91 Days Episode 6 + 7 [Well this Anime means business]

You know when I began talking about this anime I kept the idea that there was meant to be conflict: who should I support, who is the good guy, who deserves to win? Well, episode 6 gave me some[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 07 [720p].mkv_20160821_184135.468 hints on who to support. I am glad that I saw 6 and 7 immediately together because when you watch episode 6 you see just how cold hearted and calculating Angelo can be. Don’t let me mislead you: after episodes 6 and 7 of 91 Days I can tell you that almost nobody deserves redemption. The Vanetti family are victims full of snakes and seem to be the only party with real victims in it: Fio officially is my favorite character who I genuinely think is in the worst situation of the show. In episode 6 you don’t see as much as you do in 7, but Fio genuinely doesn’t care about anything but her family. Yet if you watch the two side by side you watch Fio’s character become very clear: Fio never cared about the power struggles between the Vanetti’s and the Gallasias, her only goal has been to keep her family alive. Fio seems miserable in her marriage and acceptant of the fact that it had to be done for her family to live. We find out for sure in episode 7 that she is pregnant, and whenever Ronaldo mentions it her eyes go extremely lifeless. Fio never wanted this and she definitely doesn’t love Ronaldo (as you will find out the more we talk about this.)

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 07 [720p].mkv_20160821_184127.609Frate in my opinion isn’t a very redeemable character, but that’s mostly because his own insecurities lead him to attack his own brother and become a puppet of the Galassias. I can see how someone might like him but his entire character amounts to being insecure and feeling second best compared to Nero. Ronaldo starts to give him what I am guessing is opium and he essentially just cowtoes to him. Meanwhile Ronaldo spends the better part of episode 7 assuring Fio he will let Nero live if he submits, while it is very clear that he just wants Nero dead and does not give a shit how Fio will react. If anything Ronaldo seems to read Fio wrong, he thinks that because she is carrying his child he will be able to sway her heart. Fio, however, does not seem as attached to her unborn child as she is to her family that is already there. If Ronaldo and Fio’s relationship is as manipulative and loveless as it  seems to be, it is no wonder Fio does not seem to want the child she is carrying. Frate meanwhile gets babied by Ronaldo and this gives him the confidence to betray his own brother!

Angelo proves in these two episodes that there is no backwards for him. I wondered before if Angelo would grow to love Nero and feel pain over his death, but it’s not that way at all. The more [HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 07 [720p].mkv_20160821_184058.093episodes we see the more painfully clear it is that Angelo will never be content until he murders everyone involved in the deaths of his relatives. The most striking line comes from Angelo when Nero is talking about his willingness to punish Frate for having no pride, his eyes become shadowed and he says “I used to have a little brother like that. I’ll let you meet him soon.” The way he says that implies he means his little brother was a brat, but we know Angelo is talking about his brother who was murdered. Angelo has been saving this guys life over and over again and he is eager to kill him. Their time together means nothing to him compared to allowing revenge to be fulfilled.

The worst part is is that Nero actively feels bad when he is forced to take Frate’s life. This was both a ploy and a save from Angelo who used his pickpocketing skills to take the bullets from Frate’s gun before anyone noticed, and if he hadn’t then Nero would probably be dead because Frate shot him first. This did two things: 1. saved Nero’s life and 2. Made Nero suffer and have to live with the fact that he killed his brother. Even worse? 7 ends with Angelo telling him that he is his brother now. Not only does Angelo intend to kill Nero but he intends to make his life hell first. He wants every gang in this town to essentially burn and he wants to kill every person involved with the killings. The only thing stopping him from shooting Vincent and Nero right now is basically the fourth mystery person who sent him the letter. It would be hilarious if that was Nero but it’s rough, Nero has pride and I don’t know if he’d just sit by and let his family die this way. And damn, Nero caused so many deaths and feuds in episode 7 it’s hard to even list them all.

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 07 [720p].mkv_20160821_184312.531What began in a curious way is now easily one of the best this season. 91 days had a lot of potential and it has gleefully lived up to it. The villain of this show is clearly Angelo but in an odd way I root for his type of vengeance. I’m only mad he is allowing Fio to leave instead of letting her stay with her family, seeing as in 7 he sent her a note and a gun in a bouquet of flowers and she shot Ronaldo in order to preserve her family. Oh my God, Fio my angel. Angelo whispers to her before she leaves that she tell the Galassias Frate shot Ronaldo and that Nero shot him to show his allegiance to them, but man Fio’s life really sucks. All she wants is to be with her family and now she has to go be with the Galassias in Chicago. In one fell stroke Angelo has made everyone in the Vanetti family miserable while still keeping them around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins and takes over the family and just calls it the Lagusa family again. Though honestly, I’m banking on he and Nero killing each other.

Honestly though? This anime terrifies me and I love it. Oh, and Fango took over the Orcos and fed Orco to his head guys. I love this bastard now he is amazing. The best part is putting he and his crazy girlfriend to the theme of Sweeney Todd now.


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  1. I love how Angelo gained Orco’s trust by telling him who he really was and then faking Nero’s death to trick him and kill Orco! And with how insane Fango is when they started eating that lasanga, i was like “i bet that is orco lasanga” I think I might be Team Fango

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