It was yet another rough week for Sayaka. After confessing how she was at the scene when Ruri was kidnapped, her guilt for the lack of courage continues to eat her alive. Sick of running away, Sayaka decides to take it upon herself to find Kaito and bring him back to the Resistance. However her mission ended before it even began when she encountered the infamous Academia Assassins, the Tyler Sisters. (Talk about rotten luck). Luckily for her, Allen was able to quickly locate her, as it’s advised not to leave the Resistance HQ and wander into the city alone. The Tyler sisters, Grace and Gloria who have been sent out to eliminate the Lancers, initially mistaken the two to be part of the Lancers and kept on waiting and waiting to see if they would finally Pendulum Summon. But before long, based on judging their skill-level, they came to the conclusion they were not the Lancers, just small fries from the Resistance and walked all over them.

YGO ARC V Ep 107 Img 0001Can I just say how badass and fearsome these two are? I love everything about their characters and their designs, (especially the designs, they are absolutely fabulous! I would cosplay that!). They were no pushovers, in fact they are not only skilled duelists, but are excellent with playing with mindgames by exploiting those who lack confidence in themselves. They did this with Sayaka, quickly getting into her head, causing her to blank out and forget what she was going to do with Fairy Cheer Girl, and then continued to relentlessly attack her over and over and over again, like a predator playing with its food. Allen has enough confidence not to be fazed by their mind-games, but they certainly played with his emotions, taunting him to directly attack them as oppose to thinking it a bit more through. needless to say though he is definitely a more experienced duelist than Sayaka, who still has a long way to go and needs to be mentally resilient before she can truly take on the more challenging opponents such as Academia’s Assassins.

YGO ARC V Ep 107 Img 0018That being said though, I enjoyed the tag-duel format, helping to switch it up a bit since there has been a lot of Battle Royales and such. I was proud of Sayaka for mustering up the courage to face the Tyler Sisters despite the fact it may have not been such a great idea to dive head first into. Allen was a great partner and friend. Although he expressed frustrations when Sayaka blanked out, it was only because he knew that she knew better and quickly reassured her everything she is not a hindrance and they are still in it. Unfortunately for them they lost. I hope this doesn’t take too much of a beating on Sayaka’s self-esteem, but I have a feeling it will. That being said, I hope to be able to look forward to Sayaka’s character development, because boy, this girl has a lot of growing to do and I would love to watch her character develop both more confidence as she shows us she can be a good duelist. But for now, she and Allen both need to polish their foresight.

YGO ARC V Ep 107 Img 0027So apparently the “Time Guy” (as I call him) was the one sent a request to the Professor for some assistance to deal with the Lancers. However, he did so without consulting Edo, the Commander-in-Chief. Meanwhile, speaking of the devil, Edo’s ego has been bruised after his duel against Yuuya ended in a draw. He is absolutely furious he was not able to soundly defeat him. Seriously dude, why so mad?

In the next episode, it looks like Sawatari and Gongenzaka are going to be either defeated or pushed aside (because there’s no way in hell those two can defeat the Amazon sisters as they are now) and Shun and Yuuya (who are already grouped up together) will be facing them instead. CAN’T WAIT! FINALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME, SHUN AND YUUYA ARE TAG-TEAMING, AND WHAT’S EVEN BETTER, YUUTO GETS TO BE INCLUDED! Man I can’t wait!



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  1. 75chaosflare

    The episode as a whole was pretty nice and I actually like the Tyler Sister as villains that look for a decent challenge. I don’t think Sawatari(through a certain degree) nor Gongenzaka is bad is just the teamwork between them is not very good as you can see. Especially deck-wise Gongenzaka’s doesn’t rely on spell/trap where Sawatari’s does including the tag-team stipulation where they share each others life points. Overall, they’re good as individual but the teamwork needs much to be desire which is what I think their trying to go with.

    1. Eva

      That’s precisely why I would expect them to lose, they have a long way to go before they have perfected their team-work. Also the second Sawatari opens his big mouth it screws over not only him but his partner, LMAO. Though I have to say, I am kind of surprised that his lost against Kaito didn’t bruise his ego, but then again, I guess you could consider it to be his strength since he is always bouncing back up. 😛

      1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

        The Gogenzaka & Sawatari partnership is doomed from the the start since Superheavy Samurais need NO Magics/Traps to work while Underworld Troupes relied a lot of those. Also they probably lose (according to next week’s preview) because the Tyler sisters might be targeting Sawatari as their main attacking spot, which is bullshit because both Sawatari & THE MAN himself are designated jobbers of the show already, as I said from the preview the writers aren’t even hyping them up anymore.

  2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    What do I think of this episode? B-O-R-I-N-G! The Tyler sisters, as appealing as their looks may be, weren’t really that intimidating to me, and those Amazoness cards didn’t really convinced me that they’re the “elite” duelists of the Professor himself cuz we’ve seen many more powerful Fusion archetypes in Arc V. Allen using Trains wasn’t too surprising either, and to think that Sayaka could keep them in the game with just Fairy Cheer Girl did shock me a bit, but due to plot arrangement they’re bound to lose despite they tried their best and actually troubled the sisters for awhile, so HOW COME those sisters rekted the Spade branch Resistance members (minus Shun & Yuto of cuz)?
    Next week, oh Sawatari you initially only won duels when you’re tagging with someone else, but after being ass-whooped by Kaito dat bastard your losing streak just won’t stop even when tagging with THE MAN and now Gongenzaka’s losing streak is piling up too :p And like I said, due to plot arrangement Shun and Yuya are to give those sisters a goods beating, but I certainly don’t want the sisters to be out of commission that quick. (Also Yuto, you’re growing more insane than ever, and Yuya STOP spreading you dueling ideal in a warzone, no one will buy it!)

    1. Chris Marshall

      Why do I have a feeling I’ve seen you say the exact same thing on Youtube in the video where the Tyler Sisters summon their monsters? But as I’m pretty sure other people have thought, the Tyler Sisters being strong is the fact that their decks work well together (and basically run the same cards). There’s constant synergy. If they were to be separated then they wouldn’t be much of a threat. So I’m guessing they took out that Resistance Branch by only doing tag duels.

  3. Becs

    The sisters design is SO perfect and the voices are spot on!! I mean damn, i would NOT want to be facing them in a duel!
    And i would totally cosplay them as well!
    Sayaka still isn’t interesting enough for me (doesn’t help that her design is kind of boring). Although i do think the fairy deck suited her even if i didnt expect it… If she develops more and helps at critical points i’ll probably be more receptive to her.
    And correct me if i’m wrong… but is it just me or do Sayaka and Allen look good together? Cos i dont ship them but it looks obvious that they have some kind of special bond. and Allen blushed when she complimented him.
    SO yeah… am i the only one who picked up a romantic undertone in their interaction?
    I hope Shun doesnt revert back to being a destructive duelist like the preview suggests…

    1. Eva

      Agree, Sayaka is pretty dull right now since she doesn’t have any thing that makes her stand out. I think once she gains some confidence and self-esteem she will become more interesting to the viewers.
      *GRINS* Yes, yes Sayaka and Allen do look good together. *Whispers* I ship it.
      LMFAO, Just let Shun be, he gotta get revenge on those two for virtually wiping out one of the groups from the Resistance. 😛 If anything, Yuuya and (maybe) Yuuto might try to keep him from blowing up shit up again! XD;;;

      1. Becs

        I know Shun needs his revenge… I’m just worried he’ll get another stick shoved up his rear end again. I mean it him AGES to get the first one out and to trust the others!
        And holy hell! I’ve started a ship!! XDD Well, since i suggested it and it’s obvious to me i’ll retract what i said before and say i do ship them! Not excessively, but certainly i do think they work! *GRINS*
        I wonder what their shipping name would be… Maybe something like Fairytrainshipping or something like that?

        1. Eva

          😀 Yes! FairyTrainShipping! I like it~!

          1. Becs

            It’s decided then! WE MADE IT FIRST!!
            This is the first place on the internet that FairyTrainshipping is used for SayakaxAllen! 😉 x

  4. revolutionhippo

    The Tyler sisters are great! Both really pretty design-wise and very manipulative. I enjoyed too, just how they know the Resistence’s mindset. They messed with Sayaka by saying she wasn’t strong enough, and messed with Allen by challenging his mindset of not toying with his opponents. If he hadn’t been riled up, he might not have tried the direct attack when he did, just to prove his point. They’re very clever and dangerous, and I’m curious if Yuya and Shun can work together effectively enough to take them on, and if we’ll see them tackle any of their weak points.
    I also enjoyed Allen and Sayaka’s teamwork, it was very cute seeing their dynamic. Sayaka being pushed forward by Allen’s encouragement, even though he gets a little riled up sometimes, but he cools down and apologizes to try to help her feel better about herself and build her up because of her confidence issues. That, and Sayaka’s summon chant (“A smile for heroes who keep fighting!”) reminds me a little of Yuya and Yuzu, too.
    Yuya and Shun tag-dueling will be a dream come true. One last note, I notice Allen is wearing the skates that Yuya has in the OP. I wonder if that means those are an actual tool used by the Resistance, or if Yuya will end up getting them after he earns Allen’s trust.

    1. Eva

      I love it when the villains are able to play the psychological games, it makes them way more interesting and intimidating!

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