Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 26: Janken Boy

Who knew a simple game of rock-paper-scissors could be so intense? But honestly, it felt more intense in Hunter x Hunter. Rohan and this kid were just being too dramatic. A 20 year old man arguing and making fun of an 11 year old is pathetic. Get a different hobby, Rohan. :/


So Kira’s father is floating around Morioh, trying to get as many Stand users to make them allies of Kira and protect him. The arrow chooses who they want, and the arrow pointed at the boy, Ken. Next we see Rohan at the train station, taking pictures of the businessmen walking about. Joseph and baby Shizuka come along and ask what he’s doing. Rohan explains that he’s helping with the search for Kira. Knowing the age and height of Kira, who might also match the description of the man whose face he took, he can narrow down the search. He wants to find him fast, knowing that the family Kira must we with might be finding him odd, and Kira would eventually dispose of them. See, Rohan can be a pretty decent guy sometimes.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-26-1080p-mkv0015And then he meets Ken aka Janken Boy. He comes up to Rohan at the station and asks him to play rock-paper-scissors with him, but Rohan just walks away with Joseph. Rohan hails a cab, but the boy appears behind him, and he won’t leave him alone until Rohan plays rock-paper-scissors with him. He does, and the boy loses. Rohan had used Heaven’s Door to check if the boy was a Stand user but he didn’t find anything, so he didn’t find any harm in the game. But he finds the kid again at the cafe and he causes a huge scene in front of everyone. But Rohan beats him again and laughs in his face like an ass and grabs the table the kid took.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-26-1080p-mkv0019Also I just wanted to mention how cute it was to see Josuke, Okuyasu, and Yukako together at the cafe. It was surprising seeing Yukako there, as you wouldn’t think she’d bother to hang out with Josuke and Oku without Koichi. But Koichi wasn’t even in this episode, so it was just really cool that those three would hang out together. Also, even when Rohan made fun of his hair and almost killed him and his friends, Josuke still called out to him to join him and his friends at the table. And then later we see Josuke and Joseph (and Shizuka) walking around together. Doing what? Who knows, but they’re hanging out together too! And it doesn’t look awkward. I just thought it was nice to see these small interactions. It gave us insight to how their friendships and relationships have changed.

Anyway, the kid just won’t leave Rohan alone. When Rohan actually loses to the kid in the bookstore, something happens where the hole in the kid’s cheek sucks Heaven’s Door right out of Rohan and absorbs its right arm. Of course, the kid is a Stand user, and his Stand has to do with rock-paper-scissors. If a person loses to him three times, he’ll take all their energy, and in Rohan’s case, his Stand. It didn’t say in the kid’s book that he was a Stand user because the kid didn’t know until at that moment that he indeed is. So then it just turns into this dramatic rock-paper-scissors match where the kid and Rohan slide around and jump in the air and scream and make this child’s game way more than it is. Looking at it that way, this all seems hilarious and stupid, and yeah it kind of is. Did this really do anything to advance the plot? No. Is Janken Boy significant? Not really.

But still, it was an entertaining watch. Rohan always makes me laugh, even though he’s an ass. Also, he shouldn’t be allowed near children because he punched the boy about twice, and he lost Shizuka on the ground. He’d make a crappy babysitter, to be honest with you.

Not the best episode, but still entertaining. Next week, one of my favorite Jojo characters appear and I’m psyched.

Shizuka’s a little star!


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