Ace Attorney Ep 5 [ Steel Samuraaaaaai!!! ]

This new Episode features the one and only STEEL SAMURAAAIII!!!! One thing I can testify to is how Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.15.01 PMawesome it is to see Steel Samurai. For fans who haven’t played the games: Steel Samurai is a long running in game show that several (some surprising) characters of the show vastly enjoy. It was hilarious to see the Steel Samurai actually get context and be put on screen, and not gonna lie. . . I kinda see where the fangirls are coming from. Still, that being said, this case focuses on the actor of Steel Samurai who is accused of murder. Woops! Still, the precursor of this episode is beyond awesome: it’s cool seeing that Naruhodo is actually Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.19.54 PMstruggling with money and the context of his actual life. The games have things about them that make them better (such as the context of cases and the information being laid out in front of us) but the series shocks me by kind of turning boring episodes out with new information and the actual state of the characters. Mayoi is infinitely cuter and much more adorable in this version – so she is pretty legit about wanting to clear the Steel Samurai’s name.

And Pheonix really wants to pay rent. For some unknown reason.

The steel Samurai’s actor (Will Powers in English haahah) is a really cool guy that’s actually scary Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.39.00 PMlooking. He looks so intimidating Mayoi declares he is guilty, but once he talks she declares he must be innocent. (The funny part is how Pheonix / Naruhodo just nods along to this stuff ) Yet this episode introduces a reoccurring witness who is personally one of my favorite annoyances: Oldbag. (In Japanese her name literally literally IS THE SAME WORD FOR GRANDMA )

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.39.19 PMOba / Oldbag is one of the most formidable witnesses because she generally remembers details and when she doesn’t mention something, there is a reason or misunderstanding. So unlike the villainous liars Naruhodo must disprove, witnesses like Oldbag genuinely believe their own stories and he has to find the contradictions to make sure the case doesn’t end there. She is so convincing their client is almost declared guilty, until Naruhodo claims that it’s possible she did it, forcing them to give him a day to investigate. However, this forces a cliffhanger ending because Oba changes her testimony, one of the best most annoying and awesome angry things to come from the Pheonix Wright games! Hooray!

Now this case is downright interesting: Naruhodo and Mayoi are meant to represent their first non Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.46.47 PMthemselves client (though I’m going to be honest be prepared to get used to Mayoi on the chopping block, something about adorable cute girl who could only harm ramen seems to scream ‘murder’ to these people) and if they can’t win, fat chance on getting hired. While not going to prison is awesome, being homeless sucks. ISN’T THAT RIGHT PHEONIX? Hahaha.

But yoScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.37.17 PMu know what doesn’t suck? A glimpse at what is going to make or break this season: the overarching force behind Edgeworth and the key to some very important cases: the figure he is speaking to. Now I’m not going to give away who he is so here is a clue: he shares a name with a League of Legends character. Fans will know who it is, but let me tell you, anticipate greatness. While it has its share of errors, the Ace Attorney anime has been surprisingly pleasant and done more to add to a video game than most video game adaptation animes I have seen.

So be prepared, young men, for there is an old lady about to text wall the shit out of Naruhodo and Mayoi- can they get that extra day, or will Mayoi’s eating habits land them on the streets? Stay tuned!


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