YGO ARC V Ep 108 Img 0022Seriously, I can’t explain how anxious I was! Throughout the entire episode, I was just waiting for something to go terribly wrong, all I could think of it, “Oh boy, that’s a lot of weight on your shoulders man. I’m worried. Oh dear, Smile World Oh shit, Edo is going to see Smile World, yup there he is- oh my god, please don’t fail please don’t fail i am so freaking nervous, PLEASE SUCCEED YUUYA, PLEASE!!!!!!!!” (Yes this is exactly what I said in my notes) But much to my relief, nothing bad happened and Yuuya did succeed in the best way possible. Shun’s mistake was being dragged back into that state of mind where he had to fight alone, but Yuuya, he made sure he fought with his comrades (Shun and Yuuto) and used their monsters to lead to them to victory.YGO ARC V Ep 108 Img 0004 The best part however was how Yuuya approached this duel. He struck the perfect balancing of following his heart and using his head properly. He wisely started off cautiously, wanting to wait and see how his opponents react and play. (ATTA BOY! NOW THAT’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!). And it’s a damn good thing he did because they even said the Professor help provide them a strategy to work around Pendulum Summon. (On that note, it is quite concerning how Academia already has found a way to try and shut down Pendulum Summon). This is a crucial step for Yuuya’s development, and I hope we will continue to see more of this newly developed trait. Having the ability to be calm and patient will only make Yuuya a stronger duelist. His ability to keep calm enabled him to serve as the rock, who continuously tried to keep both Shun and Yuuto from being consumed by their anger. But it wasn’t just his opponent that made him behave this way, he was also rightfully concerned about the dark force within him, threatening to takeover whenever emotions run out of control. He knew how important it was to remain calm, stay true to himself by performing his way, and not let himself be dragged into his opponent’s game. In fact, it would be fair to say he is more afraid of being possessed again than the Tyler Sisters.

YGO ARC V Ep 108 Img 0017It goes without saying the most rewarding part of Yuuya’s character development is how he has been growing increasingly mature. He is still able to be goofy, but he has been able to find a way strike a balance with a calm and mature mind-set, with his easygoing and goofy personality. This is crucial in enabling his ideals and style to work out in such circumstances. It is debatable whether or not the performance Yuuya did today would have just as much impact as it did to the Tyler Sisters. In fact I was a bit taken aback seeing how much they enjoyed his performance, but then again, they seemed to have been somewhat satisfied with their loss due to how entertaining it was. It would be safe to assume the Tyler Sisters probably had not been defeated in a while, and they showed us how bored they become when it appears to them that their opponent is giving up/not even trying anymore. In fact, they are now very interested in Yuuya, but god- I hope they don’t suddenly become the good guys because that would tick me off. Although it has only been two episodes, I like them as the villains, so let’s keep it that way, please.
But of course we have to keep in mind of those like Edo, who despise Smile World with a burning passion. (Seriously, I want to know so badly why he hates it so much, did he lose to it or something?)

That being said, I am not sure if it was just my nerves from my anxiety of what the outcome of the duel was going to be or the pace and execution of Yuuya’s brilliant reversal felt just a little off. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but it felt like something was missing- but again, it may have simply been my nerves getting the better of me.

As I predicted last week, Gongenzaka and Sawatari did fight but wounded up defeated quite badly. Although the Tyler Sisters have probably been informed by the Professor how the Action Field works, I’m sure Sawatari filled them in whatever was missing in the details.

Next week, Obelisk Force is now pursuing the Lancers and have been ordered to obliterate them. *Reads next week title* Wings lost on the battlefield- No. Don’t you go there. DON’T YOU *(@!(*&@#ing GO THERE WRITERS, DON’T. YOU. DARE!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LOST ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS IN ANOTHER SERIES, DON’T YOU DARE TAKE ANOTHER ONE FROM ME.

Random Note of the Week: Omfg how many times are they saying “Yuuya” this episode lmfao, what about Shun?

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  1. Becs

    Agreed! Yuya was spectacular here! I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of his performance!! And even though i don’t mind action cards used he did it without using ANY action cards which i’m betting that you were super pleased about that Eva 😉
    Your notes on Yuya’s character are spot on!!! I was worried that Shun would revert back to his old self being all loner like, but thankfully Yuya was able to calm the two. Which while Yuto and Shun’s anger were understandable it would’ve been regressing their character development.
    And Shun’s acceptance of Yuya and his duelling style was absolutely brilliant! I love how Yuya winked at him. My heart melted at that especially when Shun didnt scorn or scowl at him! At one point Shun would’ve shouted at him to stop fooling around and Yuya most definitely would NOT have the courage to wink at him. He would’ve shied away because i’m very sure at the beginning Yuya would’ve probably tread VERY lightly around Shun!!
    And i think it would either be Shun or Sayaka who gets done if we’re going by the title… I would be disappointed if its Sayaka though cos then she just becomes a tool then. I hope NEITHER happens!!

    1. Eva

      Hahahaha you know as I was writing up the entry, the first line actually had, “SEE! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT WITHOUT ACTION CARDS!” but I decided to hold back because I thought, “Eh. Don’t bother mentioning it, it’ll ruin the moment.” LMFAO!!!!!
      I was so happy how Shun respected Yuuya’s dueling style, and now that he was able to defeat the Tyler Sisters, I am sure he got even more respect. Yuuto and Shun had it rough when it came to dealing with their emotions, so I’m glad they didn’t wound up regressing because yikes, that would’ve been one step forward two steps back!
      If I had to choose between Shun and Sayaka, I would honestly choose Sayaka only because I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE SHUN. Like I wouldn’t even care if she’s just used as a tool because I care for Shun too much, lmfao! Sorry Sayaka!

  2. Sanokal

    My reaction in a nutshell to the episode: same as yours.
    My reaction to the preview that I hadn’t even seen the title of: ****!

  3. starqo

    Hello, Eva. I believe this is my first time commenting on this site, though I’ve followed your reviews whilst I marathoned through Arc-V (which is really turning into one of the best Yugioh series).
    I was pretty happy with this episode too. I actually had to pause the RAW for a minute because I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw Yuya getting his payoff. I was so worried something was going to go wrong (and I was especially worried that Yuto or Kurosaki were going to try and chew him out for trying that on Academia soldiers), but I’m glad everything worked out fine.
    As for the Tyler sisters themselves, them suddenly turning good does seem like a legitimate worry, mainly with how the next episode preview features Grace looking forward to seeing more of Yuya’s Entertainment Duels. I’ve actually heard jokes that Yuya just earned himself, at the very least, a fangirl in her. We’ll have to see how that turns out (I imagine if Kaito ever found out about this incident, he may or may not go ballistic).
    I also hope Kurosaki doesn’t bite the dust as he has really grown on me.
    P.S. Even though I also already miss Yuzu, Yugo, and Asuka, what’s really killing me is what the Lancers in the Synchro Dimension (as well as Sora, Jack, and Crow) are doing. Well that, and I really want to see Serena, Rin, and Ruri in person, and see the latter two duel. Grrr, I feel so greedy, but that’s what this show and its cast does to me.

    1. Eva

      <3 Hi hi!!! IKR? They did a really good job with the execution, and seeing how many others were just as nervous as I was makes it clear to me it was definitely my nerves that made it feel a little off. THE ANXIETY WAS KILLING ME!!! All we want is for Yuuya to succeed, I don't' know if any of our hears would have been able to handle it if had screwed up.
      Patience my friend, we we surely be able to see them soon, I hope. xD

  4. dzaladan

    Maybe I have an explanation for how they found already a way to contrast Pendulum. If we exclude they probably took note of the strategies… do you remember Dennis? Do you also remember that he came back to Academia with Pendulum Monsters? Let that sink for a moment…

    1. Eva

      Yes that’s exactly how I expected them to do it. Anyhow we are now seeing the full effect of them having that knowledge and are finally starting to use it against them.

  5. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Well like I said Gongenzaka and Sawatari were designated jobbers and fulfilled their role to let Yuya & Shun commence another tag duel against the Tyler sisters :p (But seriously, those two poor ladies just couldn’t catch a break, eh?) So the duel commenced in a hostile manner but as it progressed YUYA’S ENTERTAINMENT PLAY actually worked against them and led him to victory, I honestly didn’t expect the ending to be so awesome (and all smiles)! EDO plz calm down, why so mad against Smile World?? 🙂 Shun’s new cards like RR-Iron Heart & Escape Force were really good (especially the former), but at the same time I’m also tired of seeing too many Rank-Ups for Raidraptors and ONLY ONE for Phantom Knights so far, why Yuya didn’t include some Phantom Knights (& its unrevealed new Xyzs) in his deck…?
    Yep, and the good old Obelisk Force will crash into the party with the harbringer of death ANCIENT GEAR CHAOS GIANT! Oh Shun please be safe don’t wanna see you perish for all the awesome feats you have done for the show :p

    1. Eva

      Aw yeah! I would love to see Yuuya more of Yuuto’s Phantom Knights!!! We what, only got to see them once… twice?
      **** The Obelisk Force. GO AWAY. GO. AWAY. JFC, the Professor doesn’t want to simply capture them but OBLITERATE them. WTF.

  6. 75chaosflare

    The way I see it this episode seemed pretty neat. After watching it and preview I find it as if the sisters are more fascinated/intrigued towards Yuya’s dueling as compared to always fighting the enemies in life or death(something that they seem pretty use to can get boring after a while). Plus they don’t even seem like sore losers about what happened and seem interested to see if he can try to escape with the Obelisk Force.
    I also enjoyed how they state on how it was a disadvantage for Gogenzaka.

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