This episodes starts right off when Natsuki “saves” Anna from the guy who was hitting on her and  when they both go on the Ferris Wheel. Of course they end up with the heart vlcsnap-2016-04-11-19h20m12s810shaped one, the one that promises lots of happiness and stuff if you ride it with your special someone. It’s funny how there’s always this kind of stuff in shoujos, the Ferris wheel is a pretty generic set up but EH MAYBE PEOPLE LOVE FERRIS WHEEL I DUNNO. I find Ferris Wheel boring and expansive for sitting in a ball for 15 minutes… But that’s just me. I’ll be like ” Bro, Ferris Wheel is so gay, let’s go on the roller coaster”. I would be a pretty bad shoujo heroine.
Natsuki is pretty happy with this situation whereas Anna is clueless as usual about both the situation and Natsuki’s feelings. They end up talking a bit about love and romance in general. Anna has never been in a relationship before so she knows nothing about love or boys. But recently she’s started the to develop some interest in this stuff so she wonders what it’s like to love someone and to loved.

Anna then, asks Natsuki  about his preferences  and he responds that he likes cute girls, the ones that blush talking about love for exemple. At this moment Anna seems to get a clue about the situation and starts to get a bit embarrassed about it. Same with Natuski but like he says it himself, he blushes all the time. Anna blushing talking about love was indeed quite cute. I love to see  clueless characters starting to realize what’s going on.
After getting off the Ferris Wheel they meet with everyone else again and while Mary is shouting like usual, Natsuki’s friends are welcoming him like a hero and are glad that he was able to spend some time alone with Anna.

vlcsnap-2016-04-11-19h26m12s072Then there’s a scene in the Hot Springs where we learn that Keiichi likes breasts and Matssun prefers Butts while Tsuyopon likes upper Arms…

Wait? Upper Arms?
I didn’t know this was a thing…
I knew about butts, breasts and foot fetish but upper arms…
OH WELL Upper Arms it is.

After their bath, Anna tells Mary that she had a good time in the god dam Ferris Wheel with Natuski. TAKE THAT MARY!
Maybe you’ll realize that Natuski isn’t bad and is actually a really nice guy. In my opinion this episode could mark the beginning of Mary realizing that maybe Anna can be happy without her. I do understand that Mary’s feelings towards Anna are genuine and cute in a sense so I respect them. But  I cannot tolerate Mary’s actions and the way she’s behaving with everyone.


Both Nikolita and I are dropping Nijiiro Days


Nijiiro Days isn’t bad.

vlcsnap-2016-04-11-19h26m29s971I love the manga, it’s a really cute series that I do enjoy reading even if romance shoujo isn’t my favorite genre at all. But the anime adaptation disappointed me.
There’s a lot of the original content that has been left off, the animation isn’t that great and I don’t get the same feeling watching this that I got while reading the manga. The characters ‘s interactions are… eh… it almost feel forced… Somehow the Anime did not succeed in bringing the guys’s chemistry to life and that’s a shame.
They’ve actually changed the opening in this episode but, eh, I’m still not impressed. They also re used a scene from the first opening, like did they think that we were blind or what? I’ve seen that awkward running on the grass scene before guys, don’t try to fool me.
That might be me but the whole animation and soundtrack seemed very cheap.  Even the voice actors… I dunno, I don’t think they are giving their best into voicing some characters. Also, the OST is…


I actually have nothing to say about the OST because I can’t remember it… Was there even some sound in this Anime (aside from Mari’s  shouts)? I don’t pay that much attention to OST in general but everything felt empty here… Just emptiness… everywhere.

In my opinion the manga is far better. That’s a bit sad though, the anime was supposed to make the manga gain some popularity but seeing how things are going now I wonder if a lot of people are going to be interested in checking the manga after seeing the anime… Oh well..;

I’m also dropping this for another reason:  I’m a Uni Student and I currently have my hands fullwith school work. Furthermore, the shows that I picked this season are all coming out during the week end so it leaves me less time for you’ve guessed it: revisions. I love blogging but I don’t want to fail my year because I would have spent to much time reviewing too many shows. So I hope you can understand. My advice would be: check the manga, It’s far better than this low budget anime.


I’m new to Nijiiro Days, so I went into this two-cour show with a blank slate. And from the beginning, I’ve tried really hard to like it. I got used to Keiichi’s BDSM personality, and Natsuki forever going on about Anna. I think my favourite part of the show is the friendship bromance between the four boys. They’re all best friends and they look out for each other, and it shows.

But the supporting characters. Oh, the supporting characters. Anna has about as much personality as a piece of paper, and while I get that throughout this show she’s been learning and growing, I guess… it’s not enough? It’s not fast enough? She’s a nice girl but I’m just not very interested in her. And Mari – UGH. I’m sure you all know by now how much I can’t stand her. She is so one-dimensional and any progress she might have made thus far towards being less of an annoying, whiny, clingy brat is always overshadowed by her aggressive personality.

The animation can be a little derpy at times too. Close-ups are fine, but group shots or scenes where the characters are a little smaller on screen sometimes suffer a small drop in quality. It’s not the end of the world, just depends on how picky you are about that sort of thing. The music’s alright, nothing special. I do like the opening song and its animation because it’s light and playful, a good opening for a show about four friends.

I may pick up the manga at some point in the future, and see how it compares to this anime. So at this point in time, I can’t recommend the manga over the TV series, like Charibo can. But if you like a cute story about two shy lovebirds who gradually fall for each other, then this might be the show for you. ^_^v

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  1. trejon pearson

    Aww sad to see this being dropped I enjoyed the reviews

  2. I don’t blame you both for dropping the anime! I still have to watch it for my Nijiiro Days blog, but I agree that it’s really bad. Charibo and I have talked about it before, but the anime just has a way of KILLING all the charm of the manga. The anime takes out so many random friendship moments, and I was really upset last week when the anime didn’t include an adorable scene between Tsuyopon and Yukirin. Plus the voice acting is really stale, and the soundtrack (when there ever is a soundtrack) is really bad as well.

    Nikolita, I understand why this anime has both failed to capture your attention and probably made the manga look unappealing as well. Still, like Charibo said, the manga is infinitely better! I think if you like cute friendship kind of stuff, you’ll definitely like the manga better. If you ever get the time, I believe it would be worth checking out, despite how horrible the anime was. 🙂

    1. Nikolita

      Ok, thank you PA, I will give the manga a look! 🙂 Just gotta finish Akagami no Shirayukihime, I waited all season to start that.

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