Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4: [Start Line]

Oh hello Kacchan, looking smoking hot as usual.

It’s finally time for the entrance exam battle!

vlcsnap-2016-04-24-17h11m32s816The candidates have to defeat some mecha robots in order to gain some points and to pass the exam. As usual, Midoriya is really stressed but that’s quite understandable since he’s that close to realize his dream of becoming a hero. However, he did not have the time to try out his new quirk, One for All, which was given to him the same day by All Might. But it’s too late to worry about that now and Midoriya is ready to give his best. He’s affiliated to the same battlefield as Uraraka, the nice girl that he met at the entrance of the school and Iida, aka Megane Kageyama who should chill a bit. Megane Kageyama is obsessed by order and discipline and thinks Midoriya is here for the pleasure and that he doesn’t take the exam seriously. Well, Midoriya is going to prove him wrong, nobody is more serious about this exam than Midoriya.

The exam starts but Midoriya doesn’t do well. He never had a quirk in his entire life and he’s quickly lost by everything that is happening in front of him. Everyone seems to do great, including Iida and Uraraka. Even the French belly laser guy manages to gain some points. I love this guy. I actually love every character that uses french words in anime. It’s funny that most of the time, they are drawn with long eye lashes and blond long hair, lady Oscar’s style let’s say. Fun Fact: not all french people are like that… Yeah, crazy right? Life is not like Animu.

vlcsnap-2016-04-24-17h14m41s700The end of test is near and Midoriya still hasn’t defeated any mecha monster. At this moment the judges decide to release another big mecha, the obstacle which is stronger than the others but which isn’t worth any points.Everyone begins to run away but the Uraraka girl trapped under debris. Midoriya doesn’t hesitate a second and manages to use his quirk to save her by jumping in the air and smashing the mecha in the vagina. But like All might warned him, his body merely had the time to prepare itself to host such powerful quirk so by smashing the big robot, Midoriya breaks his right arm and his two legs. He also almost fall on the ground but was saved by the power of the girl at the last moment. Also, after saving Midoriya she puked rainbows… yes. I would like to puke rainbows too. Megane Kageyama then realizes, the true power of Midoriya and that his intentions were noble.  Again, Midoriya jumped to save someone else when everyone was running away which makes him more a hero than anyone else.

A week later, Midoriya is worried about how he did in the exam. Actually, he’s depressed. He thinks he passed the written exam but since he got zero point in the mecha battle thing he probably won’t be accepted at Yuuei.  He’s also worried that All might can be disappointed in him since he spent time training him during 10 months. Personally, I don’t think All Might would be disappointed to hear that Deku failed because he saved someone, he would actually be glad. Remember that it is the reason why he choose Deku to inherit his power. Because Midoriya jumps into danger and risks his life to save people, which is what heroes are here for.

This is an accurate representation of me, in front of my coffee cup every morning, wondering what am I doing with my life.

Midoriya finally receives the letter that contain his fate, when he opens it there’s a hologram video of All Might announcing him the results. Midoriya did pass the written exam but failed the battle thus, he was supposed to be rejected. All Might also shows him that Uraraka, went to the exterminators’s office to ask if it was possible to give Midoriya some points since he saved her. Her intentions are really touching and make Midoriya happy but it wasn’t necessary since Midoriya actually passed thanks to the rescue points he earned. Indeed, what the judges hide from everyone was the existence of rescue points that are given to the people who saved or helped others.  Midoriya actually got 60 of those points and thus, he is accepted in the school. I remember that in the manga, Bakugou has an enormous amount of points but no rescue points at all aha.
What a dick <3

Overall this was a nice episode even if I was wishing for more fights but eh, guess I’ll have to wait a bit more. Midoriya’s punch was greatly animated too. As for the music in this episode the tracks fit the atmosphere but I particularly like the sad violin track played when Deku was lying on the floor with his broken arm and legs. I love sad violin tracks. Also, I just noticed but I wonder if the name of the Academy, Yuuei  (雄英) is the not the word Eiyuu (英雄)  spelled backwards. It would make sense since Eiyuu in Japanese means Hero. They are also using the same kanjis soo… Yeah, I just realized… I’m quite slow

So Midoriya is now an official student at the Yuuei Academy! Next week, we will finally meet the rest of the students!  I’m personally waiting for Denki and Eijiro to appear. I really like them for some reason… I would like to wait for Todoroki but I’m still salty about the fact that the anime stops before the Sports Tournament. Oh and there’s  Tsuyu too… Actually, I want to see everyone…

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It was Bakugou’s birthday the on April 20th so to celebrate my favorite Trash Lord’s birthday I made this.
He’s actually in his super hero costume which makes him super cool and hot.
But again, that’s just me.
Al Hail to the King of Explodo Kills


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