We can start this review by saying that Frate is a little shit. In order to be ‘peaceful’ he agrees to the terms of a truce [HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 05 [720p].mkv_20160806_003727.984that calls for Nero to die, which makes me immediately hate Frate. Yes, this show is likely going to involve the death of the same character I’m mad was almost killed yet I am still here. That is the kind of show 91 Days is: if the wrong person kills someone I like I will punt them into the stratosphere. Admittedly while I was outraged that Ronaldo and Frate were willing to do this to Nero, it has made the show incredibly interesting. If ‘Avilio’ was not Angelo then this would be a genuine buddy gangster show about the two of them working together to bring down the Orcos and Galassias. Instead now we have an interesting dilemma: who should win?

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 05 [720p].mkv_20160806_003947.500Before I was torn in regards to the entire Vanetti family because I thought Frate was sympathetic and that we were looking at a Nero rule. Instead the truth is that the Vanetti’s most sympathetic members are basically being forced out of the picture (or being murdered by Angelo) by the much less interesting and very unlikable members of the family and the Galassias as well. So now my options of who to like have severely dwindled. Am I supposed to want Angelo to kill Nero and the Vanetti family as it is now? The answer is no: I want the next several episodes to be destroying pretty much everyone. I want Nero and Angelo to work together to eviscerate the families.

So now I’m conflicted on the true winner. Do I want Angelo to forgive Nero and have them be friends, or do I want Angelo to kill everyone and fade into obscurity? I guess what I’d like most of all right now is for Angelo to become the head of every family, kill Ronaldo and Frate, and have a gut wrenching moment where he either kills Nero or fails to kill him and he escapes much in the same manner Angelo did all those years ago. So while this episode made me want to hurt several of the Vanettis and especially Ronaldo, I am glad it clarified my own position on the show.

That being said, I have no idea! Angelo could kill himself since his only motivation is total revenge. He won’t settle [HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 05 [720p].mkv_20160806_004947.984for less than perfect murder on all ends, and really the villains should stop trying to kill him and let him waltz in and murder everyone. There, the plot would end and everyone would be fine for them. Now they’re letting Angelo learn to care about people. . . okay maybe he doesn’t care. He is even willing to work with Fango, who he has tried to kill twice. That being said, I love Fango’s girlfriend. She is overweight and they have weird kinky sex. Wow, this episode made me like Fango better than half the cast.

That being said..working with the nutjob will be interesting. God I have no idea where this show is going and I love that about it!


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  1. kuramasensei

    Didn’t the girlfriend also grab Avilio/Angelo’s butt and wish him good luck? What a bold woman….

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