The battle between Hayato and the queen Claire Harvey commences, and it goes as one might expect: Hayato gets his ass kicked. But to be fair, it’s because he’s only had his Hundred for a couple of days. Claire beats him into a crater in the area, and right as her finishing energy attack is about to hit him, something flicks on inside of him. His eyes turn yellow, and suddenly Claire’s the one being kept on her toes. He fights her back, and then effortless switches on his full body armament and utilizes an N-barrier. So essentially he is able to nullify most of her attacks, at least initially. So, Claire is forced to switch on her full body armament as well or else risk losing the match.

But all good things must come to an end eventually. Claire manages to break through Hayato’s N-barrier, and the match comes to an end soon after. Emile rushes vlcsnap-00005to Hayato’s side, where Char enters the battlefield and proclaims that Claire did indeed win the match. The Queen denies this win however, saying she lost to herself (presumably because she’d said at the beginning that she wouldn’t switch on her full body armament, but she did), so Char says she will officially enter the results as a tie.

Hatao comes to in the school hospital, where Claire grills him on what the hell is going on. He, of course, has no answer for her. Just then Emile comes running in, and Claire takes her leave. In the car on the way home, her female comrades start off trying to console her about the duel, but end up commenting about how they have or have not yet touched her breasts. *facepalm*

The next day, Hayato is feeling better, so he gets Hayato to agree to go to Central with him on a date. Once they’re out and about in public, Hayato notices quickly that everyone is staring at him, and Emile confirms it’s because of his incredible battle with Claire the day before. Emile flirts with Hayato, and everyone gives them a knowing smile. Poor Hayato is not super comfortable with this date idea, especially once Emile takes him to a popular couples spot, but he puts up with it for the sake of his friend.

While he’s out with Emile, Karen calls, questioning him about his battle and whether he’s with a girl right now. She doesn’t believe his answer, so she leaves the hospital in her medical chair and meets Hayato and Emile outside. Karen is very suspicious of Emile, continuing the trend of questioning Emile’s gender, but she doesn’t push the line of questioning. As the trio are strolling about downtown, they see an ad for an idol named Sakura Kirishima, who is holding a concert on the nearby Zwei Island chain later that evening. They continue on to a cafeteria for lunch, where Karen orders a butt-ton of food and splits it with Hayato; hospital food is good, Karen says, but it’s not the same as regular food.

vlcsnap-00027During their lunch, the queen Claire and two of her lackeys show up, plus a young boy. He introduces himself as Claire’s assistant Chris Steinbelt, a middleschool student. Claire asks Hayato if he would consider helping out the student council. She wants him to be a part of Selections, a unit of students who follow orders from Warslarn HQ, the people who manage Little Garden. Hayato would remain a student, but carry out missions as a full-fledged Slayer would. Basically he would see real combat, instead of just fighting in school battles. Claire says that Selections is needing reinforcements, and that Hayato should help because of the concept of noblesse oblige: those with power should wield it on behalf of those who do not.

Emile pipes up that he wants to join if Hayato is going to, and is told that he can’t because he doesn’t meet the requirements. Emile scoffs at that and challenges Liddy to a battle. His Hundred is clearly superior to Liddy’s as it can change forms, something which is apparently very uncommon, but Liddy puts up a good fight with her lance and shield Hundred. Emile’s doing very well in battle when suddenly an alarm sounds; Claire says that there is an emergency, and she and the two girls must leave to join the fight. A Savage has appeared on the Zwei Islands, where the idol Sakura was supposed to have her concert.

At the last moment, Charlotte shows up and tells Claire to take Emile and Hayato with her. She says they need real-world experience fighting Savages.

My thoughts: I am starting to doubt Char’s intentions. She comes off as all fluffy and sweet in the first episode, but after her appearance at the end of this episode, I’m starting to doubt myself. The way her glasses caught the sun seemed a little like foreshadowing to me. Is she in league with Warslarn HQ with some ulterior motives?

Also, did anyone catch the possible slip-up by Erica during Emile’s fight with Liddy? When Emile first changes his Hundred’s form so that he has a lance too, the subtitles show Erica’s dialogue as “She changed the form of her armament?!”  But Emile’s supposed to be a male. My Japanese is not good enough to tell if Emile is referenced as a female, or if it’s a typo in the subtitles, but either way it looks like my suspicions are correct. No big surprise there though right? It couldn’t have been any more obvious unless it was lit up with neon.

I’m looking forward to this battle with the Savage! Will Hayato excel on the battlefield, or will he choke?