Ahaha, out of context this picture has a whole different meaning.

This week’s episode opens with Judgeness going completely bananas and threatening Valkana and Tour Girl. He gets rekt by Valkana and tells that he got rescued by some guy but is attacked by an arrow before telling who this guy was. If only  the archer was more accurate … Valkana sees the shadow of the aggressor so he decides to run after it aaand Opening sequence.

vlcsnap-2016-05-28-18h49m18s643In the bus, Hayato, Mitusume, Masaki and Driver guy have a rather meaningless talk about why Hayato doesn’t trust Masaki. Hayato doesn’t provide any good reasons why he hates MEHSAKI, but we all know it’s because Mitsumune doesn’t want to be his sex slave anymore. Eventually, Masaki talks about the tunnel exit once again, saying that beyond,  it’s a dangerous place so they shouldn’t go there. Well, girl, you brought Mitsumune in the same tunnel in episode 7, telling that it was the only way to escape and now you don’t want to go there? Does this mean you don’t care about his life or are you lying about something?
So they go inside the tunnel, they are attacked by giant Pingu and a bloody hand but manage to reach the end of the tunnel. While Hayato is busy being a dick, the driver dude sees his daughter and disappears. Hayato doesn’t care and wants to continue escaping the village but Masaki tells him that no, they shouldn’t continue. Then, ladies and gentleman, Hayato says one intelligent thing: “If you got an actual reason stop hiding it and tell us”. Thank you Hayao, thank you, if you weren’t such an annoying yandere, I could like you a bit. That is, my main problem with the show, I have the feeling that EVERYTHING, that happened could have been so easily avoided if those people had some common sense.

Ok, so they go out of the tunnel and Masaki shows them some writing that her cousin Reijii craved on a rock. ” If you want to go any further you must accept Nanaki”. Reading this, she concluded that this place was dangerous… HEH… Ok… I guess? So Hayato is like ” heh, let’s go, going back is useless anyway” but Masaki is like “nooo it’s dangerous” even though she doesn’t really know that for a fact since she never actually WENT in that village. No wonder you couldn’t find your cousin…

BUT ANYWAYYY, they go in that foggy village, Masaki pretends going to the toilets to run away while Hayato and Mitsumune finally have the chance to explain themselves.

vlcsnap-2016-05-28-18h53m49s006Hayato was actually beaten by his parents who wanted him to be a perfect child and thrown into the attic where his grandmother died. He kind of admits that he became friends with Mitsumune because he needed a puppet too, someone that he could shape to his liking like his parents did to him. Of course Mitsumune is shocked and horrified to learn this since he genuinely thought Hayato was his friend all this time and wasn’t using him. Also, what Hayato did to Mitsumune is pretty much the same thing that his parents did to him by asking him to be his dead brother. So Mitusume is sick of being used like a puppet and runs away, pushing Hayato like a shoujo manga heroine “nooo, let me go Kyosuke-kun I saw you with another girl at the mall”
“Wait Rin-chan, she tricked me in order to make you jealous
” I knew it, I can’t trust you Kyosuke-kun”

At the exit of the village Mitsumune meets with Valkana and they both are attacked by their respective monsters. While Vakana is busy fighting a wood crack, Mitsumune goes away with his penguin and disappears in the fog, walking in a lake, I presume. Wow so mysterious.

vlcsnap-2016-05-28-19h05m20s067Detective girl, Lion and another girl whom I forgot the name try entering the tunnel too. According to Detective girl, the monsters are a personification of their painful past. Get rid of those scars of the past and the monsters will disappear. However, they are attacked by Jack before entering the tunnel for no reason at all. I guess the motive behind this character is jut: He’s crazy, don’t try to understand him.
But they are saved by a reeeeaaally mysterious guy. I think it’s Reiji, he’s the only character that could justify such entrance and cut on his face.
Then for the sake of cliffhanger, Mitusmune wakes up in what I suppose an hospital room.. I don’t really know…. not that I care about that anymore. I’m a bit intolerant to excessive cliffhangers, when a shows relies on it too much I get a bit sick and it lowers my expectations for the next episodes. Especially that cliffhanger at the end of episode 7. I was waiting for Masaki’s big reveal but all that the show gave me was a giant middle finger that I could shove up my ass to remember how painful watching this show is.

So this episode? It was a good one, considering the fact that I think the whole show is bad… 20 minutes to learn that Hayato is a bitch. Okay, vlcsnap-2016-05-28-18h54m15s548he has some reasons to be retard but still, using his boyfriend like that, not cool Hayato, not cool. Listening to him trying to make everyone feel bad about his childhood past gave me AIDS. Well, at least he does have some common sense, not like the others so I’ll give him that… But yes, WHO CARES? Despite Hayato being an important character he had such little screen time that I really don’t care about his past.
Furthermore, the shows tries to make us feel bad for him because of his rough childhood but right after telling his past, he reveals that he is truly a dick, using Mitsumune to feel better. Am I supposed to feel bad for him? Sorry I don’t. Was I 
supposed to shout “OMFG THIS IS GENIUS! SUCH A ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS!” because I didn’t, I was watching this whole episode, having the same straight face all along, I feel more emotions when someone reveals that he was using a trap card all along in Yu Gi Oh.
Hayato suffers from the same problem as the major part of the cast which is: me not caring. Like that sick kid at the beginning, does anyone care about that kid? DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THAT THERE IS A SICK KID IN HE CAST? He might have appeared 5 times and spoke twice, can someone tell me how is this character relevant to the plot? 

That’s what I’d like to know mister… hum… does this guy even have a name?

Finally, I consider Mitsumune being the most interesting character, not because I care about him since I think he’s a retard too, but because he’s the only one that has been developed so far. Even Masaki. Does someone actually like Masaki? I certainly don’t… In the first episode she seemed interesting, she was awkward, she puked a bit but as soon as they entered the village, she turned into that boring doormat hiding important information for no reason at all and that’s really annoying. Mitsumune always defending her is also starting to get on my nerves.
I’ve tried okay? I tried to like this show, but seems like I failed. I’ve seen people enjoying this as a comedy and I can understand why. But sadly, I don’t find this show funny. I think one of the reasons is that I was expecting some good mystery, or at least, some gore slaughter which could have been entertaining. But none of those things happened and now, watching this show as the same effect on me than an anal fissure.
I’m joking for the anal fissure, but sadly, I’m really not enjoying the series right now.

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  1. Vantage

    I get you, I don’t look forward to each episode as I used to any more. Not enough people have died, we’re nowhere to finding out the truth and everyone irritates me to an unimaginable degree. I’m only watching for Maimai now. And maybe Nanko and Lion, that group is by far the best right now. Not that Lion has even done anything this entire show, even though everyone thought she’d be important.

    Speedstar is a cunt. Dahara is a cuck. Lovepon has just gotten annoying now. Jack hasn’t said a word this entire show. Masaki is… yeah, I don’t think anyone genuinely likes her Charibo, at least not for her -totally- trustworthy personality. I don’t know about Mitsumune being the most interesting, I want to know more about Driver and his dead loli daughter more than I do Mitsumune and why he randomly jumped off a cliff with his penguin despite having spent the entire show running away from it. The most irritating line of his this episode was probably when he said ‘Want me to come with you?’ when Masaki said she needed to use the toilet. Come on, dude. I have some water for you, no need to get so thirsty.

    It felt like Okada was concentrating more on Mayoiga than Kiznaiver at the start of the season, but now it feels like the other way round.

    1. Charibo

      Oh that’s right, her name is Maimai, I like her too. The fact that Mitsumune is pursuing Masaki all the time while there’s Maimai right next to him is pissing me off. I can’t figure out why he’d chose boring Masaki over Maimai who actually has a nice personality.
      But Masaki is the most irritating character. She reminds me of the eye patch girl in Another, a quiet girl who hides important informations that could have solved EVERYTHING since the beginning, for no reasons at all, because anime.

      Maybe we’ll get a final scene where everybody dies but I doubt it. The show is going nowhere anyway, there’s so many unswared questions but the sad truth is that no one cares about the plot anymore.

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