Mayoiga Episode 4: Yottsun’s Drowning

Finally, the suspense and mystery officially begins. We’re getting into the supernatural now, and there has to be some sort of beast in this abandoned village and forest, but there are still things that perplex me.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 04 [1080p].mkv0019That loud screech sound. While the group look for Yottsun’s body, the tour guide tells the group to get out of the water and leave because it’s too dark and it’s dangerous to look for him like that. But Valkana really wants to look for Yottsun, but then all of a sudden they hear an extremely loud screech in the distance. Naturally, everyone freaks out. So without finding Yottsun, they all head back to the village and they all talk about what’s happened so far. First they talk about the noise they heard and each of them guess what it could have been. A siren, a tiger, a bear, a human. None of them know for sure. Personally, for some reason the first thing I thought of was a dinosaur but…okay, just ignore me. It’s not a dinosaur, but it has to be some kind of creature because that would explain the claw marks, footprints, and blood. They also wonder what they should do after the death/disapperance of Yottsun. Things have not been going well at all ever since they came to the village, so now some of them decide that they should leave, while some want to stay.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 04 [1080p].mkv0037Masaki is the interesting one to say that she thinks they should all stay. She just has a feeling that they would be safer in the village than walk in the forest. Of course Mitsumune takes her side and makes himself more weird and thirsty for her, while the others still decide. So we get a group separation. There are more people that leave, with Mikage as the leader with the two survivalists protecting them. Maimai, Lovepon, the Yuunas (or a couple of them), the cheesy couple, the sickly guy, Judgeness, and the other plain ones whom I can’t remember leave in the group. Surprisingly, Ayato goes as well. Mitsumune wanted to stay behind and Ayato tried persuading him, but to no use. Getting angry, he leaves. Even though I find Maimai annoying, she hit the nail on the head when they were walking on the trail. The “Haven’t I always been right?” “You should just do as I say!” thing really is creepy and gross. He doesn’t sound like just a mom/dad, he sounds like a controlling mom/dad, and that’s an ugly friendship to have. Saying things like “Listen to what I say.” is not normal. So thank you Maimai for pointing out that shit.

The few people left behind are the tour guide, Koharun, Mitsumune, Masaki, Lion, the bus driver, the horny girl, Dozaemon, one Yuuna, and idk. That night, Mikage comes up to Valkana and talks to him about their situation. He thinks that there might be a murderer among them that might be trying to achieve their dream of being a mass murderer in a place where there is no police. He thinks it might be Koharun or Masaki, though Valkana disagrees that it might be Koharun. Mikage only tells him to keep his guard up.

So it’s the next day and the giant group departs and they set off on the trail, while the smaller group that stayed are making themselves home. The tour guide, Koharun, and Valkana are doing something outside and notice the bus driver listlessly walking alone into the woods so they follow him. The others are cooking and Mitsumune talks to Masaki. He tells her he was really happy when she had told him that his username suited him. He reveals that Mitsumune is his real name. So this kid is happy as hell, but then Masaki cries all of a sudden and runs out. I don’t know what’s up with this girl, but these two are not getting along at all no matter how hard Mitsumune tries. Maybe Masaki senses how weird he is, seeing as how she’s superstitious and all. Hmm…

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 04 [1080p].mkv0044As for the larger group that left, they’re having troubles. Even though he suspected her of murder, Mikage took the map of the area Koharun offered. The group find the bus that they came in, and being given the keys to it the night before, they try to push it from the slope again but fail. Now they’re in a dilemma, because it’s getting dark and it would be dangerous to head back to the village, but it would be risky continuing away. So they decide to hurry out of there. Kitty Survivalist uses a can of red spray paint to paint numbers on trees to  mark their trail, and things are going well until they realize hours later that they went from tree 91, to 8. They don’t understand because they’ve been going down straight, so it doesn’t make sense. And from this point on, things escalate quickly. It’s gets dark, the screeching sound gets closer to them, all of a sudden Judgeness sees Jack on a hill in front and he panics and falls down a hill…and the group leaves him. They run down the hill, but Kitty-chan stops them because they were about to fall off a cliff, which wasn’t on the map. Then they see train tracks, and they head inside the tunnel. When some of them walk in, they freak out and run out of there, Maimai saying she saw a giant Mitsumune? I have no idea what she means by that.

Back in the village, Valkana, Koharun, and the tour guide continue to follow the bus driver. Through the bus driver’s eyes, we see that he’s come to a shrine and sees a little girl running from him. He tries to catch her but Valkana grabs him and asks him what he was doing. He reveals that he was looking for his daughter, that died ten years ago.

Is anyone else suspicious of the tour guide? He really doesn’t anyone to leave the village, he didn’t seem to show any concern for Yottsun, he’s just so happy go lucky it’s creepy and suspicious. I have my eye on that guy, I don’t like him. He has to be behind something. Mikage may suspect them, but I think Koharun and Masaki are innocent. As for the screech, I know it’s not a dinosaur. I can’t even guess what it is but it has to be some kind of creature. Was that really Jack we saw in the forest? How did he leave his cell? Why did the bus driver see the spirit of his dead daughter? Is the forest continually changing? And what did Maimai mean by seeing a giant Mitsumune? The only guess I can make is that there’s some sort of curse in this village that can create illusions. Things aren’t making sense as of right now and I’m expecting some losses next episode.


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4 thoughts on “Mayoiga Episode 4: Yottsun’s Drowning

  1. I’m suspicious of the tour guide, but for now he pisses me off more than anything else. I don’t know what he’s playing at. I’m starting to get annoyed by quite a few of these characters actually, including Mitsumune. He’s completely shifted to just thinking with his dick, when Masaki has done nothing but hide stuff from him and everyone else. Her personality ever since they arrived at the village has been totally different to her energetic OCD self on the bus. True, it’s not Speedstar’s place to tell him what to do, but at least he’s acting rationally. Based on everything Mitsumune’s said (and subsequently did) this episode, he has no reasoned explanation as to why he was staying other than ‘because Masaki’. If he didn’t have plot armour, it’d be the kind of thing that would get him killed.

    I’m also worried about Maimai. Of the group who chose to leave, she’s the only one whom I’d really rather not see die.

    1. Mitsumune is the type of kid that’s easily swayed, like with his emotions toward Masaki, so I guess I can understand Ayato’s sentiments but I still don’t like his attitude. I don’t think Maimai is going to die because she seems like a “main” character compared to the rest like the sickly guy or the girl that’s always with her, probably because she’s one of the few that’s “close” to Mitsumune, aka the main character who won’t get killed.

    1. Ahaha, still going to stick to that theory? Interesting though that the screeches only happened during the nighttime. You may be on to something here. 🙂

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