That was one intense episode.

vlcsnap-2016-06-13-17h16m36s357After beating their share of bad guys, Midoriya, Tsuyu and Mineta want to help Aizawa who’s struggling a bit against the main villains. I like the little insert voice of “future” Midoriya, looking upon the events with some insight. It kinds of pumps me up to see more.

Todoroki is being too OP for the bad guys. They can’t compete with him and his ice powers. Too cool Todoroki, way too cool. But we already knew that Todorki was cool, what we didn’t know was if the rest of the cast could also fight! So there’s finally some action presenting the powers of the rest of the cast. My favorite one being Denki since he’s a huge dork.  We also saw a little bit of  boobs, nipples hidden by a convenient smoke clouds. You know the rule, if we can’t see the nipple, it doesn’t count.

In the meantime, Aizawa starts losing its advantage against the main bad guys and Thirteen loses to the black hole/shadow guy trying to protect the students. It is at this moment that Iida finally decides to run to bring help, remembering that now, everyone counts on hims since he’s the only one who can run fast enough.

vlcsnap-2016-06-13-17h13m02s811Also, Bakugou showed us again that despite what his attitude might let us think, he’s actually quite rational and collected. We also saw that during his fight against Deku where even if he was really pissed off, he knew that killing Deku would bring trouble to him. So even if he’s short tempered and a huge dick, he still has a functioning brain. That’s what Kirishima remarks when Bakugou tells him his plan to eliminate the black hole dude. Since this guy’s quirk is the gate that brings the bad guys, it’s better to eliminate him first to stop the spawn of additional ennemies. First Kirishima, and I suppose the viewer too, thought Bakugou was just mad and waiting to kill this dude just because, but Bakugou actually had this strategy in mind. He was also able to put some sort of shit chameleon K.O while talking to Kirishima and not looking at it. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Bakugou is my favorite characteeeeer. Haters can hate, Bakugou is still the best.

vlcsnap-2016-06-13-17h20m51s947After a while the bad guys say that they’ll retreat, because they cannot win against a dozen of pros.  Which sounds a bit weird to Tsuyu and Midoriya. First of all,  the students aren’t pros at all since they are just students and I’m sure the bad guys know that. Secondly, they clearly had the advantage over Aizawa, torturing him and stuff while nobody was interfering. And finally, their goal was to kill All Might and since Iida escaped there’s some high chances that All Might is going to come to save its dear students.

Anyway, Shikaragi says he’ll leave but before he wants to kill one of the students to make All Might even more angry I guess, also because he’s a bad guy. So he’s evil, and bad. yeeeeah. So he tries to kill Tusyu but before he could do anything he stops cuz Aizawa erased his quirk I suppose. Which leaves some time for Midoriya to jump in the air and attack Shikaragi but that did not work out so well and the bad guys are about to kill them ( again). However, before they can do anything to them, All Might arrives.

vlcsnap-2016-06-13-17h22m10s053It was quite an interesting entry, All Might was still accompanied by his patriotic music but this time he wasn’t smiling at all. I guess it’s an obvious way to say ” Oh look he’s not happy” but it works on me. I’m a sucker for symbolism stuff and even if I acknowledge that most of the time it’s really obvious and an easy thing for the authors to rely on, I’m still linking it.
And the last comment of Shikaragi “We’re getting a “continue”” works too. It’s like he’s breaking the fourth wall a bit, knowing that when the hero arrives and shit is about to go down, it’s time to end the chapter.

So this episode was fast paced and gave  us a quick yet, interesting look at all the student’s abilities. They all have different quirks but manage to work well in teams, even if it not has been a long time since they met and started training altogether. With All Might’s arrival we can tell shit is going down next episode, so I’m looking forward to it!