91 Days Episode 11 [It was all for Nothing]

If you ever want to experience the sensation of pure cathartic vengeful bliss then I encourage the satisfactionscreen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-43-52-pm that is episode 11 of 91 Days. Never has an anime about revenge so perfectly summed up the genuine feeling of revenge and blackness in someone’s soul. The first episode showed a side of Angelo that would become tarnished by the sins of the Vanetti family and the night of the play finally arrived with both Ganzo and Angelo fighting against Vincent and Nero. However Ganzo should know that Angelo’s only true loyalty is to his vengeance. Now that Corteo is dead there is nothing keeping Angelo happy at all.

This goes about as well as you might expect.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-44-01-pmWe see a lot of Vincent in this episode that we had never given the perspective of before. Ganzo had mentioned how important it was to Vincent that he find Angelo but that is simply an echo of it. Vincent has spent the last 7 years tormented by what he did to his friend for his own benefit. The importance of this is stark because we also know the event has haunted Nero for the last seven years as well. If Ganzo hadn’t desired to take over the family for himself the nightmare could have come to an end but that was not what happened. We even found out that Ganzo is working with the nephew of Don Galassia in order to become the next Don and cow toe to the Galassia family.

I doubted Angelo’s ability to do much of anything this episode because he seemed so sick. Yet this definitely screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-45-12-pm
was not so as he managed to do exactly what he wanted. I was satisfied to see Barbero die and basically give Angelo the tools he needed to kill everyone he did: but I was still shocked. I knew that in reality Don Galassia was in danger but I didn’t realize how hard it would hit me. The entire future of the Vanetti family rested on restoring the already damaged relations between they and the Galassias, and what happened?

Angelo destroyed it all. He shot the Don in cold blood and left Vincent alive to die, uttering it was all for screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-42-18-pmnothing to his son. There is nothing more poignant about this show than that moment. Whatever happens now it is very true, the Vanettis are responsible for allowing Don Galassia to die. The episode ends with Angelo being found by the Galassias but he has no hopes and no dreams left. In his mind he has killed everything the Vanettis hoped for and so his mission is complete. Yet there is still another episode, and still something incredibly dangerous: Nero has the same hopelessness to him that Angelo does.

The two are fueled by anger and Angelo has had more time to deal with it. They can only collide in the end, screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-45-32-pmforced to snuff each other out. But the way that will happen is what will define this anime. I can’t even imagine how this show will end, how they can outdo Vincent’s last words or the beautiful revenge Angelo has captured for his family. Ganzo also had a poignant line: “I’m sure Testa Lagusa would understand.” That line showed why this family could not be allowed to go as they were .  . .they destroyed and murdered even the people they considered closest simply for the Vanetti name.

Now the name is dead.


One thought on “91 Days Episode 11 [It was all for Nothing]”

  1. A fabulous episode. I assumed he would kill BOTH the Dons….but leaving Vincent alive was genius. Let him die suffering agonies of premonitions of his son’s doom. Yay. I want the Vanettis doomed.

    My ideal ending: NEro and Angelo face off, but Nero decides they both killed each other’s families, so they’re even. End of revenge. But Nero gets offed by the GAlassias and only Angelo is left to walk into the mist as a man without a reason to live. Corteo would have been the reason. But he’s gone. Angelo’s only goal would be to die…alone. If he had not killed Corteo, if Corteo had not returned to be killed, they could have maybe worked out a happy ending. Impossible now.


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