Ace Attorney Episode 10 [Two Scenes]

From the beginning of the current case we have been caught up in simple facts, two shots were fired that caused the [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 10 [720p].mkv_20160605_211609.078death of the victim. The episode begins with nearly damning testimony: the boat shop owner claims that he saw Edgeworth leave the scene of the crime. I am a bit annoyed at the constant, oh I’ve got you! line of logic here. In the game I really believes Phoenix figured things out because I was Phoenix and I figured it out. In all the cases before this he seemed to steadily do less and less, and I am sad to see him need to be rescued so much in this current arc. This is the part of the series he proves himself, seeing the “Oh we’re gonna declare guilty but not really oops new evidence/witness” trope not in a game is slightly more annoying and less charming the more I see it.

This episode was definitely a weaker one. The atmosphere did not keep me engaged and the characters were not up [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 10 [720p].mkv_20160605_234525.046to their usual quirky selves, except for Larry who basically saves every episode he is in with his whacky atmosphere. He literally saves this case for Phoenix when he reveals something peculiar: he heard a gunshot but it was definitely only one. Not only that: he heard this gunshot about 20 minutes before the murder took place. This creates a big problem.  . .but also explains the mysteriously empty picture that was taken on the automatic camera.

Phoenix declares that the boat shop owner is the real murderer, but he goes missing. This puts us in a crucial cliffhanger and more importantly, gets a lot of the lesser stuff out of the way. It’s disappointed not to be terrified of Von Karma or to be engaged with anyone, which is definitely not normal for me  and this show. Here is hoping to regain the magic next episode. . . and maybe more Larry Butz.

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 10 [720p].mkv_20160605_234558.734


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