vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h15m07s355vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h11m51s393With this episode, we learn more about Alma Karma and the tragedy that occurred 9 years ago. Through Johnny’s point of view we learn that the experience the Black Order conducted was called “Artificial apostle research”. They created some artificial bodies with high regeneration capacities so that they’ll survive the merge with he Akuma Egg.  Apparently, only Alma Karma survived the merge but then murdered all the research lab until Kanda who killed him. So Alma presumably died in that tragedy 9 years ago but was actually kept alive in order to use him to generate the cells for the third exorcists. Of course, Kanda wasn’t aware of that, nor anyone, expect the people working on that Third exorcist project.

vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h15m40s350However, the Noahs now know Alma is alive and plan on using him by bringing his consciousness back. In order to do so, they want to use Kanda, to make Alma’s mind react, thinking that the bond the two of them share, as second exorcists but also as friends, will be strong enough to wake up Alma.
Furthermore, the Noahs have another reason to come to the Headquarters: It is to capture Allen in order  to control the 14th and to prevent him from killing them, again. They learned about the 14th’s awakening when he talked to the Millennium Earl using that Akuma at the Orphanage in episode 3.

So the Noahs attack the Black Order and everyone, under Desiras’s control is vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h13m52s893brought to the central room, where Alma’s body was “stocked”. Allen and Tykki arrive too and it doesn’t take long before the 14th takes over Allen’s mind, revealing to everyone his plan: he wants to kill the Millennium Earl and to take his place. Not only this revelation surprised the Noahs but it was also a shock for the exorcists since they thought they could use Allen and the 14th to defeat the Millennium Earl, since their goal was the same. But now that the 14th wants to take the Millennium Earl’s place, it has become dangerous to keep him alive and almost impossible to be allies. So now Allen is really in danger, and not only because he’s struggling like hell to regain control of his body, but also because Lveille and co are most likely going to stab him in the back, since he’s now a threat. However ma boy doesn’t give up and regain control of his body, swearing again, that he won’t let the 14th do as he pleases.

vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h16m05s889The Noah are starting to put they plan into motion and reveal that Alma is alive to Kanda who at first doesn’t seem to recognize him. At least, that’s what everybody thinks but of course there’s no way Kanda would have forgotten Karma. I think Kanda refused to acknowledge the fact that Alma was still alive, or to be more precise, to him , Alma died 9 years ago, when he killed him. The thing he sees in front of him, isn’t Alma, it’s just a body with no soul. I think “Alma” means Soul in Spanish right? so that’s probably linked. Also this name apparently comes from the latin “Alma Mater” which can be translated as “nourishing mother“, again this is quite accurate since Alma’s cells gave birth to an entire generation of new exorcists.

Anyway, Wisely does some magic tricks and Allen gets transported into Kanda’s memories where he witnesses Kanda’s birth. So yup, Kanda is actually 9 years old, which is quite confusing. There he meets with smol Alma, who’s like, the tiniest, the cutest and the most precious thing in this fucked up world. Sadly, we all know what happened to him, and all I can say for now is that he did not deserve it at all.


Fan Girl Corner:

Aaaah this was a good episode!

I’m still feeling the hype right now, I can’t help but to fan girl now. I tried to contain myself the past few episodes [with more or less success] but I think I’m reaching my limits. Everything is just so awesome that I can’t!

vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h11m45s275ALMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AND NEAH! AND NEAAAAH AAAAAH!! I love their voices both of them… especially Neah, he sounds so fresh, like some stylish dude with a lot of salt and sass. But Alma is adorable! He’s just this type of character that you, or at least I, can not hate whatever their actions are. Alma is freaking adorable, and I just want him to be happy, even if it’s going to be hard.

I kind of laughed when Allen said to the  Millennium Earl :  ” Don’t bring me in your brother quarrels, it’s annoying” . Hey, Allen, if only it was just annoying. That shit is literally going to destroy you. There’s a dude inside you [no puns intended] who wants to take control of your body, that’s more than annoying, that’s horrible [expect if your like having dudes inside you, I don’t judge u know].
Also the Noahs were huge dorks in this episode. You can tell Desiras seiyu’s is having fun, he’s just making some weird noises all the time and being a huge weirdo, which fits the character if you ask me.

I also really liked the fact the anime reproduced a lot of the manga panels. It is clear to me that the anime doesn’t want to disappoint the fans of the manga and even if the pacing is a bit rushed, they are still carefully adapting the original source material.
Now  we’re finally entering the Alma Arc and I don’t now if I’m ready for the feels. Just with this episode you know Kanda and Alma’s story is sad as fuck, you know it’s not going to end well. Just thinking about it makes me sad but I still want to see it, does this make me a masochist?

Finally, can we talk about that? :

vlcsnap-2016-08-01-23h07m41s121Who the hell is Alma Carma? I’ve never heard of that fellow