Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 21: I’M SCARED


Just like this week’s episode of Bungou Stray Dogs, things went from cute to horrible very quickly. Everything started off fine. Nagisa and the other students got accepted into the high schools they wanted, Koro-sensei was taking cute pictures of everyone for a yearbook he wanted to make, Irina was happy as hell, we saw her and Karasuma in wedding clothes, it was perfect. Everything was going smoothly until…

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 21 [1080p].mkv0037A GIANT FUCKING LASER IN SPACE SHOT DOWN ONTO THE SCHOOL BUILDING. I MEAN…OKAY? How did they build this thing so fast and with what money and how did they do this secretly?! This was all done in a year, there’s no way in hell you could build a giant floating space laser thing, with other laser machines on Earth, in just a year. Oh…my god. This is going badly and I’m just…ahhhh. The kids are freaking out, the general public is freaking out because of that laser, and because Koro-sensei somehow dodged it, he’s stuck in a large barrier made of anti-tentacle matter. The lasers need a whole week to charge and kill Koro-sensei, and now the children need to figure out what to do. Karasuma told them to give it up, but in reality I know, and the kids know, he means the opposite. And that’s what they do.

There’s military men everywhere stationed guarding the lasers, and we get a quick montage at the end of the episode of the kids texting each other and helping each other create this plan that’ll save Koro-sensei. At the beginning of the episode, there was 8 days to Koro-sensei’s deadline. Now with the lasers almost done charging up and the kids’ plan set into motion, there is only 3 hours left.


[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 21 [1080p].mkv0067You know what killed me most? Koro-sensei knew he couldn’t do anything and he was at the end of his rope. Even when he was stuck in that barrier, he said he wanted to see his class one more time. He then sat down and continued working on the cute yearbook he was making with the thousands of photos that he had. FUCK. I honestly think Koro-sensei is going to die. I’m saying that right now, I think this is too much for the children. This is something the government had been working on since the beginning, and with 4 episodes left, and these 3 hours of Koro-sensei’s last moments being stretched out for those 4 episodes, there are going to be huge obstacles in their way, and I KNOW Shiro/Yanagisawa is going to be one of them. I really do think Koro-sensei is going to die and I really want to cry.

I’ll be honest in saying that Assassination Classroom’s first season didn’t impress me too much. I really liked it, but there were things that bothered me. But those problems were answered and then vanished because this season has been amazing. One of my favorite things in this show is Koro-sensei’s relationship with the students. They have such a STRONG relationship and they all love each other. I loved watching the students grow, and they grew with Koro-sensei because he’s been such a huge impact on their lives. And to know he’s probably going to get killed in front of their eyes in such a brutal way, and also with the media painting Koro-sensei to being such a monster when it’s all a lie, it’s just….

I don’t have much to say anymore because if I keep talking, I’m just going to get emotional. I want the next episode!!! I’m scared, but I want to see it!


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One thought on “Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 21: I’M SCARED”

  1. I will never be ready ! enough said . No spoiler but they did some great editing / changes tweaks to cull it to what’s important ! Koro Karasuma Irina and most important Class 3-E. And Nagisa wanting to be a teacher his skill as an assasian is used for good with Sakura. I think Koro was proud that he did not want to follow in Koro’s past shady deeds.

    I hated the press more than the Govt And Karasuma Anti hero / Hero Very coy with his code msg and the forces the Class will have to deal. Even Karasuma kearned from Koro

    Even Koro can accept whatever happens but the Yearbook is very important / he cleaned the school anyway for Graduation but his wish for one more time with Class got me!

    They can really do a good job with 4 EPS left avg 3 CHPS each because it deserves it.

    Yea I agree I liked S 1 just saying this a good anime it wiil do it’s thing.

    BUT S 2 has just been a rock and roll sonic roller coaster of a ride . This wiil be one of my all time favorites.

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