“For someone else’s sake… I would lay down my life.”








I’m so happy. I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time. At one point I was even starting to doubt whether Hinami would be saved at all. I think some were even afraid that Arima would covertly move up her execution date so that Kaneki wouldn’t get any funny ideas. But it’s all okay now. Onii-chan will protect her smile! In retrospect, I can kind of understand why Kaneki stopped visiting. For one, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. It’s not like he goes to her cell every time he visits her – he had no idea where it was, meaning she was probably brought out to some sort of interrogation room instead whenever he questioned her. He also no longer has any excuse for visiting her, since being scheduled for disposal is tantamount to the CCG saying she has no more useful information left keeping her alive for. As a non-employee of Cochlea, the only opportunity he had left to get anywhere near it was during this mission – and so he simply waited until he had the best chance of successfully breaking her out.


The key issue now is whether and how Kaneki and Hinami will make it out alive. Ishida is cruel to cute girls, after all. I feel really sorry for Ayato, having gone to all this trouble to break into Cochlea only to have Kaneki make it to Hinami first – and now while they make their getaway Rabbit is stuck fighting Arima.

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If even Shachi couldn’t scratch him I doubt Ayato and Banjou will be able to do much – their survival will probably depend on whether Kaneki or maybe Amon come to their rescue. It’s also a little disappointing that Kaneki doesn’t seem to be intent on releasing any more ghouls from their cells – he’s only done all the A-rate ghouls, and even then only as a distraction to keep the guards busy while he heads down to the SS-rate floor to look for Hinami. It would have been good if he released Donato and Eto at the same time, but it’s nice that he’s giving priority to best girl. It’s quite clear that at least someone will die, and I’m sorry to say that (although I like them both) I’d trade Eto’s life for Hinami’s in a heartbeat. I think Kaneki would do the same.

Come to think of it, Eto can probably break out on her own if she eats the slabs of Shiono that Furuta made for her. Furuta is definitely really really bitter about the Washuu comment. It seems like he’s doing everything he can to get back at her short of actually physically harming her – which includes revealing that he knew about the wiretapping as well as killing Shiono and making her eat him. Poor Eto. I remember wondering a couple of months ago whether Eto actually cared for Shiono, and I think I have my answer – she does. Or did, anyway. Furuta may have still been very clever this chapter, but I don’t think his actions were as effective as some of the stuff he’s done in the past – because those seemed like it was effortless control of the situation on this part. Now that he’s been unsettled once by Eto, it just feels like he’s having to try especially hard to hurt her, and it comes off as a little forced. He’s still good at acting and lying, though.

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As for Hide – Kaneki really is an unreliable narrator, especially when he’s Centipede. If you look back at Chapter 136, which was the chapter in which Hide appeared in the sewers (incidentally, as as a number that would be a double of this week’s Chapter 68) you’ll notice that he in fact says absolutely nothing about Kaneki eating him or Arima being dangerous and Kaneki having to prove to Arima that he’s worth keeping alive. If Kaneki was told to eat him, and Kaneki woke up and tasted blood in his mouth before the V14 fight, I think Hide really is dead – as much as I don’t want to believe it, because I do think Hide has an important role to play in the series. I’m an advocate of the ‘Hide is a Washuu’ theory, after all – and it’s suspicious to me that he knows so much about how dangerous Arima is and the possibility that Arima will want to keep Kaneki and turn him into an investigator instead of killing him outright. Now that we know there are disowned Washuus like Furuta, it’s looking more likely that Hide had or has something to do with either the Washuus or V. Of course, Kaneki could have just eaten a bit of Hide, and like with Amon and Takizawa we haven’t seen a body – so hope still remains. He could have just sacrificed his arm.

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Lastly, I also wonder whether Kaneki really wants to be just like Hide. I’m really happy he thinks Hinami is someone worth risking his life for, but is he doing it because he thinks Hide is admirable? Or is he ultimately just doing it because doing something for someone else’s sake is a way to die in style?

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  1. Alex Hegarty

    I agree with the Hide being a member of V theory and can i also point out in chapter 1 of Tokyo Ghoul (not Re) they said that 1 person will last a ghoul for 3 months, meaning for Hide to be dead with no remains left means Kaneki would of had to eat 3 months worth of food in under an hour which is frankly impossible.

    1. Vantage

      Exactly. I know some people were saying his body could have just been hidden beneath the sewer water, but if Ishida wanted him dead he would have made it unambiguous. Like with Hairu, bless her soul. Kaneki could have just eaten a limb or two, and if Hide ends up really being as shady or involved as many people think then he’ll either already be able to grow it back or will have some way of compensating for his lack of an arm. Hide (like Rize and Amon) is an important someone that Kaneki will meet in the future, I’m sure this is just Ishida’s way of telling us he hasn’t forgotten about him.

  2. Plinfan

    Furuta, you bastard
    I find it kinda sad that Eto really seemed to like Shiono, shows that she isnt just a inhuman monster. Also respect to Shiono, he probably was awair that keeping the book seacret and spreading it to as many people as posible would end bad for him and did it anyway. No wonder Eto is as insane she is today, V really is destroying everything she cares for. It is nice to see Ken rescuing Hina after all this time, even thought Im kinda scared cause he is back into his sucidal mindset. Speaking of Sucidal, Ayato is going to have a bad time. His only hope is the battle being interuppted, otherwice hina would need to seach for a new boyfriend, lol.

    1. Vantage

      I don’t know whether she liked Shiono, but at the very least she was genuinely grateful to him. They had a nice relationship, and that’s really weird for Eto given her intensely bitter world-view. It was only because of his efforts that she could begin a career as an author (and thus eventually write Bileyg, The King to achieve her goals) and he stuck with her even after accidentally learning that she was a ghoul. She’s indebted to him in many ways, and Furuta spat all over her one relationship with a human by killing him and forcing her to eat him (which she will probably have to do if she wants enough strength to break out of Cochlea as well during the confusion).

      I’m not on the Ayato x Hinami ship at all hahaha. Have you seen her prison diary? She talks about her time in Cochlea and everyone else she cares about and how she wants onii-chan to be the last person she speaks with before she dies, but sadly for Ayato there’s not one mention of him. I don’t really see him dying here though (even though being Ayato is suffering) so maybe Amon or Eto will save him or something.

      Ayato still has Saiko tho 😀

  3. Shuwen

    It’s happening!

    One last thing I’m hoping for in this arc is an appearance by Arata Krishima. After all, I don’t think they ever explicitly stated that he was dead, and the fact that at least three quinques were made from his kagune heavily implies they were, at least at one point, keeping him alive as a kakuhou farm. It’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, but it would certainly be interesting if he became a full-fledged character, as opposed to just appearing briefly in flashbacks.

    1. Vantage

      I want that too. Ayato has taken the trouble to come all the way to Cochlea, and he can’t even rescue Hinami any more because he was beaten to it. If he’s captured and stuffed in a cell somewhere, it would be nice if he could meet Arata. Although it would mean more suffering on his part to see his dad being farmed for his kakuja. I know Root A had that anime-original scene where he fought Shinohara and realized right after losing that Shinohara was wearing an Arata, but I think he thought it meant Arata had been briefcased and had no idea there were actually multiple armors in existence.

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