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Who else was freaking out as Shun went out to save Sayaka from faling debris and then comes out and collapses unconscious? I was freaking out. Actually, I started freaking out a bit earlier, specifically when Yuuto said that corny line of how he would put his trust into Yuuya to reach their enemy’s hearts- because all I could think of it, “THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL THIS TIME ISN’T IT?!”. My anxiety only grew when Yuuya didn’t attack them in the way the Obelisk Force expected him to, and they called him naive for it. All I could think of was, “NO YUUYA, IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK WITH THEM”! Then it went from bad to worse when they summoned Antique Gear Chaos Giant, because Sayaka ends up having a post traumatic stress episode and runs off just when debris is falling (poor girl she just can’t catch a break!). YGO ARC V Ep 109 Img 0023Shun then runs after her and makes sure she gets out unscathed, but ends up collapsing and is now unconscious. This royally screws things up because Yuuya is forced to defend everyone on his own, and when he needed to grab that one action card when he needed it most- HE MISSED IT! But, Kaito was able to snatch it in his stead and took charge, telling Yuuya to run for it with the others. With that said: THANK YOU KAITO!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! NO SERIOUSLY, THANK. YOU. KAITO! I was not expecting him to show up, I thought it was going to end badly- because it really did look like they were about to lose and we were going to lose Shun in the process. I also want to say how proud I am of Kaito for choosing against carding the Obelisk Force. I don’t know what made him hold back from doing it, especially given how close he was to actually doing it to Shun. Either way, THANK GOD KAITO WAS THERE TO SAVE THE DAY!

But just when we thought they were going to have a chance to escape, Edo shows up with his army and surrounds them. Then he outright says, “I WILL KILL SAKAI YUUYA.” in which my response was, “OH MY GOD EDO, TAKE A CHILL-PILL MAN! WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YUUSHOU AND YUUYA EVER DO TO MAKE YOU WANT TO KILL THEM?!” Is all because of Smile World?! I can’t even right now! Get a freaking grip. That being said, it looks like we will finally get the backstory we have been wanting to hear about Edo’s grudge towards Smile World and Yuushou. YUUYA, FIGHTING!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

I think this episode was one of the few if not first episode where the Action Cards were legitimately needed for the sake of survival. YGO ARC V Ep 109 Img 0018With the Obelisk Force playing dirty, the value of the Action Cards’ serving as a safety-net sky-rocketed. I can’t remember the last time I was actually begging Yuuya to make sure he got his hands on one of those cards. Right from the get go, Yuuya was put into a position where he hadn’t even had his first turn yet, and they were attempting to knock him out in one shot. It was thanks to an Action Card that spared him. The final time he tries to go for an action card (his second one), he fails- which could have ended very badly had it not flown into Kaito’s hand. Furthermore, I would like to take a moment to appreciate Yuuya utilizing his deck more rather than running for Action Cards because now, when they are up against the Obelisk Force, nobody has the luxury of time to search for them (and worse of all, it may not end up being the card they need to keep them in the battle).

It was quite a relief to see that the Tyler Sisters are not suddenly converted to be good, instead it’s actually Grace who harbors the most interest and what she really wants out of it is to simply watch and duel Yuuya again. She enjoys his Entertainment Duel style, but even so, she still intends to achieve revenge for their loss and defeat him. She had shown disappointment of Yuuya performance’s against the Obelisk Force, and expected more out of him. Perhaps she may have been expecting the rainbow shower finish when instead Yuuya’s actions permitted the duel to carry on longer than it should have- as it turns out, was not worth it. In fact, speaking of which- this highlights a struggle Yuuya will have to face in the future. Dragging out the duels and playing “fairly” is only going to make it more difficult and challenging for Yuuya to succeed as his opponents are pretty dead set to playing dirty (especially the Obelisk Force). Every time he spares the enemy, he puts not only himself but his comrades at risk as well. I would expect Yuuya to reflect on this later on once he gets the chance to, or perhaps he might be forced to adapt depending on how Edo performs. On the brighter note, it’s not as though he hasn’t fought against him before, but it will be interesting to see how this rematch will play out.

With Shun unconscious, I am hoping Kaito and the others will be able to get him out safely as they are all surrounded. I would hate it if they were forced to leave him behind, and that is how he would wound up carded. Regardless of what happens, I have a sneaking suspicions Shun will be out of the picture for a while now.


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  1. 75chaosflare

    The episode to me seemed pretty enjoyable. It was also a decent look on it back at the end of the previous episode and earlier in the preview where at least one of the sisters became more fascinated/intrigued towards Yuya’s dueling as compared to always fighting the enemies in life or death(something that they are pretty much use to can get boring after a while). Plus here they don’t even seem like sore losers about what happened and seem interested to see if he can try to escape with the Obelisk Force.
    I kinda of figured they were going to troll with Shun ever since that last title involving him in 47.

  2. Sanokal

    I was too terrified to enjoy the episode. Shay had so many red flags hanging over him, but I was so glad that Kite not only stepped in to save the day, but kicked major ass as well. I knew that the writers were definitely throwing us red herrings to distract us from the real meat of the matter: Kite and Aster. Hoo boy, Aster is scary when he’s pissed. But Yuya’s got this, surely. The preview says it all.

  3. Becs

    This episode was enjoyable but i think that ideals is the theme of this series. There is a conflict of ideals being thrown at each other and the audience even has this as well. We may’ve thought Yuya should’ve gone with the quick way to tear his opponents down despite it being the same as them but at least it would help end the duel faster because the current needs outweigh the wants of a fair duel… On the other hand if Yuya strays too far from his principles then it’s very easy for him to eventually lose sight of what he is fighting for.
    This conflict is very real even when you’re fighting for a cause in real life, and people may lash out at you or attempt to snuff your attempts. Our instinctual reaction is to go for the quickest and easiest option which is usually by giving our opponent a taste of their own medicine, but it’s not always the right one! Sometimes you have to go the long way round despite that it may be harder.
    So for that even though logically Yuya shouldn’t have dragged the duel out longer i was kind of with him because he needs to try and get his feelings across even if he’s knocked down time and time again. And we could make the argument that he has comrades to think of… but ultimately he can try to do both, and i dont think its wrong if that makes sense…
    And yes i squealed like a little girl when Kaito came swooping in! And loved it when he didnt card the fusion soldiers!!
    I cried like one when Shun collapsed i was so sure either he or Sayaka was going to die or something!

  4. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Do you follow Pot of Subs now Eva? Anyways my thoughts:
    “Are you ready to repent?!” Seriously Kaito JUST F**K OFF U BASTARD!!! Stop acting like you’re the hero here!!! >:( Yes, I’m bitterly disappointed by this episode, the Obelisk Force were their fodder selves (minus the Chaos Giant part) and SHUN did “perish” alright, in such a “heroic” manner that almost made me faint! Yuya you cheated your way to survival cuz Hound Dog fusions prevented you from activating Magic & Traps when they attacked, and that INCLUDES Action Cards, so no way you’ll survive until that asshole Kaito bailed you out… Grace though, her crush on Yuya grows even stronger, haha Yuzu let’s see how you sort this out! EDO too, his hatred against the Sakaki family for their duel philosophy and “Smile World” crap why don’t just leave it be?! That’s it, the Xyz arc is too rushed and it speed up many character “developments” without end product!
    Since this episode’s title is kinda misleading, I’ll also give my overall view:
    • Reminder that Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon also got Egao’d in that rocket.
    • Stop being a tsundere, Allen. “It’s not like you’re my nakama, b-b-baka!”
    • Now all they need is to get a magic marker and draw a happy face on their hands.
    • Sawatari & Gongenzaka sure appears unfazed because they DID kick Obelisk Force’s ass before.
    • Looks like the Professor had shallow faith in Leo’s Angels and had a backup keikaku.
    • Some girls want the D. Now Grace was the E… Egao, that is. 😉
    • Shut up Yuya! You aren’t going to Egao the Obelisk Force!
    • I envy Fusion Dimension duelists. I WISH I could draw Polymerization on every first turn.
    • I just realized why the Obelisk Force always loses: They don’t have a Fusion Pose. How can they expect to win if they don’t have a Fusion Pose?! Elite Fusion Duelists my ass!
    • Not THAT irritating effect of Double Bite Hound Dog again…
    • Shun ain’t gonna check what Acid Gear counter does because he dealt with that back in Standard. 😉
    • I guess no one gives a fuck about the “Can’t attack on your first turn” rule anymore…
    • Grace, have you SEEN the Obelisk Force in action? People beat them with wet rags.
    • And this is why Battle Royale with the Obelisk Force is super unfair because attacking one who hasn’t even started his turn is a fucking DICK move!
    • Action Card bullshit to the rescue :p
    • Yuto, stop pretending that you’re important. NO WAY Yuya will Egao the Obelisk Force.
    • Odd-Eyes! Man how I’ve missed you… since your last appearance was about a few episodes ago.
    • Yuya almost repeated the feat of fucking three Obelisk fodders back in Standard, but you chose to let them live?!
    • Ancient Gear Double Imitate is a rather sick card that swarms the field with reused scraps.
    • The other Dogs are gathering… ANCIENT GEAR GUNDAM HYPE!!!!
    • So THAT’S how Shun “perished on the battlefield”. Right after being hit by a blast from an ANCIENT GEAR GUNDAM he got hit by several falling debris… for the sake of saving Sayaka who proved herself a liability once again. NOT WORTH IT, BIRDMAN! :p
    • One ANCIENT GEAR GUNDAM was turned into Xyz scum.
    • Okay, as much as I want the Cipher archetype to be awesome, I’m getting really tired at how bullshit it is. It has a fucking answer to EVERYTHING.
    • Wait, why didn’t Kaito just card those fodders?! That’s his No.1 hobby in war-torn Heartland, right?!

    1. Sanokal

      I had the same thoughts about the Action Cards being activated against Ancient Gears, but as it turns out the effect of Hunting Hound was negated and Chais Giant simply has immunity, not prevention.

    2. elior1

      even if the xyz dimension arc rushed we have lot of things to resolve even after the proffesor you know. like the evill spirit or whatever it is inside all the yuyas which took control of them in the past episodes and other things

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