Okay before I talk about anything else: HOLY SHIT YUUGO I DON’T KNOW HOW THE HELL YOU GOT TO THE FUSION WORLD BUT THANK GOD YOU DID. This is the second time Yuugo’s impeccable timing saved or at least spared Yuzu and possibly Asuka from Yuuri. By appearing, he forcibly made Yuuri disappear as part of the effect of Yuzu’s bracelet (I REALLY HOPE WE GET ANSWERS SOON, THE MYSTERY IS KILLING ME).

YGO ARC V Ep 106 Img 0012And seriously! Watching Yuuri brutally wipe out 5 VS 1 competition was downright terrifying to watch. The only thing that kind of spoiled the tension was the ugly CG of the Starve Venom Fusion Dragon’s bites on each of the monsters. It looked super awkward. I wished they did in it 2D, it probably would have appeared way more intimidating. He constantly mocked them, claimed that only the winners can smile and their sentiments are a joke. He even said, “I’d like you to smile when you are turned into a card.” – Not going to lie, I laughed. It was actually really funny to hear since the cards turn out the same as instant photographs. Anyways: Yuuri is a toxic little shit (heck even his poisonous/predator plant deck reflects his toxic personality perfectly).

YGO ARC V Ep 106 Img 002Yuushou explained a bit more today of how he had left the Standard Realm in the first place, and lo and behold, Reiji was part of the reason for it. After Reiji was sent back to the Standard Realm, he decided to take over his father’s buisness and take advantage of whatever research he had left behind. While doing so, he sought out Yuushou in hopes for him to serve as the Lancers’ leader. Yuushou then decided to forcefully use the dimensional transfer device that was in development, on his own. And he did this on the day he was supposed to show up at the championship finals. However, due to the imperfect device, Yuushou found himself in the XYZ Realm, where there he made it his mission to taught them the joys of dueling and the importance of smiles. But then everything changed when Academia attacked. While up against Edo, who is the appointed Commander-in-Chief, he was sent to Academia, along with an injury that requires treatment.

Now while I get the idea why he left, the only thing I can’t wrap my head around is: Why did he have to leave without leaving a message? Couldn’t he had called home before leaving? Or was it an impulsive decision? Having worked with Akaba Leo on the Real Solid Vision System and Action Dueling, I can imagine how furious he must have been to learn about his ambitions. It would also explain why he was trying to rush to Academia. Perhaps he didn’t imagine himself to be gone for so long- which would be a naive to think. Regardless of his reasons, I am not particularly proud of his decisions since while he had good intentions, he didn’t go about it the right way when he neglected to inform his family.

Also Reiji: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! The least you could have done was TELL Yuuya that you even had this discussion with his dad!!! I am 100% certain Reiji knew Yuushou traveled to another dimension- I MEAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, HE USED LDC TRANSFER DEVICE. HOW COULD HE NOT KNOW?! (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻

YGO ARC V Ep 106 Img 0002This week’s episode provided us a full explanation regarding the ARC Area Project along with confirmation, that yes: The students are being taught to think they are doing it for justice, when very few others see that in fact they are not. Those who see the true mission they are undertaking are the ones who flee Academia and are being rehabilitated in Yuushou’s school. Others who are caught are immediately turned into cards.

ARC Area Project: The plan which the students are taught is to bring all 4 dimensions together, but in reality, once they get there, they are ordered to they were complete a subjugation of the XYZ realm. Thus, before long their infamous “Hunting Game” quickly became a sport after students would compete who can card the most people. ARC Area Project requires them to capture not just the duelists, but innocent and helpless civilians. We still don’t understand the true purpose of carding the entire population. Back in Episode 104, I began speculating that either the purpose is to:

A) By putting people into cards, this is their way of “protecting” or “securing” the population from whatever will happen when they activate the Arc Area Project and attempt to form the said utopia.
B) They need the people who are carded to serve as a sacrifice of a sort in order to activate the Arc Area Project.

Asuka became aware of this after a friend of hers returned from the field and shared her horrific experience. She begged her to runaway with her, and so the two of them did. At the time Asuka still believed in the Professors’ intentions and was hoping to talk to her friend about it again, but before she could Academia intercepted their escape and her friend wounded up carded right before her eyes. The only reason she got out alright was because Yuushou narrowly saved her after being cast from the XYZ Realm. Now her dream is to save her as many students as possible from Academia. And shockingly, it turns out Misawa and Ryo are one of the few are a part of this mess. I wonder if we are going to see them in action later on?

Next episode we will be back to the XYZ Realm where Grace and Gloria, two Academia agents dispatched by the Professor himself to deal with the Lancers. We will also see Sayaka and Allen duel, so I look forward to that!

PS: Did anyone else find the new ED Theme Sequence a tad underwhelming? I expected a bit more, especially when the song is SO GOOD!


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  1. 75chaosflare

    The reason why Reiji probably never told Yuya was likely out of respect for him and his father. However, it will mostly play into conflicts with Yusho and Reiji once Yuya finds out about all of this. Is ut just me or was what happen in standard a bit of an exaggeration of Yusho being called a coward because he missed a duel compared with XYZ version wuth in the midst of war he vanished which in their retrospect they they he was a coward? Now I like to know why Edo hates Yusho. Lastly, I take it due to Asuka’s past Fubuki(her brother) doesn’t exist here.
    I honestly loved Yuuri’s expression of Ojama King when summoned and when he was destroying it. It was like most people’s disinterest in Manjoume in GX.
    For the ED, I did expected more but with what we got and the ending I think it’s safe to say that it portrays Yuya’s perspective or in this case Vision of a normal life with his close friends compared to the things he’s recently going through. Overall, I didn’t think it was perfect but great on it’s own.

    1. Eva

      Yeah, everyone sure likes calling him a coward, LOL. Poor guy. And here he is trying to save all sorts of realms.
      Yuuri’s reaction to Ojama King was my exact reaction. xD

      1. 75chaosflare

        I understand but I never understood why Yusho was called a coward in not showing up in a simple duel though; especially if most of them knew him as a major legend that probably took on people like the guy he was suppose to face. It sounded kind of strange to me but in the Xyz world the thought of him being a coward in their retrospect was more understandable at least in my opinion since they lost a bunch of people.
        I also guess it’s kinda confirm the students in Academia aren’t being brainwashed especially since you have other people already seeing how messed up these kind of actions are; especially when carding defenseless civilians like a baby but other people literally took joy in it like “Hey I carded 25”, “No way, I carded 30”.

        1. Eva

          Good point *nods*
          Earlier on when we saw Sora’s memories being looked over I thought about an actual brainwash operation taking place. But now it’s clear, as you said: they are not being “formally” brainwashed, but the information being fed is misleading and it’s wiring them to think a certain way. That’s why (it appears) the minority have the strength question Academia’s actions and intentions.

  2. dzaladan

    How Yugo got in the Fusion Dimension? Easy: his Clear Wing Synchro Dragon brought him there, remember? His monster can do that.
    I dare to say that Clear Wing sounds REALLY determined to rejoin with the other dragons.

    1. Eva

      Ah! I actually forgot about that LMFAO. YOU GO CLEAR WING DRAGON!!!!!!
      … Although I am not entirely certain if it is doing it for the right reasons… XD”

      1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

        A much easier answer: Yuzu’s bracelet warped him there. Now I’m looking forward to how YUSHO the old man react to “Fusion” considering he’s a Yuya-lookalike!

        1. Eva


    2. Sanokal

      It’s possible that Zuzu’s bracelet transported him there by itself as well.

      1. Eva

        No I think dzaladan is right. The bracelet only started glowing after Yuugo showed up, and Clear Wing Dragon’s ability to travel realms have already been established.

        1. Sanokal

          I meant when they were warped away in episode 92 in the first place.

  3. Becs

    Yeah, i share your feelings on the ending sequence i found it incredibly underwhelming since i had fallen in love with the song.
    Yeah, Yusho didnt say that he expected it to be quick in his explanation… i dont know if thats why he didnt tell anyone… I mean, why doesnt he assure Yuzu that he intended to be quick and come back soon? Yusho is more distant than you would expect from a man who seemingly loves his family… he isn’t the perfect duelist or father figure Yuya always idealised, i think Yuya will realise this especially when they meet face to face and he finds out the truth.
    I’m more baffled as to why Yusho didnt go AFTER his match with Ishijima. I mean he KNEW it was important and while i get that saving the dimensions is important it probably would’ve been better to wait until nightfall! the idiot!
    Yusho better give us some more reasonable explanations going on if i’m going to look past his partially selfish actions. he cant just ignore his own family to go to another dimension even its for the greater good! Yusho doesnt seem like the naive type to expect it to be quick…
    yeah, i think Yuya will have conflict with Reiji and his dad about this.
    Speaking of which, i wonder if Reiji is trying to find a way to find the lost lancers? I really want to see more Reiji!

    1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      Yusho the old man is one irresponsible adult that doomed Yuya to a torturous childhood (though Reiji was involved as well), 10/10 parenting Mr. Sakaki :p

  4. Chris Marshall

    Yeah, lets just say if Asuka and Yuri dueled, she would have lost. If she used Vishnu’s effect to destroy Starve Venom, Vishnu would have gotten destroyed by Starve Venom’s after-effect (anime Starve Venom is WAAAAAAAAY more broken than real life starve venom….thank god). Though if Yuri and Asuka were to duel each other in real life, Asuka would win hands down. If you look at Vishnu’s real effect….Holy Crap. Never would I have seen the day that a female lead in Yugioh get a deck than can compete on a meta level. Cyber Angels are pretty much tier-2 right now.

    1. Elhienn

      Cyber Herald Saffira might not be Nekroz level but it’s really insane, so far, Asuka is the one receiving the most love Cards wise compared to the other guest characters, I’m really happy and proud of our Obelisk Queen.
      Speaking of Starve Venom, there is a empty slot between Vishnu and Starve so there is a chance of it being another Ritual/Asuka’s monster.

    2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      Wanna see Kaito got ass-whooped by Asuka, Vishnu can kill both of his Cipher Dragons… oh wait, if it’s anime effect, then no chance :p

  5. Elhienn

    Well, at least he isn’t Yuma’s dad(who dumps his kids to be raised by the senile grandma to travel around the world with his wife), but yeah it’s pretty bad, he could have dueled the Champion, it wouldn’t take that long for that, or you know, leave a note, cancel the duel because of personal matters?
    I saw people raising a very good point about why Reiji would not tell Yuya the thing with his father, as far as Reiji knows, Yusho went to Academia and never returned and it won’t be good to tell his son that he probably was “responsible for indirectly killing him”.
    The 5 fodders Yuri fought were reference to the Gx characters! Roids-> Sho/Syrus, The XWYZ/Ojamas to Manjoume/Chazz and Master o Oz-> Chumley
    I was surprised that Yugo didn’t mistake Yuzu for Rin or thought she was a spirit hahah! Maybe they spent enought time together that he now can tell them appart?
    I also feel like there’s something off too, they are putting too much emphasis on the need of carding everyone and being off-schedule.
    Yuzu! Yugo is here and now there’s no Synchro whoring to stop you! C’mmon, Yuri carded tons of people and now that they know you are in Fusion Dimension they will hunt you like a dog! It’s time for your training montage/Power up! It’s the perfect excuse! Do it!
    Speaking of Yuzu I found her new outfit hideous, If her blouse/shirt/whatever would be just plain white and her skirt not have that weird slit…
    I can’t wait to see next episode! The Evil Twins will use Amazoness and I love tag duels!

  6. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    From episode 100 until the current episode alone, the plot of Xyz/Fusion arc progressed in light speed than the sluggish Synchro arc that contributed NOTHING to the plot but fan-servicing of 5D’s themes! So apparently REIJI ordered Yusho to form the group of Lancers to oppose Academia and he therefore missed dat duel against Ishijima, why Reiji NEVER explained this to Yuya?!! But Yusho was transported to Heartland instead and met Kaito and co. and HE CHILLED DOWN FOR “DUEL FOR SMILES” shenanigans, what an irresponsible adult! AND *poof* Academia attacked with Edo sending him to Academia (and Edo’s currently searching for him oh how hilarious!!). Not really a convincing backstory cuz still too many plotholes! Asuka’s backstory tough, was interesting as she initially thought that Arc Area Project was to create a utopia but upon witnessing the carding of the girl who helped her escape Yusho saved her and they created another you Show school for runaway Academia students. Yuri & his STARVE VENOM was too OP seeing it striking down good old GX Fusion powerhouses so easily (Yuri’s reaction against Ojama King PRICELESS), but of cuz he got teleported away AGAIN when Yugo arrives, and HE GOT SMACKED BY THE FAN AGAIN XXXDDD
    (By the way, after looking at Starve Venom’s anime effect, I just realized that Yuri could have OTKed Yugo in their duel if Yuzu’s bracelet didn’t warp them away. Yugo had only Clear Wing on his field and no face-down cards at the time. Yuri would activate Starve Venom’s effect to gain Clear Wing’s ATK, but Yugo would activate Clear Wing’s effect to negate that effect of Starve Venom and destroy it, increasing its own ATK to 5300. But as it was destroyed, Starve Venom’s third effect would destroy Clear Wing and inflict 5300 damage to Yugo.)
    “And shockingly, it turns out Misawa and Ryo are one of the few are a part of this mess.”
    Umm no, they’re just look-alikes, NO WAY the actual Misawa and KAISER RYO will be demoted to Osiris Reds!!
    Next week, THE TYLER SISTERS (OMG they’re smoking hot!) going rampage against Sayaka (with Fairy Cheer Girl, oh good throwback to Kotori) and Allen (will he use Rank 10 Trains, Evolzar, Evilswarm??), oh man how are those kids gonna survive this? Really don’t want to see them get carded so early :p
    *The Tyler sisters are the new waifus of Yugioh (man I was infatuated by Aki, Rio and Ruri before), OH AND YUZU’S NEW OUTFIT (with lowered hair) WAS REALLY CUTE TOO <3 (Does no one mentioning Yuzu's fanservice at all with her bathing scenes and lowered hair, first at Yugo's orphanage and now You Show school in Fusion Dimension??)
    *On the other hand, I REALLY don't like the video clip of the fifth ending (I've listened to the full song countless times and it was awesome, but…)! Only Yuya, Yuzu and THE MAN?? The animators were too lazy!! To think that the DSOD clips were better than this WTF!!

    1. Eva

      //Umm no, they’re just look-alikes, NO WAY the actual Misawa and KAISER RYO will be demoted to Osiris Reds!!//
      Well it is an AU. And a lot of shit can happen in AU. I’ve read enough AU stories! Hahahaahaha!
      LMAO IKR? Yuzu is getting a whole lot of fanservice, all I could think of is, “This must be the second time she had a shower in this series?” XD I really like seeing Yuzu’s hair down, it’s a refreshing change of pace. Meanwhile, she has been spoiled with the privilege to get new outfits! Lucky girl! XD

      1. 75chaosflare

        To me I think the fanservice with Yuzu in Arc-V is incredibly tamed compared to what they do in Zexal with Kotori.

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