Well, what can I say? The tensions are certainly escalating quickly. Yuuya and Yuuto finally had the chance to discuss their theories of why they are able to interact with each other now, and we learned a lot of crucial information from Yuuto regarding their circumstances. YGO ARC V Ep 104 Img 0008He and Yuuya both agree something changed at the time it felt as if the dragons were trying to become one. They both acknowledge there was a dark and unsettling sensation which is most likely had something to do with their current situation. Furthermore, Yuuto shares how he thinks the only reason his soul went into Yuuya’s body because Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon willed it. Now this is a strange thing because, what would have happened to Yuuto if he didn’t? And the bigger question is: Why would Dark Rebellion want to do that in the first place? Was it because he had to choose between Yuuya and Yuugo (to join souls with) at the time? It is a perplexing situation making it hard to speculate, but man the one thing we do know for sure: It is thanks to the last shit storm that has allowed Yuuto to have the ability to take the wheel without having triggered Berserk Mode, which I suppose you could say is an improvement in a way….

YGO ARC V Ep 104 Img 0024It was fun to say the least to see Yuuto (though not in his own body, but in spirit) in the spotlight. We learned a lot from him, how his words to Yuuya were not from Yuushou, but from Ruri through Sayaka  who attended Yuushou’s classes and believed deeply in his philosophy. We also saw how much anger and regrets Yuuto has in his heart, and today he let a lot of that emotions out when he decided to take control of the situation. It was entertaining to watch because it displayed some major differences in skills between Yuuya and Yuuto. When Yuuya was not boding well against Edo Phoenix, and kept on stubbornly insisting he will figure out a way to talk, Yuuto dropped what I think could possibly be a truth bomb (though we can’t say for sure because we don’t know the whole story) how Phoenix hates Yuushou, so that implies Yuushou had failed to make him smile. Yuuya was absolutely stunned so Yuuto took the wheel and went all out, turning the game around as Yuuya was sadly getting his ass handed to him yet again. What I loved the most of course was the sole fact Yuuto did not even think of resorting to an action card, he used the monsters effects in ways Yuuya doesn’t always take advantage of, and best of all, without an action card he was able to keep them in the game. Speaking of which, it was a surprise to see Phoenix resort to grabbing an action card since he didn’t really want to have to use his last resort card- which he ended up using anyways because the Action Card wasn’t enough, resulting a draw.

YGO ARC V Ep 104 Img 0026As many of had expected, Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon got to Rank Up/XYZ Change to upgrade into Dark Requiem XYZ Dragon- whose attack Requiem Disaster Disobey which was super epic and wicked!!!!! With that he had almost defeated Phoenix, but unfortunately today was just not that day. Poor Yuuya though, he was sent flying into a wall and now he is burried in its rumble, welp.

And now we go back to Yuushou, who explained to us how he didn’t willingly leave the XYZ Realm, but he was cast away (so to speak) by the Commander, Edo Phoenix himself. So that begs the question of: Why in the world does Phoenix hate him so much? What the hell did he do to make him so angry? Which  side was Phoenix originally on (if ever)? And if he were always working with Academia: Did Yuushou spoil the professor’s plans or set back the Arc Area project, which we now know has fallen behind schedule and one of its requirements to ‘activate’ the project is to card the entire population of Heartland.

If this is the truth, then my fear (which only occurred while I was watching everyone get carded in the OP today), how besides imprisoning people into cards, there is a greater purpose for it, and that appears to involve the Arc Area Project. Now two things come to mind what I think about the purpose of carding people, Arc Area Project and the word how the Professor wants to create a single utopia. The first is trying to look at it from Academia’s perspective, with a naive idea: By putting people into cards, this is their way of “protecting” or “securing” the population from whatever will happen when they activate the Arc Area Project and attempt to form the utopia. The second possibility which is more brutal: They need the people who are carded to serve as a sacrifice of a sort (that sound familiar) in order to activate the Arc Area Project. I would say this more likely because of the fact Academia encourages “The Hunt” game This idea would reflect their aggressive nature.

Next week, Shun confronts Kaito, the two of them after going to duke it out, woooo! This is going to be FUN!

RIP Smile World.


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  1. Becs

    It kind of saddens me with all this hate against action cards. Don’t get me wrong, i dont think its good to ALWAYS rely on them! But i think if you can skillfully involve them in your dueling is also good as well. And I dont think Yuya is relying on actions cards as much as he used to anymore.
    And it’s to be expected that Yuto’s dueling skils are far above Yuya’s considering he’s pretty much a battle-hardened duelist with an aggressive playing style.
    And although it was great to see Yuto duel again as well… i do think his way to aggressively take control wasnt the only right way. Yuto did it because his emotions kind of overtook him and he let them take over. I’m not saying its not understandable, just his actions did become a little selfish which kind of bothered me because Yuto always struck me as the kind to be one of the most selfless characters, so to see him do this for REALLY UNDERSTANDABLE reasons is still kind of a shock. And i get WHY he did it, it was just kind of sad still…
    But yeah, loads of tension and GREAT episode! I just wanted to punch Yusho for having a relaxed attitude about his family and friends missing him. I mean, did he even miss them in return!? He sure didnt SOUND like a concerned father! But maybe we’ll get that later! we need an explanation as to how and WHY he left standard in the first place. We only know about why he left the xyzs.

    1. Eva

      True Yuuya isn’t relying on it as much as he used to, but I would much rather him use it as a skill/buffs just as Yuzu had (and really I think that’s how they are SUPPOSED to be used in the first place). It makes it more interesting. But when it becomes predictable and used as bail-outs, it wounds up boring and annoying to watch. And yes, Yuuto definitely has a lot more experience and a different style, it would be good if Yuuya could learn a bit from him.
      I am not going to jump on Yuushou just yet until I hear his side of the story.

      1. Becs

        Fair response, i suppose i’m more annoyed that his attitude to seeing Yuzu again was quite lackluster. I mean it just seemed like he was saying sorry resigningly. So far, he hasn’t given me a good impression but i’m willing to give Yusho the benefit of the doubt if he gives a good reason.
        Yeah, i’m more of the opinion that Yuto and Yuya have things to learn from each other. I mean while Yuto’s situation is understandable, he kind of needs to learn to ‘loosen up’ for lack of a better word when he doesnt need to be serious. I mean even Shun has mellowed out compared to how outrageously battlehardened Yuto is. And Yuya needs to listen and learn that sometimes you have to play aggressively if you can’t get the person to open up. So both have things to learn.
        You’d be a liar to say that Yuto doesn’t need to change at all.

      2. elior1

        yes so far we learned only a little of yusho story. so we need to wait

  2. Gigi

    I found this episode very interesting with the whole Yuto/Yuya dynamic and I really like how Yuya was exploring Heartland and finding little by little small things of Yuto’s former life. That picture of the Xyz trio is so adorable <3 Also I'd like to point out Ruri did not hear those words from Yuushou himself, she learned them from Sayaka who learned them from Yuushou.

    1. Eva

      . __ . Really??? *looks back* Ah you’re right- it wasn’t included in my notes. Thanks for the correction, I’ll fix it.

  3. Masked Hero Dark Law

    i kinda disappoint about the duel, D Hero play style is about field control, not fusion( they only have 1 fusion monster, while their boss monster is a tribute monster). Also D Hero is themes after Bristish anti-hero like Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, i don’t know Drillguy and Distopian Guy is theme after what.

  4. 75chaosflare

    This episode was pretty nice, Edo winning during his Arc-V debut was the idea I thought they were going with but he spares Yuya however a ties alright with me. It was also pretty heartwarming where Yuzu met Yusho again and that flashback with her younger self.
    I’ve honestly thought the evolution of DRXD would be named Dark Revolution but Requiem’s a more kickass name which I loved especially the animation towards the dragon. Also in this Dark Requiem can’t really be seen as an asspull or random monster because when going into the destroyed school to get Yuto’s side deck after losing it with duel disk back in the first season it could be implied that he always had it especially the Rank-Up card.
    I also ended up liking the eve more further difference with Yuto and Yuya where they have a kind of struggle. Even if Yuto thinks the duels can lead to happiness when in war like this it can’t always help you and it works even more when it shows his massive regret and pain after leaving to Standard. Even the part where Yuto took over Yuya body momentarily played out well.

    1. Eva

      I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be for this duel, but I was quite satisfied to see it ended this way. They now managed to cut off two duels which involved both Yuuya and Yuuto (tag-teaming via souls swap), but I especially loved how they delivered it with Edo. (Hm, should I identify him as Edo or Phoenix…? Haven’t made my mind yet.)
      This season finally offers the opportunity to flesh out the relationship between Yuuto and Yuuya and how they will interact with one another. And you said it perfectly, even though Yuuya believes strongly in his father’s philosophy,when a war is like this it can’t always lead to happiness and peace. Yuuto’s experience on the battlefield will definitely play a big role just as Yuuya’s beliefs will and it will be interesting to see how the two of them together will find a balance while in such a hostile environment.

  5. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Overall a pretty decent episode, especially with MUH RURI THE LITTLE BIRDIE FINALLY SPEAKS & DAT PRE-WAR PHOTO OF RURI, YUTO AND SHUN, SHE’S SO ADORABLE <3 (And her voice is also much more mature than other Yuzus) Surprised to see Yuto's anger playing a role though with his supposedly "pacifist" nature, but ABSOLUTELY love him taking over Yuya and do serious business here (no EGAO crap, hope it occurs more frequently as we're deprived of much of Yuto's epicness since he was defeated by Yugo and "overlayed" with Yuya) with DARK REQUIEM XYZ DRAGON, its effects can kill even the likes of Crystal Wing with relative ease (though Crystal Wing is obviously more consistent)!! But to be honest I'm disappointed in Edo's debut, putting aside his grudge against Yushou (with a ripped Smile World) his new D-Heroes were so shit, dat Fusion looked like a V-Hero with a poor effect, but good job forcing a draw with Yuya when you're in an absolute disadvantageous situation :p
    Next episode, oh shit BLIND RAGE is playing its role again cuz Kaito just won't stop HATING others, EVEN SHUN WHEN HE'S TRYING TO CHILL HIM DOWN!!! And it's cringeworthy to see Ultimate Falcon being destroyed again :p For heaven's sake Kaito you're not the only one who lost your family, Shun lost his RURI too so CHILL DOWN!! (And if someone haven't noticed yet I actually started to hate Kaito for being unreasonably hostile towards everyone, really hope Shun will hand him a crushing defeat!)
    *I read this somewhere in Reddit and found this hilarious theory of Edo's hatred towards Yushou:-
    Yushuo: Edo, I heard some guy murdered your father. Now I activate Smile World! You see, every monster in the field is happy now that your father is dead LMAO!!
    Edo: Oh f**k you!!!!!

    1. Eva

      I can’t blame Yuuto for lashing out today, he had a lot of emotions bottled up inside him, just because he and Yuuya couldn’t exactly efficiently communicate doesn’t mean he was never participating as he is right now. It is understandable, especially with how much he regrets leaving Heartland.
      LOL We can only hope that next week Kaito will have finally been able to vent his emotions and with that his hostility might go down. But as long as Yuushou is considered as a coward who had left them, he might continue to be hostile towards Yuuya in particular.
      //*I read this somewhere in Reddit and found this hilarious theory of Edo’s hatred towards Yushou:-
      Yushuo: Edo, I heard some guy murdered your father. Now I activate Smile World! You see, every monster in the field is happy now that your father is dead LMAO!!//


      1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

        I’m actually fine seeing Yuto lashing out his anger like that, taking over the duel and give Edo a good beatdown since I’m fed up with Yuya’s EGAO speech, especially when he’s doing that in a wrong place! And Kaito certainly needs to sort out his anger issues :p
        Also, I’m not too fond of Arc V Edo, his personality so far was meh & his new D-Heroes were so shit (and funny considering they’re adamantly NOT Fusion throughout most of GX and all of a sudden they became a Fusion archetype)! Arc V Asuka tho… hope she’s plot relevant.

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