The episode opens with the boys watching some girls cheelearding performance at Megane-kun’s house and who are getting kind of turned on by it. Kazu actually showed them this video to present them what he wants to do for the school festival in twovlcsnap-2016-08-04-15h14m12s913 months.  This performance and this particular choreography seems to mean a lot to him since his mother was performing in the video. So he’s kind of following his parent’s path, in order to get close to them I suppose.

Without telling Haru, the whole team has decided to install a trampoline on Haru’s roof to help them practice the jumps. They also plan on practicing during the whole summer without doing some other summer activities like going to some festivals or to the beach. Wait? No beach episode? No obligatory beach episode? Not even the festival episode? Where they all wear yukatas do the fish catching thing and watch some god damn fireworks while holding hands? I’m surprised…. but that’s a good surprise.

vlcsnap-2016-08-04-15h17m14s593As expected Haru is still having trouble doing those jumps even though he’s really willing to do them. But it’s not the only thing that brings tension in the group since Bug guy also hurt himself at work and can’t practice the flips for 4 weeks. Although he respects that, he’s still tense and angry about himself. Finally, no matter how hard they try they can’t manage to get in synch. All those tensions finally explode and instead of shouting at each other, they all start to apologizing to the rest of the team, one by one, explaining why it’s their fault if the team doesn’t make any progress. Of course that’s stupid and Haru stops their bullshit by shouting at them.

When the drama speech part came I thought: “oh boy, here we go again, please don’t give vlcsnap-2016-08-04-15h17m55s322me another of those drama speeches on how each of them is dragging the team down and shit“. But I was surprised and burst out laughing when Haru started yelling at his teammates to shut the hell up. What he had to said about Tono, Megane-kun and Sho cracked me up.  Especially his compliments to Megane and Sho:

Your brainy quotes always fall flat but once in a wile you have something good to say” and Sho: “Aside from your Risujiro obsession and complete lack of fashion sense I have no complaints”. So instead of complimenting them he was roasting them a bit, man Haru is savage.

So Haru finally manages to do the back flip after the drama part and everything is cool!The day of the performance arrives and they are to perform on a scene vlcsnap-2016-08-04-15h21m36s959which is an actual place at Waseda University in Japan, place the “Shockers” are from. There’s actually some youtube videos where the Shockers perform on the exact same scene.  They even did the crazy hair color too!

After this cool performance they are guaranteed to recruit more members, like that shota boy and the punks who were present in the background this episode. We also saw Afro guy again and just before the end, there was the appearance of a new hootie, who seemed to be interested in joining too. Furthermore, I think the Nephew of their Chinese teacher is going to join too, the teacher talked about his nephew coming to Japan soon and if I’m not mistaken they’re a dude who looks like the teacher in the Opening. That must be him.


Random talk: 

vlcsnap-2016-08-04-15h15m52s594I must say, it was quite a funny opening scene, mostly because I thought they were watching some sort of porn movie together, like all friends do. Although I’m not sure what kind of Porn movie it could have been with this kind of electro/dub step  music and I don’t really want to know.

Also that Chinese pronunciation test man… I don’t know why I laughed so much. I think it’s because I wasn’t Haru to shout some random Chinese words at my face while saying “GO FIGHT WIN! ” after. Also, his teacher commenting “ oh it’s nice to be enthusiastic but that speech was really shit”… savage.



I want to adopt him.
He seems completely in love or at least fascinated by Kazu and based on what I saw in the preview I think the ship can begin.

Oh and Tono having a girlfriend? First news ahaha, like the rest of the team I was surprised too. But what got me was Megane-kun saying it was the end of the “Cherry Boys”… None of the guys got that joke apparently… Megane- kun you never cease to surprise me.

So this episode was definitely funnier than the previous one and on top on that we got to see one of their performances with funky music and colors. Although the animation is clearly lacking I like the tone of the show. I’m having fun watching it and I think the show is like their cheerleading performance: It’s not perfect, but they’re doing their best and having fun, and to me, that’s all that matter for the moment.