91 Days Episode 4 [Four]

Episode 4 of 91 Days continues the shades of grey and moral ambiguity that we oh so love thus far. We also get a few[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 04 [720p].mkv_20160730_010727 new revelations that remind us we don’t know everything about the characters and situations.I think it’s very appropriate that in the fourth episode we learn there are not three people who assisted in the killing of Angelo’s family, but four people. Four is unanimous with death in Japan and the number is also ironic because four must die for Angelo’s revenge to be complete. This adds another layer to the show right off the bat: Angelo can’t just get in with the Vanettis and kill them, he has to know who the fourth man is. This will require bringing up the subject again or having it brought up to him without being suspicious, and so the story has thrown us another curveball. Right when the characters get a moment to do something lighthearted Angelo is led to his plan again, his eyes burning with intensity as Nero recalls his part in the massacre and even establishing that he was the one to shoot at Angelo as he ran away.

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 04 [720p].mkv_20160730_010858It’s unfortunate that the episode was framed the way it was because I felt very attached to the middle and not the ending. Hearing Nero explain his first job was to kill Angelo’s parents and family explains everything. It’s no wonder he had storm trooper aim when he had never killed anyone before in his life. He missed all his shots and Angelo got away probably only because he was the one to go after him: his inexperience was what will probably cost him everything he holds dear to him. The ending is still tense, don’t get me wrong, but I was very intrigued to learn there were four people and not someone that Angelo remembered. Perhaps the fourth person was the one who sent Angelo the letter either to manipulate him or in some bizarre form of redemption.

The beginning of the episode frames bonding and sets up important points for Angelo, but the second half of the [HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 04 [720p].mkv_20160730_010932episode serves to make the two work together as a hitman tries to kill them. They manage to escape and a passerby deals the finishing blow to their would be assailant, but once again I find myself drawn into what will happen next. This episode didn’t exactly solve my allegiance issue but did a much better job at showing me Angelo’s instantaneous pain at the recollection of his family’s massacre by one of their murderers. That being said, that Nero doesn’t seem proud of the job makes me feel more connected to him.

Gah, can’t we just get back to the annoying villains in this show so I’ll feel less conflicted?! Stop making me have feelings 91 days!

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 04 [720p].mkv_20160730_010722


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  1. It’s going to get a lot more complicated if Angelo learns more about Nero and starts to humanize him. Right now I feel like Angelo is still trying to close himself off the Nero because in his mind he is going to kill him. If there were two paths, one being “simple” and one being “complicated” I feel this episode directed it towards “complicated” and that’s not a bad thing as I feel like this will really open up this story a lot. Also think this was my favorite episode to date because of the show they put on for those kids with Nero’s juggling and Angelo being a deft pickpocket.

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