After a few episodes of focusing on the chaos, fighting and unrest amongst the people of Endora, it was really nice to have an episode center around a positive event like Prince Emilio’s homecoming.

When the Ignauts approach the castle, it initially looks quiet and uninhabited. Then slowly the castle staff and knights start to emerge, and they’re all very happy to see Emilio and Alicia. Emilio quickly explains that the Ignauts are his comrades and everyone means no harm.

Once inside, the Ignauts learn to keep together. Even though Emilio has explained that their Zoozian members are allies and not a threat, old prejudices and ignorance die hard. Even Felix and Mischa are suspect, despite being human, because they’re still strangers and the castle staff are unfamiliar with them.

vlcsnap-00014Pascal and Joseph quickly depart for the Royal Laboratory, and are a little saddened to see it in such disarray. Then Pascal’s former mentor shows up out of the blue – remember, we met him earlier in the series as a simple bread maker. Together the three get to work analyzing more data about the declining Warp Particles in Endora, and the early results aren’t looking good.

Elsewhere in the castle, Emilio is idly exploring his old home. He makes his way to what I’m guessing is his old bedroom, where Baby Shun’s bracelet is lying on a desk. We do not yet know what this is or what its purpose is (although if it’s been mentioned, I’ve just missed it). Emilio swaps out his current weapon for the one hanging on the wall (they have different crests), and leaves for the throne room.

There Demetrio catches Emilio looking at his father’s former seat, and they talk about how badly Endora needs a new king. I think it’s a safe bet that Emilio will probably end up assuming the throne, but he’s not ready yet. Emilio tells Demetrio that he wants to learn more about Delzaine and his birth father, King Alzerm, first and Demtrio approves.

Meanwhile Shun’s been recruited to help peel potatoes in the kitchen. He’s sulking because he’s stuck with such menial work, but Alicia points out that with few staff left he really has no choice but to help. Besides he’s the rookie right? Rookies get all the bitch work. While Shun’s working one of the kitchen staff pulls Alicia aside to ask about the Ignauts and the Zoozians, and Alicia frankly sucks at explaining who the Ignauts are. For shame Alicia.

Outside Louise and Gradido are keeping watch. They can both sense a strange presence in the woods, but don’t know what it is. The captain of the royal army wants to go investigate, but his men are reluctant because their numbers are so few. Is it really work risking their lives for so little? After hearing that attitude the Ignauts announce that they will go investigate, and Emilio says he’s going with them too.

Once the Ignauts get far enough into the forest, they see that the presence the Zoozians sensed were Ibelda’s little dark shadow minions. The Ignauts quickly cut them down, but there are so many and sure enough Ibelda shows up to complicate the situation. Shun and Emilio are once again the primary duo fighting Ibelda vlcsnap-00022while the other Ignauts are stuck fighting the shadow spirits. Finally when it looks like everyone might get overwhelmed the castle army shows up, allowing Shun and Emilio to get the upper hand on Ibelda. Demetrio manages to stab his weapon through Ibelda’s forearm and Emilio runs his trident through one of Ibelda’s eyes, forcing the Zoozian to retreat.

After the fight there are both apologies and celebrations abound. Everyone’s happy that Emilio is home, and Eljuia says that he sees Emilio becoming a bright light for the people of Endora in the future, though that light is still currently quite small. Like a candle learning to burn bright.

My thoughts: I love that when Emilio and Shun bicker now, it’s more to tease each other and playfight than anything else. Maybe it’s even a bit of a stress reliever for them, who knows. Either way I’m glad to see them fight without really fighting, unlike the first half of the season where all they did was bicker. :/

Like I said at the beginning of this review, it was really nice to have a more positive episode to watch for a change. Even Ibelda showing up couldn’t take away from the happy atmosphere caused by Emilio’s return. The closing scene where the castle army was tossing Emilio on their shoulders was really heartwarming, and I know all of these supportive reactions are going to help further Emilio’s character development.

But what’s going on with that damn bracelet?? I’m so curious and impatient, it’s a crappy combination.  ^^;;


Author’s Note: I will be out of town next week, and while I will aim to get my entries out on time, I will be on a laptop with limited functioning and so my entries may be a little delayed.