Shigechi, that damn kid. He’s actually a pretty good kid, but he got so easily blinded by greed that he was seriously prepared to kill Josuke and Okuyasu. I mean, splitting the money three ways would still give him a little over a million, and for a middle-school kid, that’s ridiculous. By the way, isn’t Shigechi too young to open up a bank account? So what did he do, go up to his mom and ask to hold his money? How’d he explain it to her? Or maybe Josuke or Okuyasu helped him out with that. Hmm, very bizarre. :/

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 19 [1080p].mkv0018Well, with this show you can’t look at things too logically or realistically, so hey they got the money! But it wasn’t easy as the guy at the bank was being annoying as hell. I don’t know if they did lottery tickets differently in the 90’s, or if this is just a Japan thing, but here in America if you buy a lotto ticket, all it has are the numbers. If someone happens to have the winning ticket and accidentally loses it, and someone else finds it and picks it up, they can claim the money. At least I think you can. Obviously, I don’t have experience with winning the lottery or finding a winning ticket on the ground. I don’t have cool Stands like these guys to do stuff like that for me. Either way, the boys had to play it cool and make it seem like the winning ticket was theirs so they can claim the money. After some fixing with Crazy Diamond, they officially got the promissary note for the 5 mil that they can claim in a few days.

But as we saw last episode, Shigechi does not want to give up the money. So he takes the note from the boys after a spat and runs off with it, while hurting the boys with Harvest. So the episode then becomes a chase for the note. I will admit that it was pretty entertaining to watch Shigechi be carried by his Stand. The episode, as usual, followed the manga closely. The boys chase Shigechi, get into a bit of trouble with him, trick him, and win. Well, technically they all win because Josuke was able to talk some sense into Shigechi about splitting the money evenly amongst the three of them. It was pretty funny that Shigechi suddenly changed attitude when Josuke slowly explained how the three deserved the money and how it was to be split (and that fixed his nosebleed).

Personally, I liked the first part better because it made me laugh more and I found that more entertaining. This fight wasn’t the most exciting of fights, but it was pretty crazy that Shigechi injected alcohol into their bodies. Josuke looks like a delinquent, but I don’t think this kid ever committed a real crime. But he got drunk and he’s a minor!

David Pro has been following the manga extremely closely, but they’re actually changing up the order of chapters next week by skipping Kira and heading straight into the Yukako episode, and…I’m a little disappointed? I REALLY wanted to see Kira being creepy and gross and shit trying to live a quiet life, also something interesting happens, but they’re switching it up for some reason. The Yukako/Cinderella chapters were not my favorite, but I’ll save that for next week as I have a lot to say for that.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 19 [1080p].mkv0065


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