Heeeeere’s Yukako!

Holy shit, Yukako is even scarier in the anime. A+ voice acting.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 09 [1080p].mkv0017So yes, things get worse. Koichi pisses his pants, Yukako builds a real electric chair somehow, and then shit hits the fan. Basically, Yukako wants to make Italian for dinner and goes out to get olive oil but Koichi thinks she won’t leave in this type of situation, and since she cut the phone lines in the house, and also because this is the 90’s, there has to be a pay phone nearby. There is, and Koichi sends out Echoes, and luckily the pay phone is in his Stand’s range. But damn, he doesn’t have any coins. Then all of a sudden, again, Yukako is out the window basically reading his thoughts because she’s crazy as hell. Knowing what he’s thinking, she’s going to destroy the 911 (119 in Japan?) button. But when she uses the phone, there are Echoes’ letters on her arm that make it so Josuke’s phone is dialed. Josuke picks up, and even though nothing was said, he could hear the sound of waves, so that helped him and Okuyasu narrow down where he could be. Yukako realizes Koichi is behind this, and that he has powers like her, and so she walks back to the house.

Koichi grabs a bunch of stuff and puts them over the door so Yukako can’t get inside, and while she’s mad at first, she says through the door that she’s actually happy. Because he has powers like her so that makes them even more compatible with each other and the most important thing in a relationship is sharing the same goals and compatibility and whatever. But Koichi is like “oh my god this bitch is seriously crazy i’m going to die”

I don’t really like to go into too much detail into the fights in Jojo because they’re more fun to watch than to read about. So to keep things simple, Echoes upgrades to Echoes Act 2! Echoes Act 2 can still write out sounds, but the difference is that when the person touches the written sound, like in the episode it was “whoosh!”, the sound becomes an action. So that’s pretty neat!

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 09 [1080p].mkv0050Yukako completely loses it and now wants to kill Koichi. It’s the typical “If I can’t have you then no one else can” thing. Well, sort of. It was more like “If I kill you I can always have you to myself in my memories”. Eh, pretty much the same thing. Koichi tricks her with Echoes and Yukako uses her hair too much that her hair suddenly turned white. Or because of stress. Or because of what Echoes did. I don’t know I never figured out that part. Koichi listened to her heart beat, worried that he accidentally killed her. But he also heard the cliff cracking and he tells Yukako to get off. But she’s so mad that he messed up her hair that she strangles Echoes, but the cliff really does crumble and she falls off, about to get killed on a pointy rock. But Koichi had put a boingy sound effect on it that she just bounced back. And…Yukako just falls in love with him more and she’s really happy that Koichi still cared for her safety even though she tried to fucking kill him. Koichi walks away and spots Josuke and Okuyasu, who had come a little sooner, and then they get the hell out of there because Yukako is nuts.

Also, because of her crazy study games, Koichi got a perfect on his exam. Get a feeling so complicated. u_u

Yukako is just so…scary. Creepy. Insane. Don’t get fooled by how pretty she is. At least Koichi got cooler. Now! Next week we’re finally giving Koichi a break and the anime is going to get into my favorite set of chapters in Part 4. Time for some spaghetti! 😀


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