Oh my heart. So it turns out Messer has been suffering from the Var Syndrome for two years now, and there is still no cure to for it. The only way to suppress and to control the Var is to basically undergo music therapy by those who possess Fold Receptor, such as Walkure. Messer is also the sole survivor from the planet of Alfheim, which has been wiped out due to the Var Syndrome outbreak. He survived after being saved by Kaname’s song, Axia and Captain Arad took him under his wing. His condition was meant to be kept a secret from the rest of the Delta Platoon crew, but aside from Mirage and Hayate who discovered his condition by accident- the at least some if not all the crew actually knows about it since Lady M said he could stay under the condition they provide her his data regularly.

Macross Delta Ep 9 Img 0017Throughout the episode, Mirage and Hayate frequently spoken with Messer, trying to understand why he continues to fight despite his condition. But before long, Mirage is able to connect the dots and realize one of the main reasons he wants to stick around is for Kaname. He wants to protect her and Walkure since it was her voice that saved him from his own demise. He wears a music bracelet which only plays Kaname’s song: Axia, a song she sung during the period she was the lead vocalist for Walkure. It is this song he turns to whenever the Var attempts to overtake him at any moment of time. He asks of Hayate and Mirage to keep it a secret, and if he were to ever succumb the Var or the enemy, kill him.

Macross Delta Ep 9 Img 0026After this episode, I am officially boarding the Messer x Kaname ship. I have been thinking about it for a while, so this episode sealed the deal for me. I am already enjoying both Messer’s and Kaname’s individual backstory, especially Kaname’s. Before Kaname joined Walkure, she had a short-lived career as a solo artist. After she retired due to her lack of success she auditioned for Walkure, when then at the time, she obtained the role as the lead vocalist. Her special song was Axia, (the song Messer holds dear). However as soon as Mikumo was recruited she was removed from center. She didn’t particularly mind since she felt she wasn’t exactly fit for the center’s role.

Macross Delta Ep 9 Img 0008I am glad they are beginning to address the other characters’ stories. It was one of my concerns as they decided to go with a larger group of performers, and I was worried about how many of them would have a chance to be in the spotlight. For example, Makina and Reina are very much secondary to minor characters since it doesn’t appear as of right now, they will be playing a bigger role than hacking. We already learned about their unique dynamic, but we haven’t learned about them individually- and I hope they do have an interesting story of their own somewhere along the lines.

This week discussed and expanded on the importance and role of the Fold Receptors. And as it turns out, it is said Hayate has that ability, which helps keep him immune from the Var syndrome and allow him to resonate with Freyja. Others who do not have this are the most vulnerable, especially to the Wind Song, and the only thing they have to protect them are Walkure’s songs.

Macross Delta Ep 9 Img 0028The Aerial Knights decided to show up on very short notice, leading to a duel in the skies. Walkure wasn’t supposed to be dispatched for this fight since the Wind Song was not being used here, but eventually had to when Messer started losing control. However the Aerial Knights were not there to simply pick a fight and duke it out in the skies, they were also undergoing an investigation, searching for the planet’s protoculture ruins. Earlier in the episode, Walkure performed in front of the Argol Petra protoculture ruins, but unlike the previous ruins, there was no response. We later learn that apparently without the Wind Song, Walkure are just rocks. However that it appears the wind song wasn’t necessary as the ruins did in fact start responding to Walkure during their Aerial Battle performance. I wonder what conditions changed to make them respond? I can’t stop thinking about it!

Macross Delta Ep 9 Img 0034And lastly: Oh goodness, Freyja was completely juked by Maria who is the WORST person to turn for intel. She started going on how Hayate and Mirage were on a date, but the two were just chilling as they always do to. Fortunately she realized it was a misunderstanding and she ended up being embarrassed for herself and screamed: YIKES~ (so cute!). And while doing so she was able to drop some helpful tip on how she handles the fact her race has such a short life span. Freyja’s told him she never thought about it, as she chooses to focuses on the present.

Next week: Axia Flash, yay! More Kaname episodes! I wanna hear her sing her song!


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