuck the girl on the left is.

Other than that…it was an okay episode. Like I said, it was one that didn’t NEED magic or Cocotamas. And that made me a little sad. I wish it did. Because that’s one of the things I like about this show. The inclusion of their magic and how it changes people’s normal lives.

Ha, then again, I AM questioning the logic in a show made for a much younger audience. Still, that being said…it’s better than a LOT of the “Older” crap i’ve reviewed on this site. (Coughvanadiscough)

All in all…not bad. Not great…but not bad this week.

Episode 6/10


…yep…they’re still only up to subbing episode 3.