scarletSooooo Scarlet

The first thing that came to my mind: “Bloody hell, this sharp looking fellow looks like my waifu Kanato from Diabolik Lovers”.
True, but yet, both have pretty different personalities.
All jokes asides, Scarlet’s personality is wayyy better than Kanato’s.
But I guess this statement depends on what you’re into…

When they first met, Fuka mistakes Scarlet for a girl. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen too many traps in my life that I can spot them pretty easily but Scarlet clearly looks like a guy to me. I mean Fuka did not think once that Sou was a girl so why Scarlet? Plus, I’m sorry Fuka but this is clearly not the voice of a grill but anyway, even Kyrie plays along and doesn’t correct Fuka when she refers to Scarlet as “she”. Yes, Kyrie hasn’t changed at all, he’s still a lil’ shit.

Scarlet 1During the first part of his route, Scarlet tells you not to come near him since you’re from rival families. He is a bit tired of the fighting and wishes for things to settle down even if doesn’t really know how.
Fuka eventually learns that he is a man, which kind of offense him a bit. He asks her why did she think he was a girl since he thinks he looks like a guy. She replies: “When I look at you, I just see a girl”. DAAAAAAAAAMN That must hurt, that must really hurt. She also adds ” You’re even girlier than me”. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Fuka, she doesn’t have a single bit of tact. WHO THE HELL SAYS THAT TO A GUY? Well, I’m not the most gifted person when it comes to social skills but still, I know the basics.
BUT I’TS NOT OVER! Scarlet admits that he is insecure about this stuff and the fact he doesn’t look like a man is worrying him. AND WHAT DOES FUKA REPLIES? “But you’re a perfect girl”… Oh wow, well played Fuka.
If somebody tells you that he feels insecure about something, you either try to reassure him or you avoid the subject, you don’t confirm their worries by telling them what they obviously don’t want and don’t need to hear, especially when it’s not true.

That’s it despise her. I dislike her more than I dislike Tomato Tuna, which is something. 

Scar 2So, how does Scarlet reacts to Fuka being offensive as hell? He’s calm, he tells her to stop calling him cute and is more sad than pissed off. He’s the chill master! Props to him for being so calm and collected while dealing with this chick. Furthermore, Scarlet is also insecure about his height, he worries about the fact that he might never grow up. Fuka doesn’t really reassure him again ad tells “but you’re so cuuuuuute, I’m jealous of you”.. Yeaaaaah.. We should make a drinking game where you drink every time Fuka is being offensive.

Anyway, even if Fuka continues to be a total asshole, Scarlet starts to care and worry about her. When she gets into a fight involving the Grimm family, he asks her multiples times if she’s okay and even make medicine for her. SO LOVELY! Because yes, Scarlet is adorable. At some point he gives Fuka and flower but feels bad for killing it. He hates violence so doesn’t use his gun, always tries to find a compromise to solve conflicts rather than using violence. I might have a thing for nice guys actually… I used to think that bad boys were cool but heh… guess I changed my mind.

However, like stated earlier, Scarlet is pretty insecure about himself, he is obsessed with change, wants to grow taller, to be more manly and is worried that people will treat him as a kid and think he’s boring and too normal. I’m really sensible to this kind of “insecurity” problem so yeah, I empathize a lot with him, life’s hard bro.

Scar 3One time when they go outside of town to have a walk, Fuka trips and goes down the hill. He protects her but hurts his leg by doing so. Since walking back to town is going to take too much time they decide establish a camp. Nothing remarkable happens, Scarlet gets a bit friendzonned but heh, we are talking about a girl who mistook him for a girl, I doubt she’ll realize he has feelings for her.

The next day, both of them are attacked by the wolf gang, Scarlet sacrifices himself to help Fuka escape. Fuka asks Caramia and Kyrie to save Scarlet but they first refuse, then Caramia says okay, but she’ll have to join the OZ family. What a douche! He’s like: “you’re too close to him, people are thinking you’re going to join family grim and not our family so, join now and we’ll save him. But then you won’t see him anymore.”  So yeah, they save him but Fuka joins the Oz family.

Then, when she meets with Scarlet on a Sunday she completely ignores the shit out of him. Axel being here, doesn’t really understand why she’s acting so cruelly. He again explains her that because it’s Sunday, they are allowed to talk to each other, ignoring him is just cruel and useless. She has no reasons at all to ignore him like that. She says that she knows she is cruel with him but since they are in rival families they shouldn’t have any contact.  Humm… So yeah… Fuka is the type of girl that apparently doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “compromise”. It’s everything of nothing at all. But by doing that she’s just hurting herself and Scarlet. Oh well, I’m not the best one to give advice on how you should be living your life and make clever choices but still, that looks like a pretty dumb decision to me.

Scar 4But anyway, Fuka keeps on doing everything she can to avoid him but one night, when she’s out in a casino with Kyrie, she meets with Scarlet who apparently has been doing all he could to speak with her. But she doesn’t want to listen to him and runs away. He chases after her and catches then. He has been wondering why she’s been avoiding him all this time. He thinks he has done something bad or hurt her feelings. THAT’S WHY INSTEAD OF AVOIDING HIM YOU SHOULD JUST HAVE TOLD HIM! Grrrr, I’m mad at her… I hate when people suffer because of useless things like that.

Scarlet blames himself for this. He thinks it’s his fault if Fuka joined the family OZ since she did it to save him. Well, we can play this who’s fault is it game all night, if Scarlet got captured in the first place it was because Fuka can’t fucking walk and fell off the climb. See, I’m pretty good at that game.
In the end, instead of being mad at her, he begs her to stop avoiding him. Wow, just wow. He says that he’ll be happy just talking to her a little. If that’s not pure love, then I don’t know what it is, Scarlet is too pure for this world. Also, going through Scarlet’s subs events and reading what he thought of the situation melt my heart. He has such genuine feelings and gets all happy just talking to Fuka that I’m going to puke rainbows.

Ending 1

Scar 5

One day Fuka meets with Hamelin who seems quite familiar with Scarlet. Later she learns that he is a criminal who recently returned to town Scar 6although he was exiled. Apparently he was the previous Don of the Grim Family who hated guns and violence but changed for some unexplained reasons. Hamelin asks Scarlet if he wants to stay in the family or if he prefers to leave. Scarlet then decides to leave in order to stop Hamelin from being a psychotic douche.
He asks the Oz to take him in their family, which is not an easy task apparently since you have to cut off the skin where the family mark is and put the brand of your new family above. Lovely isn’t it? But according to Scarlet, his mark is special so it will keep on reappearing all the time. So he’s ready to keep on slicing his skin off at any time. DUDE that’s pretty hardcore.

Anyway he joins the family and they fight against Hamelin, they win, the grim family is disbanded and everyone is happy. He confesses to Fuka but falls asleep before he could hear her answer… Who does that? Who falls asleep like that? Especially when you’re in a stressful moment? I’m actually quite impressed by that skill.
Anyway, everyone is happy and now Scarlet becomes the mom of the family scolding everyone and cooking for his children.

Ending 2

Scar 8

In the ending 2 Scarlet can’t resolve himself to betray Hamelin so decides to follow Hamelin’s orders. They start a fight with Oz family. Hamelin orders Scarlet to shoot Fuka, he hesitates but is determined to protect his family, his memories and believes that by doing that he’ll be able to live happily with Hamelin like before. However, Hamelin somehow makes Scarlet shoot him instead and is about to die in a scene so filled with dialogues like “ Why are you always so unreasonable, reckless and making fun of me?”,“ Why are you making me suffer?”,”You’re doing it on purpose right?”… and such cute exchanges between Scarlet and Hamelin. Then, Scarlet becomes the new Don of the Grim family while Hamelin is put in Jail. Fuka and Scarlet both don’t really declare they love to each other but keep on seeing each other regularly only for business. I guess that makes then good friends?

Scar 7OF COURSE I PREFER ENDING 1. What’s up with this game giving rather sad endings to the best characters anyway? The second ending isn’t a bad one though, it’s a bit sad, but maybe more realistic. Plus, the situation isn’t craved in rock, their relationship might evolve later on, so all hope isn’t lost.

I like Scarlet. He’s cute, attentive, a blushing Tsundere which is a plus. I don’t really care about the fact that he is a shota. I have nothing against shotas anyway so yeah, that doesn’t really bother me. I’m really wondering how old is scarlet actually. Nothing is told about his age and it is mentioned that Hamelin’s flute can control animals and children but Scarlet is fine so does this mean that he’s not a kid? With a sub even you learn that Scarlet was present when the family were created, so Fuka calls him a grand-pa, which means that he isn’t that young after all. I don’t know if this information is really important, but it could avoid a lot of people[myself included] troubles with the justice, so that’s always a good thing.

Scarlet’s route was refreshing, especially since I played it after Kyrie. Like I thought, I prefer the “nice guy” type to the teasing one, it’s too much trouble.

Shit Ranking of the routes:

1 Sou Scarlet and him are pretty close tho
2 Scarlet I’d just wish for more romance, give me romance
3 Kyrie If only Caramia’s route was better
4 Caramia It was like the 2016 Eurovison contest = Boring
5 Brothel  Still not into S&M sorry.


Coming next on Ozmafia!!:  I don’t really know actually… Either Axel or Robin Hood, I’m still hesitating.

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    Scarlet’s such a shota. 🙂 I like his route the most next to Caramia’s, but honestly all of them seem to be lacking a little romance. Then again that’s what I look for, I’m such a sap. 😉

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