Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 19 & 20 & 21

… You know I was only planning to cover Episode 19 & 20, but then I got stuck into covering Episode 21 as well because I literally had nothing to say for Episode 19, so I had hoped Episode 20 had something, but nope it only dragged it out further so by default I had to carry on to Episode 21 to write up.

Please forgive me, I don’t think I can even write up five hundred words about Episode 19 without cheating. I was so bored I was quite tempted to skim through it- I really wanted to do that. It also revealed the consequences of 5 weeks of delay, where my interest in the show is virtually non-existent at this point. Episode 19 was merely a minor build up of what was about to happen in Episode 20, which I thought I would have enough to talk about before dropping this.

Here’s a quick run down of what happened in Episode 19: Batty survived the Mega Fusion (by infusing Sparda’s and Gamet’s with his own) and Haa-Chan bailed them out with her super power yet again and by the end of the episode they are able to access the great mystery of the “Unopenable” Door.

Episode 20, we finally got some information and I still couldn’t bring myself to care that much. Though it was funny to see the girls walk into the enemy headquarters where none other the big bad boss is there, alongside with the Headmaster who went to confirm his suspicions of Dokurokushe’s true identity. All I could think of how screwed everyone was, especially after the Headmaster finally unleashed his true power he had sealed in order to stock-pile it for this event- only to be defeated and at the same time become a wrinkly old man.
The girls tried fighting, but we already knew there was no hope since they had enough difficulty fighting against Batty, who was strong enough to have survived- but unfortunately for him, once the Emerald appears, he is vaporized to death. To make matters worse, Kushe has successfully attained the Emerald’s power. And so it is because of that, I couldn’t simply just drop the coverage there- right on a cliffhanger, so off we go to Episode 21. Way to keep me around Precure.

Episode 21: Wow, talk about total lackluster and feels-way-too-premature Big Bad Boss fight. Hard to believe the girls were able to defeat  Dokurokushe, with again- Haa-chan’s help. Then Haa-Chan finally has her evolution and makes everything better, including what appears to have freed and cleansed Kushe’s soul from the corruption. And when it’s all said and done Haa-Chan disappears.
That’s it. That’s the episode.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 22 Img 0000

And as a special bonus, I will give you my two cents on Episode 22, where I simply went to see Haa-chan’s Precure Felice’s transformation and power. I gotta say, it s really too bad it took twenty-two episodes to show off this cool stuff, I mean Cure Felice is without a doubt the most BEAUTIFUL precure design and transformation I have ever seen. It is a wonder of what kind of villains will be replacing the old, it feels as though the show is slapping a “restart” button, starting a whole new journey from scratch, only this time with Haa-chan all grown up.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 22 Img 0001
*O* She’s so pretttyyyy! Too bad it took so long.

After all being said and done, I am finally officially dropping this series. Over the course of the five weeks of delay, the simple fact was that I did not miss this series and I returned only to have zero interest or motivation to properly complete a blitz of 5 weeks of entries. It is unfortunate that I do not share the same amount of passion and interest in Mahou Tsukai Precure as I had for the past two Precure series, but I am grateful for the fun time I had with those two. Alas, I must wait for the next one, and perhaps there will be better luck next time. For the rest of you, hope Mahou Tsukai Precure will turn out great in the end, maybe I’ll continue where I left off after it’s all over and done with if it happens to be ten times better than the first half.



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0 thoughts on “Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 19 & 20 & 21

  1. The first half of Mahou Tsukai was no doubt one of the WORST I’ve ever seen for a Precure season (but Happiness Charge still tops that though), and given that the sub group(s) of this season ended up arguing each other which delayed the subs for bloody FIVE weeks, anyone would lose their patience and LEAVE BEHIND such a snail-paced season with very LITTLE plot progress & character development (except for Riko, still intrigued by her growth AND never forget my new waifu Liz). BUT I’m not giving up just yet, episode 22 onwards is where the story really starts to kick in (I hope so) with Ha-Chan-no Hanami Kotoha leading the limelight, so yeah that’s that.

    1. I hope the second half will be significantly better. 🙁 I’m just going to wait until it finishes or at least hear the word around the internet of possible improvement.

  2. I think episode 21 is really interesting and a one of the good ones of this season. The battle was intense, and Haa-chan has finally grew to be a cute teenager! She sure brings some mysteries to us all! And I was wondering what happens next, so I kept and I’m still watching the next episodes, even without the subs to arrive soon.
    And WOW, episodes 22 and 23 are great! Now they got my hopes back for this season to get better and nicer! I wish I could comment about them here, but this is not about these episodes! ^^
    Too bad that you dropped, for now I guess.

      1. I hope so, if I hear it picks up a lot more I’ll take a look once the show is finished (I probably will regardless).

  3. Well from episodes 22 and 23, it looks like Yamou (along with the fragments of Dokurokushii) might end up teaming up with the new villain so its not entirely a restart, but eh. By the way, did you see the trailer for the newest precure movie?

  4. This has been a very Precure-like series. Your reactions make me wonder if you’ve forgotten what Precure series are like. Particularly in this post when you say “that’s it” about an episode while completely skipping over emotional moments and details of battles that you would have spent entire posts gushing about had they happened in a previous series.
    It seems to me that you decided quite early on that you were bored with this series, and that has colored your perceptions of everything that’s happened in it, despite the fact that, quite frankly, a lot of it is no more boring than anything in any other Precure series. Things are happening exactly the way they always do. It is also possible that the completely unreliable translation schedule has affected your opinion as well.
    I am enjoying this series. They’ve developed this world, they’ve made me care about the characters, and they’re having the girls overcome evil with the power of friendship, love, and violence. It is Precure. It is what Precure always is. It is what Precure always will be.
    Dropping it is your choice. Do what you will. But I do not accept your condemnation of it.

    1. It’s not that I’ve forgotten what Precure Series are like, but this one just didn’t click with me, it is as simple as that.
      I really liked the concept and I knew Haa-Chan had connections with the Emerald so I really wanted to stick around to see if maybe it would change my mind. There were things I liked and were curious about, and those were the reasons why I continued on beyond Ep 15 and gave until Episode 20 to make my final decision. (It was already been established that if I didn’t have the motivation to cover it, I would drop it then).
      Anyways it is fine that you don’t agree with me- I honestly don’t expect many people to- and I hope you and many others continue to enjoy it. 🙂

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