vlcsnap-2016-08-31-18h34m53s351In this episode our favorite cheerleading club continues to train. As always, Afro guy continues to piss Grumpy-kun off and actually everyone since he’s still late and to practice and his jokes are actually not funny. Well, they weren’t really funny from the beginning but I guess everyone only realized now. But anyway, as expected, this episode was packed with drama. Aside from Grumpy-kun x Brocoli guy drama part we were also introduced to a new subplot element: Kazu’s grandmother drama.

Indeed, wile everyone is discussing whether or not they should improve the stunts’ difficulty, Kazu starts to skip practice more often because he has to go see his grandmother at the hospital. Some of the cheer boys want to visit Kazu’s grandmother as well but he doesn’t let them and seems down when speaking of her. Even when Haru asks him how his grandmother is feeling he replies ” yeah yeah she’s okay” really weirdly. That’s clearly a lie, I bet she’s not okay… next episode we’ll tell us more about that I’m sure.

vlcsnap-2016-08-31-18h42m52s749Back with our two lover’s quarrel: Grumpy-kun is pissed off more than usual by Broccoli guy and wants to quit  the team, thing that Haru doesn’t understand well since he’s good at cheerleading and he loves it. Strangely enough, everyone is not really surprised with that decision and think it’s for the best, expect Haru who had noticed Grumpy-kun’s willingness to do cheerleading, coming earlier than everyone to practice. Ton also revealed Grumpy-kun helped him with practice aside from the regular training session and had high hopes for everyone in the team. So because they’ve finally realized that Grumpy-kun is best guy, they decide to go after him because he’s a valuable member of the team. So they all come to find him and tell him “we love you Grumpy-guy, plz come back“. He seems very touched by their words and finally reveals what he’s been holding onto all this time. He was actually planning to be a member of the Sparks, you know, the cheerleading team that doesn’t suck, but he failed the entrance exam so he couldn’t get into the team. Thus he was relieved when he heard about the Breakers since it allowed him to continue cheerleading. The realized the level was low but I guess he was at least expecting the same level of involvement from everyone in the team.

vlcsnap-2016-08-31-18h43m27s956So everything is fine, the whole group goes on a winter training camp and everything seems okay, they all watch the sunrise while holding hands and talking about dreams and future. I love blushing and pumped Grumpy-kun, he’s just a huge dork on the inside. I’m glad the drama was resolved this episode, now I guess we are going to see what’s up with Kazu’s grandmother. But I also want them to pass those qualifiers in order to witness some great cheerleading sequences!

And Oh woowie wowa, that animation during the last sequence! That was surprisingly great. But we also got the same old still images for their training sessions, so I guess the budget did not really improve but that scene, although short, was greatly animated. I want more scenes like this one. I also liked the track used during their training sequence, as always the music is great, sometimes a bit repetitive but there’s a few tracks that make the sound in Cheer Danshi!! quite good.


I must say, I’m starting to enjoy every episodes a lot more. It’s a bit weird since I’ve never expected to like the series this much. I feel like there’s a really nice dynamic between all the members which makes everything entertaining to watch. Every member is quite unique and it’s really nice to get to know them. Although the broccoli guy continues to piss me off, because I don’t find him funny at all, the rest of the cast is fine by me. But, I would like the series to be a bit more longer in order to give every character a chance since we didn’t see much of them. Yet again, I’m glad the show did not take the easy way and offered us every week, episodes dedicated especially to every single character and tried to develop its huge cast while progressing with the main story line. So that’s a good point, keep going Cheer Danshi!! I’m starting to have high hopes for you.