“The vast majority of people are imbeciles compared to me”


Kyrie is the Scarecrow of the OZ fairy tale, which can easily be told  by looking at his clothes and hair which are scaring the shit out of me. I’m sorry, I’m not a big fan of green hair in general ( expect Shun from Saint Seiya, love u man), but green and purple? WITH A FEDORA? Every time I look at him I see Barney the dinosaur wearing a fancy hat, so sorry, but I’m not fond of his character design. BUT HEH,this is my personal taste, (which is not a mention of quality at all) and furthermore let’s not judge the guy solely on his physical appearance right? Maybe he has a big heart or something!

If only.

If I had to sum up Kyrie’s personality in a few words I would say that he is one big troll who thinks he’s so clever and the mastermind being everything. I kind of like cocky and aloof type of characters, so why not?

Kyrie 1Kyrie likes to bully Fuka, it’s he’s second hobby after going to the Brothel to “play games”. I still don’t know which part of the Brothel he is going to… He only mentions playing cards there but eh… I’m not really convinced.
The parts of the route where he bullies Fuka are quite funny. I don’t know if it’s because I’m starting to hate Fuka or because I’m an horrible person in general but I genuinely find those moments entertaining.

Although Kyrie looks like he has an high self esteem, he’s actually quite insecure  about himself. He  acts all mighty but thinks nobody could possibly love him for what he really is and acknowledges that he has an horrible personality and that he is a “cruel man”. When he confesses to Fuka, he admits that he had a back up line in case she refused. He also does that during transferts endings. When I had the opportunity to ditch Caramia’s golden Ass for him, he asked Fuka to dump the lion to go with him. If you accept, he’ll be surprised but if you refuse he’ll say that it was just a plan to make you and Caramia closer. Yeeeeah…

He is a bit jealous too, when Fuka gives plush toys to Caramia and Axel for some unexplained reason, Kyrie is angry because he’s the only one that did not get one. Caramia makes fun of him so he leaves the room saying something like “shut up I’m not angry. Go to sleep I hope you will have nightmares”. That particular scene made me go  “oooh, kyrie, you’re such a twat”.

But I think that the most interesting thing about Kyrie is his way of thinking. When it comes down to political matters and practical stuff IKyrie 2 wouldn’t go as far as calling him a Machiavellian character but close. I am quite interested in all this kind of stuff myself so I couldn’t help but to understand and even agree sometimes with Kyrie’s point of view on some political matters.
As for his opinion on love…eeehhhhh… that’s the part where I disagree the most.  For exemple he said something like Fuka has to love every part of him and accept all his flaws in order to make the relationship work, implying that he will never change. I get it, though I don’t agree. I mean, sure she has to make compromises, but she isn’t the only one, there’s a reason why its called relationship. Both sides have to be invested to make it work. You can’t let Fuka do all the work, be at your entire disposition and agreeing with all your fantasies, even if she will since she’s a doormat. You have to give too, like the Spice Girls said: “If you wannabe my lover you have got to give, taking is too easy but that’s a way it is”. Here comes me again and my awful music taste, sorry about that.

Kyrie remains quite the sadist. When Fuka asks him what are lovers supposed to do, he says that he will train her to his linking, meaning, “obey me and do as I am pleased”.  Well nothing new, they are a lot of hints in the early part of his route that made me think that he is a bit too controlling. He even said before that he likes seeing Fuka’s pained face and hearing her heavy breathing, u know, good stuff.

Kyrie 4What made me laugh is that everyone, even Kyrie himself, does not understand why Fuka chose him. To be honest, I don’t really know myself. I just wanted the CG I guess… That’s why I chose him.
Caramia and Axel are like ” eh, beats me” while Kyrie, asks multiples times if you are sure that you want to be with such a cruel man. Even Fuka does not know entirely why she’s with him. If you decide to quit Kyrie’s route to go with Caramia, the latter will ask you why you are with Kyrie. Fuka can either reply “I love him” or “I don’t know”. In either case it’s the same thing, even if she replies “I love him” she is then unable to explain why she loves him, only saying that he is smart and…. That’s it, I cannot find any other quality to Kyrie, sorry. Oh yes, maybe we can consider him funny as he messes and trolls everyone but in real life, I would have give up on trying to understand this dude a long time ago, good thing he’s a fictional character right?

But my main problem with him is that… Kyrie is such a bitch. This guy is a huge contradiction. He is needy for attention, he talks shit to people and then wonders why he is alone. FIGURES?! At one point  Fuka has a hint of common sense and takes Caramia’s defense because Kyrie was again treating him like shit and Kyrie is like “ WHY ARE YOU BITCHING OVER ME AND TAKING HIS DEFENSE?!” and leaves. OH COME ON! STOP ACTING LIKE A KID! Well at least, if you try to screw with another dude Kyrie shows some jealousy, not like a so called Caramia who couldn’t give a single fuck.  He acts so jealous that  it’s sad to see him pained if you switch to another guy. To be honest, I did not really care about Kyrie while playing his route, but I felt bad when switching to Caramia since Kyrie acted so sad.

I think my favorite “dialogue” with him might be this one:

kiri 1
I genuinely find this sentence funny

I say dialogue but in reality, there’s not really any dialogue between him and Fuka. Most of the time, it’s just Kyrie talking about himself and his vision of the world while Fuka quietly listens to him without really understanding what he meant. Kyrie basically admits that he loves Fuka because she’s dumb. Well, that’s a my interpretation but he says that he loves her because she can’t do anything on her own and has a lot to learn. She’s always happy to do everything you ask her and that’s something Kyrie doesn’t have anymore. Also, she’s innocent and pure which is something that Kyrie appreciates. In other words, Kyrie sees in Fuka, the innocence and freshness that he has lost long time ago, which is a pretty sweet, I’ll give him that.

Kyrie 7

Ending 1

Kyrie gives Fuka a precious pendant that she, of course, loses to the wolf gang.  Apparently, losing that pendant makes him go back to his original state which is an happy go lucky guy, smiling all the time who forgets everything. People call this Kyrie brainless, I think he’s nicer this way! But Fuka doesn’t like that (I really wonder why) so she decides to go back looking for the pendant and get captured by Caesar (again). Kyrie arrives with Black hair and his army of crows  attacks all the bad guys… I… okay… I guess… humm… He’s hotter with black hair, that’ll be my only comment.

Kyrie 5Then Fuka learns that the pendant he gave her was actually fake. Well to me it sounds like a rather wise choice not to give Fuka anything precious since she’s able to lost it right after. It might actually be some sort of special ability that she has: the ultimate brainless student or whatever.  So Kyrie being nice and happy was an act, he was fooling with everyone just for the pleasure to mess with people because he’s a dick and probably bored.

At the very end, Kyrie and Fuka are married and flirting in front of Caramia, thing that I find extremely rude but apparently it’s funny for them. I might not get it, considering the fact that Caramia is or was  in love with Fuka I find this behavior horrible, from both Kyrie and Fuka. I don’t think playing with people’s feelings is very fun and too bad that’s what Kyrie’s entire route is about.
Caramia actually tells Kyrie to go hang himself with some spaghetti. I found this line hilarious for some reason, maybe because this whole scene made me cringe a bit. Aaaaah Caramia, if only you were that cool in your own route….


Ending 2

Kyrie 6Same thing expect Kyrie gets rekt by Caesar that tortures him quite a bit. Juuust a bit. Caramia arrives and saves the day however Kyrie does not return to his usual bitch state and stays a brainless scarecrow but Fuka does seem happy with it. From now, on she will remember things for him and in exchange he will support and love her. This ending is quite sweet in my opinion. Well, first, I found it sweet and then I remembered that Fuka is not capable of reading a map, of cooking, keeping something safe or even remembering her way so I’m afraid that this couple is screwed.

But I wonder if Kyrie lied about giving a fake pendant to Fuka in the first ending. If he doesn’t regain consciousness in the second ending, where she doesn’t get the pendant back it only means that he did give her the true pendant. And Kyrie saying “oh me acting brainless was an act” might have been another lie to protect his dignity. Giving the fact that during his whole route, Kyrie pretty much lied about everything, it wouldn’t be so surprising if this fake pendant story was also a lie. But I don’t really know, I’m not an expert in reading’s fictional character’s minds. It is just my theory.

Kyrie 3

Overall I’d say that Kyrie’s route is a good one. Even if I talked shit about him I appreciate Kyrie as a character. I would probably not be able to be in a relationship with a guy like that in real life since I think he’s a little bitch. He likes to tourment the heroine, lies all the time and teases her. It’s quite fun and entertaining to watch somehow, even more if like me, you are tired of Fuka being useless. I do find Kyrie interesting and his point of view on various subject is somehow the same as mine . However, I do not appreciate his behavior towards the other members of his family, insulting them and making fun of them all the time. After a while, it’s not funny anymore, it’s just being a dick. The first ending did not make me laugh but rather embarrassed me more than anything else, showing that Kyrie’s attitude can be really rude sometimes. Well, all the time actually, I’m a bit bitchy and salty myself but wow, this guy is something else.

So Kyrie’s route is a fun play, he is interesting and I wasn’t bored playing it, maybe because I was listening to some good old cheesy music like always. However, I don’t agree with everything Kyrie does but who asked me to agree anyway? Heh, nobody.


1 Sou Still waiting for the happy ending tho.
2 Kyrie For the love of Fedoras
3 Caramia There’s actually a popular song named “Cara Mia”. Interesting.
4 Brothel Made me realize that Bleach actually has a taste.

Coming next on Ozmafia!!:  Scarlet, the shota who looks like Kanato from Diablolik Lovers. It’s going to be fun…

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  1. Nikolita

    I think the first route you reviewed is still my favourite? These other guys have seemed like jerks, but even if Caramia was a coward, he at least seemed to somewhat care for the MC, at least a little. ;~; Why can’t they be hot AND have a good heart??

    1. Charibo

      Well Caramia is a sweetheart it is true. But the thing is, he is more attentive in the other’s characters routes; That’s why his route is so low in my ranking. But if I had to make a character ranking chart he would be in the first positions.
      But Sou is not jerk :/ At least for the moment è_é

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