After last week’s dramatic declaration of war, this week’s episode was quite plain- but that certainly doesn’t mean it wasn’t interesting! This episode did two things: Deliver an explanation regarding the Windermereans Kingdom’s motivation for War, and have Freyja and Hayate make their decisions on whether or not they will participate as soldiers in the war.

Macross Delta Ep 5 Img 0031Starting with the latter: It was already obvious earlier on how Freyja’s mind was already made up from the very beginning, there way no way she was going to leave Walkure- regardless of the rumors of her being a military spy and the backlash that has already begun. On the other-hand, Hayate, really needed time to sit down and think about it. Now the only thing that bugged me a how it took the entire episode for him to make up his mind, while was super obvious and virtually inevitable for Hayate to join them. Of course these kind of things have to happen this way to make it as though he put a lot of thought into it. The one thing I did appreciate however (despite my personal pet-peeves) is how Hayate’s reason to join the war was exactly what I expected from him. He declares he will join the forces so that he can end this war with his own hands in order to fly freely again. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a different answer, because any other reason wouldn’t match his personality.

It is fair to say the amount of information they dumped onto us was quite overwhelming. But at the very least, it provided us the explanation were were hoping to get as soon as possible.

2012 AD, mankind begun colonization across planets, however a good number of planets were already inhabited by indigenous groups. The children of protoculture the advanced civilization sowed seeds of life across the galaxy have met again after several tens of thousands of years. 40 years ago New Unified Government reached out to the Windermereans. However, the Windermereans claims under their cooperative guise, hid true evil. As result they crafted a profoundly unequal treaty and sought to monopolize all profit… (Gee that sounds a lot like Human History as we know it). Seven years ago, Winderemere Kingdom has fought in a war for independence, we learned the Windermearns used a Dimensional Weapon, which resulted in an ceasefire that has lasted ever since. After having struggled for many decades, they have now risen and successfully taken back their mother sky. They claim to be the legitimate heir of Prototype Culture and bear the responsibility to guide the Global Cluster down the right path. So as long as the N.U.G exists, Brisingsir Globular Cluster, may never find peace.

Fun fact: The Aerial Knights are also known as White Knights as their planes used to be Silver, but now they are Black.

So what do we make out of that? Well there are two important points:

i: This explains the reasons why they have such a grudge and hate humanity. But perhaps the most interesting part about this declaration of war against the N.U.G is how is resonates with other species. In fact, due to previous conflicts with Humanity, many indigenous species who were in the military have fought against Humans as some point or another. For example, Mirage fought against Humans when she was in the Spacy, and Lt. Chuck has done so too. It is almost as though they now have to decide which side is the right side. Do they fight alongside Winderemere Kingdom or do they fight with the N.U.G, or say #YOLO and be a third party who refuses to side with anyone.

ii: The said “Dimensional Weapon” (I am guessing this might be the Shrine of Time) appears to be what Prince Heinz is seen singing through, and is likely can only be used by one who possesses the ability to be a Wind Singer. Up until now it was merely as Windermerean legend of a Wind Singer: “A voice that travels faster than light, and even beyond dimensions, said to be a “Wind Singer”… About runes and light of life.” But, it appears by performing this task, it appears to be take a toll on the singer’s health- at least for Prince Heinz anyways.

Macross Delta Ep 5 Img 0004Now we are not done with this point just yet! There appears to be an Easter egg within the legend’s explanation! The second they mentioned, runes and light of life and the camera shifted to Hayate’s necklace I was like, ‘Oh my god, could it be the same rune/crystal/whatever where Prince Heinz sings?! THAT WOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!’ And sure enough it (subtly and indirectly) did. This week confirmed that only Walkure could hear Prince Heinz’s song while the others couldn’t (while still at risk of being affected) with the exception of Hayate. He claims he had heard it, but rather than hearing it, he felt the song. He says this as he fiddles with the crystal, which as I looked more closely, IT IS FREAKING IDENTICAL TO SHERYL’S (Macross F) EARRING CRYSTAL (aka Fold Quartz!). I knew I recognized it since the first, but I couldn’t remember how it was relevant- now it makes so much sense (so as long they haven’t changed it, which a doubt). This also this explains why Chancellor Roid has been conducting research as well as an indication of how they are able to control the Var Syndrome.

Speaking of the devil,  I was surprised to hear hear Chancellor Roid (who, last week I considered as shady and potentially has his own agenda) say their objective is not bloodshed. This was quite ironic because just seconds before, they had a meeting with the bedridden King and he said, “Bring destruction on the Earthlings”. If that isn’t orders bloodshed then I don’t know what is.

Seeing Prince Heinz face such health deterioration, when Kaname brings up how Mikumo needs Freyja’s help, it made me question perhaps she is dealing with repercussions for singing as well? Mikumo is absolutely shrouded in mystery, so much so a lot of us can’t help but be suspicious (I know i can’t help it… not after *highlight to see Bravely Default spoiler*being betrayed by the Fairy*).

Macross Delta Ep 5 Img 0028I have to say, I really do enjoy Freyja’s and Hayate’s friendship. Their personalities compliment each other well and it’s fun watching them interact. It was fun (for an exchange) to see Hayate break the rules and take Freyja out for a flight. He wanted to help cheer her up, especially seeing how blue she felt (no really, her rune literally turned blue). He did make a point I have to agree with- Freyja does have a creepy laugh! Hahahaha! We also saw how he still has a lot to learn as RULE #1: NEVER TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE WHEEL, which he did and the plane almost fell into the water- of course Freyja calls him out on that shit. But perhaps the part I enjoyed the most, was Messer showing up and threatening him to shoot him down due to defying orders- and actually locks onto him to make his point. Hahaha, I say that is probably the most efficient way to get Hayate to listen on first call (since he wasn’t about to until he realized Messer was absolutely serious). Messer ain’t got time to deal with this shit.

And finally, everyone has been raving about Mirage’s lineage even before the series began, and this week they revealed/confirmed Max and Millia of Macross are her grandparents. (I feel like I need to watch it ASAP just for these two lmfao).

Macross Delta Ep 5 Img 0020

Note: 5.11 Macross Delta’s first single will be out 😀



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  1. zztop

    Good thing this show is getting fansubbed by ggsubs, eh? The licensing issues on this one mean no official simulcasts.
    Gg’s also subbing Kuromukuro – has anyone seen that one yet? Its listed as mecha, but there’s also a samurai out of time and an ongoing mystery of ancient aliens. Will anyone be blogging it here?

    1. Eva

      Thank GOD for GG Subs. We all thought they were done for good but then they rose from the grave and said,

      No, nobody will be picking up Kuromukuro. Heck, I haven’t even been able to watched yet because I’m too busy. :\

      1. zztop

        I understand. But try pick it up much later if you have the time, because it has potential in its 1st 4 episodes ( even if it starts a bit slow.)

  2. cba

    Max and Millia’s love story is from SDF Macross, the first anime. In Macross 7 their 7th daughter Mylene is one of the main characters while they’re supporting cast. Mirage is the daughter of Miranda, their 6th daughter.

    1. Eva

      Ah, thanks for correcting me, I shall fix that!

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