Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Episode 8: [The Silent Hunter]


Mumei presents Ikoma to Biba and talks about him as her shield so Biba concludes that Ikoma, is the kabaneri of the Koutetsujou which is the title of the show. Everything makes sense now! But Ikoma is like “bitch stop flattering my ego I know you are a dick” so Biba proposes everyone to continue this discussion  in other place since there’s too many screaming fan girls here.

So basically, what Biba meant by saying that only the strong lives is that, the strong has more chances to survive since he fights while the weak has the tendency to hide. Well, that a bit reductive and simplistic but apparently he convinced Ikoma since the latter looked at him with so much sparkles in the eyes that he looked like me when someone buys me food.

vlcsnap-2016-06-03-09h57m31s438I have to admit that Biba-sama is really hot, but, in the race for the best guy trophy, he loses to that blue hair hunter who is probably a dick too but the kind of character that I cannot hate, no matter what. Because eh, even if I try to resist and take in consideration rational and objective variables when judging a character, my estrogen rate is way off the charts and therefore, I fall for this type of guy. I tried to fight it, but my inner fangirl persona will never die.

Biba and Ikoma’s yaoi scene is interrupted by the city  alarm: there’s a Kabane attack. Again, why now? Is there someone behind all of this, releasing the Kabanes when it pleases him or are those attacks random as fuck? Another possibility might be the plot convenience, the Kabanes are attacking at this moment just because “anime”, without any reason. I think it’s the latter, which kinda sucks a bit.

vlcsnap-2016-06-03-09h58m45s735Biba and the swagg hunter team go fight the Kabanes. They have some effective weapons so Ikoma’s one wasn’t the first weapon working well against Kabanes ever created? Why not sharing this technology with the rest of the stations then? Mystery. But none of my questions are really important since we have: Motorbikes of the doom.
The scene where my new blue hair crush and the rest of the swagg team ride those motorbikes made me laugh a bit, and also surprised me. I actually stopped eating my carrot and asked myself what the hell was I watching. Motorbikes? This isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s here, why the motorbikes? I guess the answer is pretty clear: because it’s epic and swagg, so motorbikes it is, but if they start playing a children’s card game on them I swear to god, I’ll quit.

So they continue to fight, the right hand of Biba, Hodori joins Mumei and is also a Kabaneri according to  Takumi and Sukari who were able to see her changing her eye color from the station. I’m not going to draw a map of the station since I lack references; but I’m pretty sure, it would have been impossible for them to tell that. How could they see her changing her eye color while being really far away? Another mystery. Well, they say eating a lot of carrots improves your  eyesight so I guess they’ve been eating a lot of carrots in their young days, I should do the same.

vlcsnap-2016-06-03-10h01m02s486Enoku wants to kill Biba but also wants to serve him at the same time. But Biba is like, “yolo, u traitor die”. So he kills him but  Ikoma is like “whyyyyy?!! Killing is wrooong” and all his friends back stab him, apologizing to Biba for Ikoma’s behavior. In the meantime, the swagg team kills the guys that sent Enoku to kill Biba, expect one because of reasons. Also Biba says that he’ll accompany Ayame and the crew to Kongoku. The Pleb is happy, but the main characters and supporting cast are a bit doubtful and they are right, I bet this Biba guy is a piece of shit.

Ikoma thinks Mumei has been turned into a Kabaneri without being bitten. And according to a convenient flashback, it seems like it was the case. The Kabaneri “virus” was put into her body through an injection and … Wait a minute… huummm… This sounds strangely similar… god. I promised I would not make any comparison with Shingeki no Kyojin but I cannot help myself on this one… Dear lord… Anyway, let’s continue…

vlcsnap-2016-06-03-10h05m16s843Biba is actually evil and is plotting something, maybe revenge on the shogunate for abandoning him on a battlefield 10 years ago but there’s no more in formations for the moment. Oh yeah, that crazy douchebag is also carrying some Kabanes on the train, because he’s evil and wants to do things with them. I still don’t know for sure what kind of things he wants to do with them but rest assured that my wild and wide imagination has already offered me many possible scenarios to think about.  Biba also did turn Mumei into a Kabaneri after brainwashing her with his “u have to become stronger” fetish. So now Ikoma is sure that this Biba guy is a dick and is ready to kick his ass. As for Mumei she’s mentally broke, reduced to be the puppet of Biba. I know this kind of development is now unavoidable but honestly, it’s a it predictable, a bit déjà-vu.

This episode was a mix of everything. I mean, I liked it but I definitely felt strange watching it. Biba was only  introduced last episode and here it’s like the show throws so much plot content at our faces telling us to eat it without asking our opinion. All this stuff about Biba wanting is revenge, the shogun conspiracy and the Kabaneri virus are so new that I’m lost. I feel like everything, or at least the “Biba is a scumbag arc” is rushed. It was obvious from the start that Biba was a dick but I feel like we never had the chance to learn to like him since his psychotic tendencies are revealed right after he’s  introduced. So yeah, nobody was really surprised to find out that he was a dick. And I won’t even talk about the motorbikes, the fact that the Kabanes popped up randomly, nor the advance technology which existed but no one never knew about.
All these kind of things are a bit disappointing and are lowering my expectations of the show. I guess I should just see the show as a cool badass and epic anime and stop trying to find interesting and rarely used plot devices in this since I clearly won’t find any of those here.

Oh yeah, also, Biba is the name of a French “fashion” magazine.


So you’ll understand that, knowing this, I have some difficulties finding Biba threatening.
What has been seen cannot be unseen.

4 thoughts on “Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Episode 8: [The Silent Hunter]

  1. Biba’s name may sound silly at first, but it makes more sense when you account for the kanji used in his name.
    Biba is written 美 馬, which directly translates as Beautiful Horse. Guess that explains his luscious mane of hair. 🙂

  2. “there’s a Kabane attack. Again, why now? Is there someone behind all of this, releasing the Kabanes when it pleases him or are those attacks random as fuck?”
    Kabane followed corpses tied to horses, so it’s opposite of random (probably hijinx of Biba and his merry company).

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