Well while it’s great to see Sawatari and Gongenzaka duel again, this was an incredibly boring episode. The entire time I was itching for Yuuya/Yuuto to join in or at least duel him as soon as possible. I had the mighty need for it!!!! At least we will get to see it next week, yay!

However… On the other hand, this episode made me confirm something. Sawatari clearly learned nothing from his time at the Synchro Realm, but XYZ Realm is a totally different environment. Lack of resources, constantly on guard from Academia’s hunters, the people are living their lives on the edge. The one way I want Sawatari to grow is the same thing I had wished for him ever since he joined the Lancers: to grow as an individual. While he has stopped using ‘I will tell my father about this!’ lines, he hasn’t grown the slightest. He continues to be cocky (which will continue to be his ultimate downfall), selfish and poking the bears when he shouldn’t be in the first place. It would be nice if this crushing loss would knock some sense into him, but I doubt it. What I hope to see by the end of this arc or by the end of the series, is appreciation for the luxurious life he had, show more respect to others (he was disrespecting Kaito as an opponent during their duel) and undergo solid character development that will have him return home as a different but better man. As they journey across the realms, every single character is experiencing a life lesson of a sort, and there is nothing more that would make me happy is to see them learn from it.

Gongenzaka on the other-hand only joined into the fight in hopes to completely neutralize it… That is until Sawatari messed it up by inflicting damage, but Kaito probably would have had a way around it. Good effort on his part though. However his one flaw in this duel was the fact he went in solely to neutralize and end the fight, not caring whether or not he wins or lose. As Yuuto/Yuuya explained, “No, you can’t win. If you think that alone will defeat Kaito…” aka there is no way in hell you are going to beat him with that mindset- ESPECIALLY with how hurt and angry he is now.

Yuuya and Yuuto communicating and syncing with each other was without a doubt the best part of the episode. it was just so great to see Yuuto be involved again, this time as Yuuya’s guide. It tugged my heart when I saw Yuuto through Yuuya react to Cypher Wing, my emotions damn it…

It goes without saying Kaito was super impressive, and is yet another eye-opener to the struggles the rest of the Lancers will be facing. Pendulum Summon was, or at least in the beginning was thought to be their secret weapon against Academia. However, Academia not only had two moles (Sora in the beginning and Dennis, who was able to learn the technique) but were able to experience the technique first hand on multiple occasions. Academia already has the time on their hands to prepare a counter stradegy to this new method, it is not longer considered as an ace up the sleeve.

Furthermore, Jack Atlas and Kaito were both able to quickly analyze and adapt to Pendulum Summon and the Action Field game as well, but like Jack Atlas, Kaito didn’t make any attempts to use the new method on his first go. Maybe later on he will, but he is a strong and skilled duelist so like Gongenzaka, he may never utilize it. As of right now, the Lancers strongest members are Reiji, Reira, Yuuya, Shun and Tsukikage, and Yuzu/Selena- (but both are MIA). That leaves the remaining members to have to up their games, and it would be nice to see them have their share of development, especially for Gongenzaka and Sawatari- which as the situation is right now, it a golden opportunity since there are only four of them from the main team who traveled to this world.

The preview showed us how Kaito is going to become even more upset than he already is and I am not gonna lie, I choked up a bit when I saw Kaito see Yuuto in Yuuya for a second, I am certain I will cry in the next episode.

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  1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Poor Sawatari, he really tried and actually could’ve beaten Kaito had he not mistimed his Trap that sealed off Xyz Summons. (He thought Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon was Rank 4 seriously?? Kaito always pulls out Rank 8 Xyzs with very few exceptions being Rank 4) When will he beat a strong opponent on his own (not counting his join victories in those tag duels), in this episode he proved that he’s a very good strategist, too bad all those defeats he suffered were against even tougher foes who’re definitely not gonna lose, hope that changes at some point, maybe he will duel YURI while trying to save Serena (yes I still ship them) and get carded in the process (Hooray for going against ALL Yutagonists)… Kaito sure is a pro, him defending his Cipher monsters was really neat and DAT FINISHING WITH GECD, hope for a more impressive effect(s) but controlling his opponent’s monster while treating it as GECD really has great synergy with his Cipher cards 😀 And also MR. I’M-GONNA-JUST-DISAPPEAR-AND-MESS-WITH-YOUR-MIND-FOR-THE-LULZ-WHENEVER-BUT-IMMA-DO-SHIT-NOW a.k.a. YUTO finally explaining important stuff to Yuya and according to him Kaito was the most likely candidate to be the Duel Champion (another ZEXAL reference) prior to Academia’s invasion, and he along with Shun (I can also see a pre-invasion RURI being cheerful & upbeat, my still-“silent” waifu <3 ) attended the rival duel school branch of Kaito's, hmm well let's see how that will work out once all this shit is over…
    OMG Kaito actually freaked out seeing Dark Rebellion?? Hopefully Yuto and Yuya can convince Kaito that they aren't enemies, but NO BLOODY EPISODE next week, man I'm gonna riot… :p And some bizarre details: Kaito and Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon were introduced like weeks/months ago but he already spoke and the dragon's effect was revealed as well, so WHEN WILL STARVE VENOM REVEAL ITS EFFECT & WHEN WILL RURI SPEAK??!!

    1. Eva


      1. Ken James

        Yeah, movie special is taking it’s place for this week and maybe next week I think.

        1. leo

          what moive speiacl th new yugioh movie dos not air tlel 23 o this month in movie thather and bte arc v epsido 102 will air this weekned

      2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

        Oh no worries my friend you can cry with your handsome knight MR. I’M-GONNA-JUST-DISAPPEAR-AND-MESS-WITH-YOUR-MIND-FOR-THE-LULZ-WHENEVER-BUT-IMMA-DO-SHIT-NOW a.k.a. YUTO hugging you in two-weeks time 🙂 And if you wanna recall some info about this episode: Kaito was the ace of Clover in Heartland’s duel school while Shun being the ace of Spades, meaning they’re actually rivals prior to Academia’s invasion. You can also see a pre-war Yuto, Shun & Ruri in casual clothes during Yuto’s flashback too, Ruri’s so GODDAMN HAWT <3
        "At least we will get to see it next week, yay!" Umm please correct that Eva…

    2. Alzuren

      I’m so sad that there isn’t an episode next week, I was really looking forward to Kaito vs, Yuuya/Yuto.(I’ll get over it eventually.)
      Speaking of Kaito( and return characters from previous series in general), it seems that his personality and deck changed. If I recall correctly, in Zexal he uses “photon” monsters. Regarding his personality, based on what I’ve seen so far and from the synchro arc, I think the returning character’s personalities are set before their series happened or its like the events from the previous series never even happened. If so, then does that mean Kaito never meats Shark and Rio or any other Zexal main cast character? There is the possibility of the MCs from the previous series do not exist in Arc V.( that would suck because that would mean Yugi wouldn’t return.)
      Something else that I have been thinking about are Yuzu/Serena/Ruri/Rin ‘s bracelets. It’s so weird that Yuzu’s bracelet (so far) is the only one that does anything. But, I remember when Serena was first introduced you mentioned (or someone did) that Serena’s bracelet was black. Maybe the Professor needs them for their bracelets(based on Yuzu’s, the bracelets seem to control the dimensions and/or the Yu-bros). Maybe what ever the Professor needs them for can be extracted from the bracelet leaving it powerless like Serena’s is. But that leaves some questions. Why does the Professor need Serena back? It probably has something to do with their souls (kinda like with the Yu-bros). I don’t know. This is just all some wild theory I came up with.
      One last thing (3 actually): 1) KAITO REACTED TO YUTOOOOOOOO! So I probably will be lying on by bed with a bad case of feels. 2) I REALLY want Yuuri and Serena to have A relationship. I’ll be disappointed if they are the only pair that doesn’t have any sort of relationship other than Yuuri wanting to hunt her. 3) Am I the only one who ships Ruri with Yuto?

      1. Virginia

        I don’t think Yuuri and Selena have the relationship like FruitShipping. She didn’t react when he appeared on scene ~10 episodes ago- for some reason, she only recognized his dragon. I ship Selena with Reiji and Selena with Shun, though.
        And no as you are not the only one, I also ship Ruri with Yuto. I can’t see Ruri being shipped with anyone else other than Yuto and that flashback at happy Kaito’s duel helped validate it.

  2. Virginia

    Yep. We’ll have to wait till the 24th, sadly. It’s another special for the movie.

    1. Eva

      Update: Eva is guaranteed to cry next week.
      But seriously, I’m really looking forward to the movie, it looks AMAZINGGGGGG

  3. Becs

    Got to admit that i kind of missed that long winded action dueling speech even if it wasnt as awesome considering it was Sawatari, the worst candidate, saying it… It kind of reminds me of the fun at the beginning of the series.

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