After meeting the 14th aka Nea, Allen becomes himself again, just to witness Alma’s self destruction. The latter wants to hide the fact that he is the person Kanda has been looking for this whole time. In order to, not to cause him pain but also maybe, to let him his reason to live. He also reveals his true motivations to Allen, thinking Kanda wouldn’t be able to hear. So yeah, he wanted to kill himself in order to hide the fact he’s the reincarnation of that girl exorcist, the one Kanda loved, and is looking for in this current life. However, Kanda heard everything but is touched by that and takes Alma in his arms while they both cry a bit. Allen opens the Ark gate to transport Kanda and Alma to a place where they can be alone without anyone interfering. Before dying ( again) Alma kind of shows some remorse for killing the member of the search lab 9 years ago. Or to be more accurate, I think he doesn’t really show remorse but he rather expresses his hate for what the Order did but at the same time, his hate for his actions too.

vlcsnap-2016-08-30-16h35m46s128All around the world the third exorcists keep on going insane and turning into Akuma monsters. So, even though he was clearly painful for them, the Black Order exorcists had not really any other choices than to destroy the third exorcists. While this makes the Noah laugh because they’re dicks, Lenalee, Krory who get a bit of screen time don’t find this very funny and you can clearly see they are disgusted by the Noah’s actions by also by their actions. Oh yeah and Lavi and Bookman got kidnapped…. Aaah… I don’t know how to feel about that… I’m really afraid for the two of them… really…

So while Alma and Kanda have finally find some port of peace, shit continues to happen on the surface. Chief Lveille continues to be an assdick and is like “it’s your fault Walker, it’s the fault of the Noah, it’s everyone’s fault expect mine! The third exorcist project was and is still a good idea, it’s just that it did not work out so well this time but … yeah… it’s not my fault! Also let’s kill Alma! and Tokusa too“. I’ve already expressed how I feel about this third exorcist project so I’m not going to add anything, there’s no point in shooting on a dead animal [not so sure it’s the correct expression but OH WELL].
But Allen doesn’t care, and instead of killing Tokusa he manages to bring him back to reason but before he could anything, Allen is stopped by Link. Having watched Allen for quite a while on Lveille’s orders, he has concluded that since the 14th has awakened, Allen is now officially dangerous.


vlcsnap-2016-08-30-16h36m53s829To me Alma and Kanda’s relationship goes beyond friendship. I know there’s different opinions on that matter, but to me they love each other, more than friends. In my opinion, what makes the beauty of their relationship is that they loved each other before and still continued to love each other even in a different life.They have different bodies, even different genders but it does not matter because their love is so strong it transcends everything. It’s something this powerful that Kanda was ready to spent his whole life looking for his true one and a secret this important Alma was ready to sacrifice himself to protect. So yes, I do see them as tragic lovers, meant to be together, but who can’t because life sucks and because it’s the whole point of a tragedy. They are some sort of star crossed lovers and that’s freaking beautiful. Of course thinking of them as only very very very very good friends is another possibility but heh, for me it goes beyond friendship.

vlcsnap-2016-08-30-16h34m47s026Okay I’ll admit, I cried a bit during this episode. BUT I MEAN! Gosh, the feels were to high, and the soundtrack really helped. While playing some sad music to emphasize the drama and using organs to give a gloomy and oppressing atmosphere, the soundtrack was top notch in this episode.
The part that got me was when Kanda finally called Allen by his name and not by the nickname “Beansprout“. Which shows that even if they fight a lot and don’t get along very well, they are still willing to help each other and be thankful. But yeah, my manly tears ran down my cheeks a lot during the second part. Especially when Alma and Kanda where in that lonely place, finally reunited and finding peace for a little bit. I-I-It’s just so sad but so beautiful. I don’t know why but thinking bout those two always makes me kind of melancholic.

So overall, it was a good episode. Sure it could have been better but heh, since it’s better than the previous one, I am happy.