Say goodbye to psychic werewolves and dinosaurs, we finally get some answers to the supernatural events occurring in this strange village and those things are not it. Ever since we learned that everyone has been hearing different sounds whenever those screeches occur, that gave us a strong hint that whatever supernatural thing is after them, it’s personal. It’s going to be a different experience for everyone, so finding out exactly what it is is going to be a challenge, but now it’s all linking back to Masaki for some reason.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 06 [1080p].mkv0016What we find out now is that whatever “monster” our characters meet with is something that relates to a very traumatic event in their past. Whether it’s a person, an object, or even just a symbol, it takes on a giant form and haunts the person. This still doesn’t explain the disappearance of the people that resided in the village before, but it gives me the theory that the people that lived there before succumbed to their own insanity over the repeated haunting of their traumatic past and either resorted to suicide, or accidentally killed themselves by falling off a cliff from not paying attention to their surroundings. But the fact that we know that the terrain of the surrounding area of the village changes, they may just be trapped. This is actually really frightening.

These people ran away to escape their traumas and the consequences of them, and here they are being reminded of terrible times in their lives. This is awful, but honestly it’s hard to feel sorry for them when they made the stupid decision of suddenly leaving their homes and agreeing to live a new life in some random village with scary rumors.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 06 [1080p].mkv0013But dammit do I feel bad for some of them. The episode’s title, The Monk’s Immorality, talks about Lovepon’s past. Ever since she was a little girl, she lived with her mother. Her father left them with nothing but debt and money is an issue. Lovepon’s mother prostitutes herself to this monk that comes over to their apartment in exchange for money. Little Lovepon knew all of this was happening, and she didn’t like the man because he would continually abuse her and her mother, and Lovepon would do everything to try to get him away from her home. She doesn’t want her mother to have to resort to this type of lifestyle but they don’t have much options, and it’s very sad. The haunting image Lovepon sees in the forest is the mask symbol on the bottle of sake the monk always drank. From a very young age, Lovepon always thought of execution and her mind slowly turned into what we know now. Seeing that mask just brings up the sorrow and anger she felt about that monk and her mother. It just makes me wonder where Lovepon’s mother is right now. Why would she leave her mother and start a new life without her, unless she’s dead? I’ve grown frustrated with Lovepon these last couple episodes, but damn this. No child should be around that kind of lifestyle growing up.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 06 [1080p].mkv0022Nyanta’s case was also very sad. She had been the victim of bullying from a group of girls. The bullying was becoming too much for her, and she walked by a gun shop. I was freaking out that she was about to buy a real gun and kill the girls, but she’s a minor she can’t get a real gun. She bought a BB gun, and in secret, would shoot her bullies on the head with pellets. But one of the girls found out and they all got together and tied her up under a bridge, right underneath a beehive. One of the girls uses her gun and shoots around her, and of course, shoot the beehive. I appreciate the show for not showing what happened after that because I’m extremely afraid of bees. In the forest, Nyanta suddenly hears a loud buzzing of bees. She screams and runs off separated from the group, with a large bee chasing after her.

We also get the backstories of Jigoku and Mikage, which I thought were more simple. I wouldn’t exactly call Jigoku’s moment traumatic, but just a really disappointing time in his life. Apparently he really wanted to become a ranger but he knew he wouldn’t fit the height requirement so he went to the doctor’s to get a silicone transplant into the top of his head to make him taller after hearing that someone else had done the same thing. I didn’t even know a procedure like that existed? Anyway, the silicone used would be ones used for breast transplants. In the end, he didn’t get accepted as a ranger. So in the forest he gets haunted by a giant…breast silicone monster…thing. That kinda looked like a Metroid. In ugly CGI that didn’t fit with the rest of the show so it was weird.

Mikage mentioned that he heard laughter before, and that’s because of a moment in his life where he took the initiative and took all the responsibility of getting a shipment of toys ready for a large toy show (funny a guy like this worked with cute toys?). He was still new to the company, but he made himself a little arrogant and pointed out the company’s failure the year prior, so he took the responsibility to showcase a toy train at the show, but when he ordered the shipment, he accidentally wanted them for the wrong date. Learning of this simple but huge mistake, everyone in the office made fun of him and laughed. So he hears laughter in the forest and a distorted image of the toy train.

Masaki is connected to all this as Koharun, somehow, found an article about a girl named Aida Masaki that went missing in a village next to Nanaki Village, and was never found. Also, the song she keeps singing has describes the events happening, such as everyone seeing different things. The song also describes a girl bringing a monster with her, and that girl may be Masaki.

My questions is where did Koharun get that article? How long has she had that article, and why did she wait until now to say something? I mean she’s one of the more smarter people in the group, but honestly please stop withholding information from everyone!

So everyone sees their own haunted images. Maimai had mentioned a giant Mitsumune, but it has to be a guy in her life that looked like Mitsumune that hurt her in a way. The bus driver saw his dead daughter, and of course losing his daughter was a traumatic moment in his life. But now there’s Mitsumune and that penguin/eye thing he calls Tokimune. The penguin was probably an object around him during the time of his traumatic moment that brings back bad memories, but what about the eye? Who knows. We’ll have to see what everyone is going to do about this situation.

Also, who else laughed when the tour guide threw his arms open and called out Koharun’s name all excited expecting a hug, and Koharun just gave him the swerve for Valkana? Fucking hilarious.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 06 [1080p].mkv0031
This is so ugly what the hell.


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  1. trejon pearson

    Man this show is just so thrilling I love it Omg I love you mentioned my theory haha it sounds stupid now 😂

    1. Berry

      No, not at all. I mean look at me I fucking said dinosaurs lmao. We didn’t have anything to go off of at first so werewolves seemed like a good guess. I mean we still haven’t gotten answers to the claw marks seen earlier, unless they really are from a bear. That would be boring. ;>>

  2. Vantage

    Koharun too savage.

    I feel like Driver’s hallucination was slightly different from the rest. Instead of being a giant apparition that hunted him down as he ran away, it was just his dead loli daughter appearing from behind a tree before disappearing again. Driver ran towards his daughter, instead of the other way around like everyone else has done.

    Of course, it might just be the nature of the psychological trauma. Yottsun recognized something off-screen too, right before his last moments. It could have been whatever his trauma was.

    Masaki was also oddly calm the entire time she was running with Mitsumune. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t see anything, and is just running along because Mitsumune’s hallucination activated.

  3. bedmonds

    Unfortunately, I think the personal revelations in this episode are just too little, too late. I definitely feel for Lovepon and Nyanta’s traumatic pasts, but is that enough? I guess it all seems too easy on the part of the writers to demand sympathy after pretty much everyone’s already acted like fools in so many ways from the start. I suppose none of these people could have anticipated what’s happening, but as I think we all agree, choosing to go on such an insane trip in the first place is pretty much begging for the absolute worst.

    There’s a betting pool thread on MAL about who will die next, and sadly I think that’s what motivates me to keep watching. I liked the setup but the execution (lol) is just not working for me. And I also wonder why everyone is suspecting everyone else but Koharun is still getting off the hook, comparatively speaking. She and the tour guide should be the obvious target for everyone’s concern.

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